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My Name is Khan:

Just before the release of this movie I had discovered Wikipedia. I did not know how else to go search for info on movies, but Wikipedia was a treasure trove of information, and I revelled in it. Around the time MNIK released, I would go to its Wiki page every day and see the box office section. I did not really know distinction between domestic and overseas, only saw the worldwide figures. I was happy that it was doing so well, as it was maybe the second biggest worldwide movie after 3 Idiots. I did read a section about its lower performance in comparison to 3 Idiots. Near the end of its run, I clicked on a reference and discovered the BOI website. But I didn't pay much attention at that time.

Ra. One:

Huge hype and craze for this movie. I started going to BOI website around the time it released. I don't remember much of what I read, but I do remember getting excited by what I was seeing. I was finally able to see box office as it was happening, something that I had always wanted. I also remember going through the BOI archive pages and reading a report about Ready had a big hold on Monday and was set for a huge run.

Chennai Express:

For Don 2 and JTHJ, I mostly continued to depend on Wikipedia and BOI. Eventually one day I opened the Wikipedia page of Chennai Express and saw that poster with SRK and Deepika on the bike, I really loved it and was eager to see the movie. I think CE was my first FDFS, as Eid holiday allowed me to see it ASAP. I liked it, and did a Google search for the movie, thus discovering KoiMoi. I was then confused about how exactly numbers are tracked, as KoiMoi and BOI showed different figures. I enjoyed KoiMoi as a site, but decided to follow BOI figures.

Happy New Year:

Still continued to follow KoiMoi and BOI. HNY was my first FDFS without a holiday. I attended my classes on Friday and then directly went to HNY first show. I saw it with my the guy who would become my best friend later (another SRKian), beginning a long association of watching SRK movies in cinemas together. I remember not understanding why the movie failed to do even better business, as SRK did such a huge marketing campaign, and I liked the movie at that time. I really wanted it to beat Dhoom 3. Anyway, I accepted the lower BOI figures and moved on.


From the day that first pic of SRKajol released, I was crazy for this movie. Of course I wanted to know more about it. KoiMoi and BOI weren't enough. Again through Google, I discovered Indicine. I remember back in those days the idea of an SRK movie losing a clash was alien to me, I got into the world of box office discussion and dissection through Indicine comments section. I also really learned the big difference between domestic and overseas with this movie. Dilwale also introduced me to the term WOM.

Fan and Raees:

Continued to use BOI, KoiMoi and Indicine for these movies. Fan helped me understand the role a genre and songs play in the success of the movie, while in between these two movies I discovered the forum.

Jab Harry Met Sejal:

In the time since Raees, I really learned about footfalls, verdicts, inflation, true importance of release dates, and so much more from the forum. There was a post on the forum about a trade analyst (Vishek Chauhan) not liking JHMS' marketing campaign. From then I started visiting his twitter page for more updates, but he rarely posted anything. Eventually I saw some other analysts in the "see more" section. Those were Sumit Kadel, Rohit Jaiswal, and a few more. I would go to only these pages and read whatever they posted, plus comments. When JHMS released, I used the hashtag for the first time. After it's UAE debut, I searched #JHMS on twitter to gauge early reactions. I realised there was so much more to twitter than a couple of analysts that day. This was actually good, because Indicine closed down soon after, and Twitter replaced it for me, though I still miss it.


And finally, I now search #Zero on twitter every day for a few minutes, seeing the top and latest posts. It has gotten to the point that I actually have a twitter ID (post forum closing) and was actively refreshing as Zero's trailer dropped. I had access to it within seconds, something I could never think of back in 2010. I think I have read almost everything posted about Zero on Twitter since the title was announced. The only was I could get crazier about box office and movies is if I somehow become a critic myself and start attending media functions, though that would never happen.

How I discovered the forum: was searching for Farah Karimae after Teraa Surroor trailer dropped, and found an image posted on the forum through Google Images. I was a visitor for months, then finally decided to make an ID.

Source Link: The Mind of Hola.
in General by Assistant Director (52.9k points)
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U should thank me and other art lovers for posting that actress pic.


@4Lee: thanks for posting those pics bro as the forum has been my most visited site for 2 years now and I would't give it up for anything.


yes of Oxford Brookes University (writing it here cz u will miss it under my answer if i write there)


