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+5 votes

Before I get started, I just want to say what happened last year when Baazigar sent that PM to IrdWhelp was bad. He shouldn't have done it since IdrWhelp didn't do anything wrong. I will not defend Baazigar's actions for this personal attack.

When Gaurav Handa got banned on this forum, it was sad considering he was very popular
on here. He was a great user who used to make post on Sunny Deol and his BO analysis was good as well. Sometimes he would make post on old movies from the 90s era which gave the privilege to comment.

I know some people don't like him which is fine but
fact is we can't get along with everyone. So the choice is to ignore those whom you dislike and don't reply to them.

This forum has lost some of its old users but Baazigar being one of them which is sad.

in General by Casting Director (16.8k points)
100% Accept Rate

@kabir i'm pleased to know your #meetoo story of how i abused you through p.m ..
Kahin tum iss ki toh baat nahi kar rahe ho ...
khair let me help you by sharing your #meetoo story ..

Guys you decide who abused whom ..
aur haan agar asli mard ho toh iske alawa koi aur cheez hai toh share kar ke dikhao dum hai toh ..
its a open challege ....
Lastly this shayari will say everything ..

Thank You...


No need to reply to kabir @irdwhelp. It's shameful if he's a hrithik fan which I know he isn't.


......waah irdwhelp tune apne wale msg delete kar diye......waah ji waah......idiot.......


Abe idiot/besharam tujhe toh koi word bhi chota hoga ....
abe maine danke ki chot pe tujhe challenge kia hai to show where i abused aur jab maine teri poll kholdi toh phir apna mooh utha ke yahan comment kar raha hai bada hi besharam hoga ya phir tujhe iss ki aadat hogi ..
abe idiot how can i delete your private msg in your account ..
tu besharam toh tha hi ab apne gawar hone ka baar baar saboot dene ki zaroorat nahi..
I'm still challenging you to show your #meetoo story agar asli mard hai toh ..
warna yahan per comment karne ki zaroorat nahi .... JaahiL !

12 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

If I have to give an opinion , then definitely Iam in favour of his unbanishment ..15 Months is along time ..who knows baazigar got reformed and after this long ban I think he will not repeat this mistake...so every body should get a second chance ...it's not like we go into the mentality of death penalty ? Nothing should be permanent and nothing is permanent .

by Director (123k points)
selected by

The sad part is that we don't have his contact his details. It feels like nobody wants him back on this forum.

+5 votes

You think he left the forum? He is making random IDs since he was banned.

Here's what I propose, Baazigar was just a random user of this forum, he was banned for something which is against the constitution of forum, that is nothing personal against a user will be accepted, he did that continuosly. We all saw his stupid hatred toward Pakistani users here.
So let's not give him unwanted attention as if he was contributing something fruitful to this community. He was banned for a reason and he is very much the same person now.

by Super-star (171k points)

His data collection was amazing mahn..sometimes he used to make good posts using that..


No it wasn't. He was just copy pasting same data from here

Anyways he is active already with many of his Ids so why giving unwanted attention.


Data toh sab ke paas maujood hai..magr presentable Karna tauji ka art hai..


His post are still available. Not deleted.

+3 votes

Well what he did and said he doesn't deserve to be amongst us users. To discriminate and abuse on the basis of religion is the worst thing to do. And he's done it countless times. His 90s posts were only meant to provoke users nothing else. However what I feel doesn't matter. Majority matters.

by Director (132k points)

So what does the majority say..


There you have it.. Simple and clear opinion


Yes, majority wins. If 51% want him back, get him back Intense.

+2 votes

Your Baazigar is Here

by Location Scout (4.6k points)

@Nikeel then you haven't seen ADITI BUDHATHOKI ....See her pics. On Google


I've seen her pics on Instagram and she's great. To bad this Indian Cinema doesn't have many Nepalese women because they are beautiful and can speak Hindi as well.

This woman sure deserves a chance if she's talented.


Aditi did one hit movie already. There are more beautiful girls, actresses. Why are you after these not so famous ones? Aditi's first photo session was published on one online media that I developed. Anna is still a struggler.

I still love Ash more than any girls here. She is the perfect beauty, you guys are blind.


What not so famous ones? These Nepalese women like Anna are beautiful so I can't help it. Even Manisha Koirala & Mahima Chaudhry are famous but they were models in the 90s era.

Ash was great years back but today I like Aarti Chabbia.

