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There was a top twenty star list started here in the second quarter and in the follow up in the third quarter has seen a few changes. The biggest one being the upward trajectory of John Abraham with that killer 20 crore nett opening of Satyamev Jayate. Back this up with another 15-20 crore nett opening and this guy could be challenging the top ten.


The other change is Shraddha Kapoor making an entry into the top ten with Stree. She was a popular actress before Stree but that has to backed with some sort of result at the box office. Although Stree was driven by the content and horror comedy factor with good music, a top lining actress was a must to take it the level it went to eventually. As with an unknown face it would not have gone this far in terms of reach.


Tiger Shroff who made the biggest impact this year does not have a release in some time when the need of the hour is a big action film and this guy does not even need an A list or even known director. The action spot can be made his own but the films have to be there and over a year for his next release which is not an out and out action film may not be the best strategy. 

The next major change can be with Simba and Ranveer Singh and then next year it will be about whether Ranbir Kapoor can break that Khan monopoly and all he needs is to back up Sanju. The below positions are not based on just box office numbers as its difficult to bring in female stars that way as the credit has to be calculated and even male stars (barring Akshay Kumar in last few films) are padded with other elements and are not totally depending on themselves for the numbers. It takes everything into account and reflects that scenario. The positions of the last quarter are in brackets. The previous update can be seen here. The next update will be in Jan / Feb 2019.


1. Salman Khan (1)

2. Aamir Khan (2)

3. Shahrukh Khan (3)

4. Akshay Kumar (4)

5. Ranbir Kapoor (5)

6. Hrithik Roshan (6)

7. Tiger Shroff (7)

8. Varun Dhawan (8)

9. Ajay Devgn (9)

10. Ranveer Singh (10)

11. Alia Bhatt (11)

12. Deepika Padukone (12)

13. Kareena Kapoor (13)

14. John Abraham (18)

15. Katrina Kaif (14)

16. Shahid Kapoor (17)

17. Arjun Kapoor (15)

18. Anushka Sharma (16)

19. Shraddha Kapoor (-)

20. Kangana Ranaut (19)

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Best answer

S.A.L.M.A.N K.H.A.N on Top ....


by Editor (86.7k points)
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0 took from me


Koi Shakk!.....


+5 votes

continuous 9 years of being number 1 with just ..... 1 universally accepted movie.... and 4 good ones while rest with mixed to negative reception...... no actor has ever and no actor will ever have that kind of record with this kind of reception.... because almost always his movies' opening is bumper or historic....

by Star (157k points)

1 universally accepted movie couldn't cross PK... lol.... Reason: south film stopped it and same south film wasn't bothered by Bajarangi lol


120cr lifetime when previous highest was 19cr that too from 5cr start, major achievement no
BB was the major behind the opening of India's biggest blockbuster, it's 3rd week, 4th week, 5th week collection were more than Bajrangi but still some thinks it didn't had any effect on bajrangi


Bahubali survived Bajarangi.... Great Rajamouli......

+1 vote

It's boring now.Salman needs a competitor badly

by Second Unit Director (73.4k points)

wtf Aamir is far ahead by a distance. One movie record set by him takes 3-4 years for others to come close.... Quality u forget it, Aamir is in other league altogether.


He is in Secret super star league


Thanks 800cr worldwide for just an extended cameo with teen as a lead actress.


China ka maal 10ko 3 plastic saman hai

+1 vote

Waiting for hrithik to overtake small time lucky actor ranbir kapoor by 2019 end.

by Star (148k points)

Yes HR choose some very limited script for so many years HR-Tiger movie definetely open bumper response.

+1 vote

Salman dominating as always, so happy to John in this list.

by Location Manager (6.3k points)
0 votes

Now Some Aamir Fans coming and saying BOI is charsi and many more. But this is the truth. Salman always no. 1 on this chart. His fan following is trumendous. And most loyal fan base this decade. His poorest most Race 3 register 1.5 cr footfalls at the box office and many stars struggle even 1.5 cr footfalls after so many years.

by Unit Manager (31.4k points)

Yet to explore his stardom without masala...


LOL he managed to open a outdated family drama to 40cr in 2015, with GST advantage of 10-12%, Far higher ticket price calculate its actually value now
If prdp is masala then open your own site because no one on earth thinks like you


Ys and Tubelight failed to cross Dangal with gst advantage and low appeal......


Yes only if 1 movie is enough to discredit then I doubt we don't have any star in our country.
& Congratulations for comparing a negative wom movie with a movie carrying extremely positive wom.
Dharmendra has 100+ flops does it make him any smaller, he's among the all time greats along with Amitabh and Salman as boi said.
Answer my single question prdp is a masala movie or not? If prdp was masala due to the last scene, I don't think there's any movie where even a single slap isn't involved.
Dangal had proper fight so that should qualify as masala, all comedy movies, ddlj, RH, MPK n all

0 votes

Even though Satyameva Jayate ie absolutely horrible, I'm happy seeing John at this position and I do hope he gets into top 10 this year.

I'm also happy for Shraddha. She has gotten to this position without someone always giving her roles and promoting her. KJo makes such an attempt to highlighting Alia always that she's automatically the third actress in everyone's mind after Deepika and Katrina. But I personally find Alia very overrated and Shraddha is actually very popular.

Also, looking forward to what Ranbir and Ranveer do in the coming year.

by Assistant Director (52.8k points)

Bro recently in KWK KJo asked who are the 3 hottest actresses in Bollywood and Aamir after Deepika and Katrina went a bit blank and just said Alia. It's pure positioning by KJo. I think Sharddha should pick roles more carefully then she'll be ahead of Alia.


Yes Sharddha is suffering due to no godfather in the industry & Kjo is also a huge reason behind alia's success apart from her talent and beauty.
Waise Alia toh mujhe kisi bhi angle se hot nahi lagti


Wohi to

Karan ne itna doosron ke mind main usse establish kar diya hai ke they are naming her with women like Deepika and Katrina. Insane!


Alia is not even 1% Hot. I am pretty sure Ranbir will ditch her as well . Shraddha is way more beautiful and hot than Alia . Though Alia is a Better Actress !!

0 votes

Mega star is Top proud of his Fan

by Location Scout (3.3k points)
0 votes

Prejudiced list. It should have been like this:

  1. Salman Khan

  2. Aamir Khan

  3. Shahrukh Khan

  4. Akshay Kumar

  5. Tiger Shroff

  6. Ajay

  7. HR

  8. Varun Dhawan

  9. Ranveer

  10. Ranbir

  11. Alia Bhatt

  12. Deepika Padukone

  13. John Abraham

  14. Shahid

  15. Katrina Kaif

  16. Kangna

  17. Anushka

  18. Shraddha

  19. Kareena

  20. Ayushman

I might be mistaken on below 10 by two positions and may be one position above 10.

After three disasters, one actor can't jump 7 steps with a blockbuster opening.

by Camera Operator (8.7k points)

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