Thanks bro, it'll be interesting to read

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Loved reading this journey and didn't read your name till end....suspense rkhna zaroori hota kabhi kabhi
Wikipedia: i discovered maybe in 2007, meray bhai my btaya mjhe aur hm 2no ny sirf aik kaam keya.....searching age of SRK, Salman Madhuri etc ......SRK was 42 and Madhuri was 40 at that time if i remember correctly.....then i remember memorizing things used in Jodha Akbar, gold etc
BOI: 2010, when Once Upon a Time in Mumbai was in its 5th week i guess, did some 8lac business and was at 4th 5th number in the charts (there used to be a chart straightaway when u open BOI telling weekly business, sadly they removed it)
Ra.One: now this film is special in terms of my exposure......i jst used to type 'SRK' or 'Ra.One' on google, would select NEWS section and would read each n every article, every rubbish article also.......came to know about so many people who were jst rumored to be a part of Ra.One like Hans Zimmer for BGM, then Michael from F1 races (didn't know his name).....n so many things related to films business, promotions, trolling of twitter etc
JTHJ: Now this is the peak of my love for any celebrity (minus Leader Imran Khan if u still count him as a celebrity) ......i felt so close to SRK, especially after his appearance in THINK FEST, it felt like he is one of us, he is like me..........then he shared some vulgar picture during Muharram's on twitter n i did therapy of myself that YOU DON'T NEED TO EMOTIONALLY ATTACH YOURSELF WITH A STAR LIKE HIM.......i can't explain what it was during that time.....during my ACCA exam preparations, i used to think about how much it will do, what will be the story, i used to add day wise predicted business etc...trying to make JTHJ an All Time, it actually needed a therapist to detach myself from SRK.....n i did that myself......agr main SRK sy detach ho skta hn, to qasm le lo, kisi larki k pyaar mein bhi pagal nhn hn ga kabhi bhi
Forum: discovered in 2012 during that time forum was not made by Rohit Tripathi (previous forum owner) but he had website with articles of prediction etc......then i asked for the first time during JTHJ to Rohit about Tax deducted and Nett and Gross figures difference............Rohit told me that difference in Nett percentage to gross business for different films is cz different states have different entertainment taxes and some films work more in one state and some in other.......before i thought that ALL INDIA TAX RATES ARE SAME
And then, baqi ki kahani logon ki saamnay hai.........Suhas bro was the first one with whom i had a long discussion about performance of SRK in MNIK and he not winning National Award.......that must be one of the longest discussions i ever had.....i think it ran for 1.5months.....i still have that page saved somewhere in my lappy

by Unit Manager (33.8k points)
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The End Of An Affair & Julianne Moore got herself an oscar nomination for best actress. And Andaz Apna Apna has quite a set of reasons for flopping at the box office. Majority of the audience at that time didn't even knew about a film like AAA, the piracy got the best of it & the euphoria about Hum Aapke Hain Koun hadn't come down yet. Raja Hindustani being a bad script is your opinion but that was not felt like that back when it got released. Like I said none of the audience sit through a movie thinking the first act was ok, the second act lacked continuity, the third act needed to be crisp & the final act was not that controlled. No, the audience think either a film is a hit or a flop. The moment anybody starts thinking like that then cinema will start dying. Don't bring Captain Jack Sparrow into this if you're not considering how strong his character was built. If you still insist then look wot happened to it's 3rd & 4th installments where they just concentrated on his character. A strong character is only worth with a strong screenplay otherwise it's of no use. And JTHJ had a mediocre screenplay & that's the reason why it didn't support Srk's performance in the movie where only his performance in the second half generated the favorable reviews & many scenes looked bad even though it's lead was giving his best. No I'm not an Srk-hater or even a blind audience who can be fed anything. I would not even put Srk in the top 5 acts of 2012 & the reason is mainly due to the screenplay that made Srk looked trapped throughout the first half & the whole second half was saved only by Srk's act & Yashji's direction even though the second half had even more cliches than the first half. You could feel it on the screen, Srk was really good but it was not enough to lift that screenplay anyrhing more than average.
About MNIK, i just wanted to have a go at realism, more into the relationships, more into the variations that character Rizwan goes through, it's not like MNIK lacked any good scenes, it had some of very well written scenes but it was far between. I don't care much for comedy when I know wot exactly the script is offering & I really don't care much for the hurricane scene which just extended the movie needlessly, I wanted to people percieve Rizwan on their own just the way his character was primarily sketched & I definitely didn't want him to preach anything coz that brought him right out of the character he was playing. He's autistic, he wants to prove a point , a point itself which is enough to preach an entire generation of population yet make his character go out & forced to do all those things which your character shouldn't is the perfect way to be the buzz killer. Did you see Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump preaching or did you see his actions speak thousands of words for itself? Now do you understand the problem with Srk's role in MNIK, he started out well with even his silence speaking but suddenly a shy scared person goes all out creating a huge void between his true self & the one deliberately created for the box office purpose. When I'm offered an offbeat film I need it fulfill it's purpose by it's purpose I mean the script's purpose not audience per se.
Lastly. I watch very selected movies in theater & I boast about how it's tough to entertain me yet each & every release of Salman I make sure to put my attendance on the first day itself. It's just has become a celebration itself. Now then I don't care for mindless flicks if it's ain't Argo, Moneyball, Kai Po Che, Vicky Donor or even Barfi kinda films then there's no way I'm stepping into theatres but once in a while I want my mindless fun too which shows my interest of watching The Avengers, The Last Stand or every release of Salman. I'm giving myself as an example to you of how my taste differ. There's no sign of any idiocracy there. All it has is "It's my money & time so I've the right to choose". Just coz your choice is same as others that doesn't give you the right to call them stupid right? I've seen Nolan's all the films right from Following to TDKR yet I find Insomnia & The Prestige to better than Inception. I've my own set of theories to make such a comment so does that make me intellectually superior. I know some of the people who haven't seen Inception including my own dad so how do you put it? They lack taste in movies or they've better things to do in life! Hope you realize this whole argument is not about disproving wotever you said about Srk. Srk is a terrific actor & no doubt about it. I'm indulging in this lengthy argument only due to your lack of respect to other people's choice in general where you just don't mind calling others idiots just coz their taste doesn't match with your's.
commented Mar 11 by suhas Dedicated BO Follower