+2 votes

baazigar was a child .... from mental side that is. he was racist .... .... he may have been old user ..... but he was a disease for many of us.... my inbox still has his .... abusive DMs .... even though i never replied.... but he kept sending me these private messages cursing name calling swearing ...the bad ones.... and i always ignored ..because i knew he wasn't well..... mentally.

by Star (152k points)
edited by

I don't blame you for not replying back to him but I had suggested to Charlie Runkle to inform the Mods about blocking users or muting them when receiving a personal attack via PM. On Indiaforums.com, they have this feature where users can block others from sending a PM. I suppose it can be used for this forum as well to prevent users from being abused.


It is also about the nature and type of abuse users were subjected to. Muting and all is fine, but does it set a good example to allow someone to fall such lows and still let him be a part of this community?


Never, I would banish the user for name-calling my mother, my religion, my country... I think after reading all this from Nova, I am against Baazigar joining the forum ever again. May his soul rest in peace.


Of course, it doesn't allow anyone to stoop low. To solve this matter, my suggestion to add this Block feature will be good to prevent this from happening to all users.


I know how you feel about Gaurav. Apart from his craftiness over hurting peoples religion, he was a good guy and his post was fun as well. If you were there in 2014, 2015 & 2016, he contributed a lot to this forum despite his personal issues with some users.

+2 votes

I am sorry.................Mujhe maaf kar de chotey Bhai................Gusse mein mera dimaag ghoom jaata hai..............Mujhe umeed hai allah bhi mujhe maaf kar dega.Main bura insaan nahin hoon bas dimaag mein thoda chemical locha hai.
Sep 18, 2015 by Baazigar

Jo kachcha tum pehente ho woh bhi America se aatha hai...........did you know that.
Sep 27, 2014 by Baazigar

This is what i found in DMs........so, Vivek Rai account should be banned too.....yeh na-sudharnay wali aulaad hai

by Unit Manager (33.2k points)

Baadhsah I agree on that 100%. An abuse against user of such filthy kind cannot be forgiven irrespective of how interesting he was as an user (according to some people)


bhai i m not even against forgiving him even though what he did was bigger than any abuse........but my conviction is that he is in that age where u can't do much abt it.....he will repeat that again.......so, his record is not very welcoming for forgiveness


How old is Baazigar? Older than all the users on this forum, right?


i think yes, @Nikeel........there is a reason why Charlie urf Mir calls him Tauji

+2 votes

Baazigar wasn't a kid to not understand what he is doing ..
His hate victim's list is very long which includes Me, Baadshah, Grand nova, Filman etc to name a few ...
reasons for his hate is just his cheap mentality & thinking which no one can change .....
So do you really want to get entertain at the cost of hurting somany users personal, religious sentiments then go ahead my friend ....

by Editor (83.3k points)

That's why my opinion on this is clear. Let him stay banned. It will be a wrong example to allow him back again.


agree..........Nikeel bhai ki logic k hisaab sy to Nana Patekar ko bhi maaf kr daina chahye jst cz he is a great actor

+1 vote

Agar zero ko flop karvana he to use vaapas lana hi padega. Kyoki vo 1 no ka panvati he srk ke liye.

by Casting Director (18.3k points)

No one is unlucky for anyone.

+1 vote

He made the same posts over and over again. It got boring.

I don't have any issue with him being back, but it should be upto the guy he offended.

And regarding old movies, I urge you to become an expert and make those posts daily, that would be good for forum.

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)

I don't know about DMs but I have sensed so many users provoking him too. Repetition of posts is norms these days, same posts are asked in different ways now too.

+1 vote

I liked his posts in a way. Even not being an active member, reading discussions would be fun. I hope he is brought back to the forum. Moderators and admin should ask the users and go with the majority on this case.

by Location Manager (7.6k points)

He's a SRK fan like you. Both of you would have got along with each other. Now we must fight to bring him back.


His first fav is Sunny, then it's SRK. Let's see if the management team hears us through this post.

+1 vote

.....bringg baazigar back.....make forum great againn........

by Production Accountant (27.2k points)

That's what I want to hear. He was one of the most entertaining users on this forum with his Sunny Deol posts and BO analysis.


.....i thinkk v can contact him on his email id.....mayb admin can tell us his email......

+1 vote

I want Baazigar back on the forum. It's been a long time since he's been banned. Unbann him asap. It's boring now.

by Star (147k points)

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