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anybody want to be an expert ..DM me...will discuss with other mods and admins ... and will add.
in General by Director (122k points)
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I have no interest in becoming an expert but I would like to put stuff on the sticky section often but only relevant topics like the one on Ajay Devgn recently. It's unfortunate my review for Ajay Devgn's movie Raid got removed because the forum lost all it's data when it was temporarily shut down for a month or two. I've got my review for Raid on IMDB so that's ok.

We want Baazigar back on this forum and one-year punishment has been enough for him so it's time for him to come back home. I miss his topics on Sunny Deol, SRK and also BO analysis as well. He also asked for peoples opinion on old movies like Mohra, Solider and it gave me the opportunity to talk about it. It's a pity that nobody has his contact details so otherwise, it would be great to hear from him.

Such old users have gone and Lord himself Blanka is missing. There was also another Ajay Devgn fan called Fragrance but it looks he won't be coming back.

by Production Designer (14.6k points)
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They certainly have his email address if they want him back. Also, do you know why he was forever banned?


Nikeel..tauji is omni present..he will be back as soon as his ban is lifted .


Devendra ..Baazigar was banned for sending communal abusive private msgs to a user to seriously hurt his religious sentiments..but I feel this one year punishment is enough and he should be allowed back .

0 votes

........make me n expert.........

by Production Accountant (27.1k points)

....payo re payo re payo re payo.....)


Jaadu ko dhoop me paayao paayao


.....prem ratan dhan payo? ki na payo?........


I heard it needs you writing unbiased posts. I heard it needs you handling each answers and comments diplomatically. Well, why not if you be an expert? My vote up for you or any active users in the forum...

0 votes

Aise puch rahe Ho bhik milrahi hai aake le Lo ha ha ha ha

by Art Director (2.6k points)

.....hesi nai aya......haHA......


Kyun tu hasmuk Bhai hai kya

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