Haha....then what is the top 5 list??JTHJ was not edited properly but SRK did a fantastic job with scenes especially where he says Shadi mubarak to Kat was the best acted scene in the film according to me n that comes in the first half which was backed by good scenes n no trappings as u mentioned....i also watch RR n enjoy it but when people come out of the theater n says ''baqi pta nhn par Teri Meri Prem Kahani gaana sunane ka boht mza aya cinema mein'' then u just stare at them n silently says stupid.....i don't just get what they see in Singham
Rizwan Khan was defined earlier in the film as being more normal n relation friendly.....he was not a shy person completely.....n u were not even mentioning hurricane scene before but now u also indirectly call it needless....Rizwan just goes to help a black person Mama Jenny which scene should also be praised as it was also saying ''Good person or Bad person only matters''...he was not calling the world to help or preaching anything, it was just that those incidents drives his life...he can give a whole speech about Mehnaz herbal product n u call him shy....he shows his love n hate at times n u call him is just that sometimes neurotypical don't know how to react in certain situation n portray emotions

N i show respect to others but when i m having a discussion with a particular person then i wanted to tell u about audience..maybe only educated people made MNIK a hit n i wanted to tell u why not MNIK a BB as u said if half of combo magic then MNIK a BB is that a lot of people wait for commercial films so MNIK was a mere hit n films like Bodyguard r what to call those people who liked it as they r Aliens for me

N what happened with 3rd, 4th installment as the most poor was 2nd installment with no destination n leaving it like u r bound to watch the 3rd one with not much twists n for me Johnny made Captain an important part with his good acting skills
commented Mar 13 by Baadshah Active Member
edited Mar 13 by Baadshah


My top 5 of 2012 would be Irrfan Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddique, Manoj Bajpai & it's a tie between Aamir Khan & Hrithik Roshan for the last spot. And like I said Srk really showed why he is the best in romance genre & especially in those scenes he did shine but wot I'm clearly saying is the script & screenplay was a letdown which did not support Srk's act as much as it was needed to. The same mistake happened with RNBDJ with a mediocre script & a poor characterization of Raj's role which just made him look like he's overacting but a strongly written & played role Suri made it immensely lovable. That's exactly wot was lacking in JTHJ. We both arguing needlessly when we both are talking about how good Srk's performance was & how much it was the screenplay's fault that lessen the impact of his performance.
And about hurricane scene I told you well before that I wouldn't use it as a reason to criticize the film that's why I clearly said that I didn't really care for that scene & it was more like just get it over with kinda scene but definitely not a take away one. It's placement looked deliberate not instant since even the Jana Gana Mana scene in K3G had it's strong impact.
The character of Rizwan was filled with too many shades which that character was not supposed to have. There's a huge difference in knowing who's shy & who's not? Leave him with someone other than his wife, brother or any member of his family, he will not be the same. That's wot was clearly portrayed in the first half where his character was firmly placed. If we really have to criticize the film then you'll get a reason for every scene of that film which is nothing but insulting someone's hardwork.
And your stance about "only educated people made it a hit" is wot I'm saying is a wrong thing to say my friend. If you talk about educated people & intellectual people then why would any intelligent person would waste his precious time & money on a fictious journey which by his IQ level he would know is nothing but hokum & a sincere attempt to rob you off his money. Now, then the same "intelligent" person chooses to watch a movie means he does give importance to entertainment which makes him one among the other millions so his taste might differ but his preference is not different from the rest making him equal/similar to everyone else. And the combo magic doesn't simply lie in song & dance my friend, it lies in the family values that every Kjo film tries to preach, it lies in the bonding of the pair which Kjo film boasts off & the songs are just used as a mere celebration of wot he presents on screen. In MNIK, sajda song did that trick perfectly, the placement was right it showed the right emotions that the audience would easily connect to. You might find thousands of MNIK haters but I bet you will not find a single person who would criticize this song as well as the placement of the song.
commented Mar 14 by suhas Dedicated BO Follower

I respect your list but wonder also......RNBDJ was not even near was not a good film or maybe not even near to what u expect from Adi-SRK combo.....SRK was superb in JTHJ n i believe that.....screenplay can effect but not much to anyone that SRK is not even nominated according to you with that brilliant performance
I told u before that SRK was not having that chemistry what people expect as he was playing an autistic person....songs n dance were just used as example by me
I have my cousin who is a Doctor n love to watch films(kindly don't take one doctor example literally).....he hate films like Dabangg, Singham........this is what i m trying to say....90% educated people fond of films do not make these films 100 crore grosser.....that is what i perceived.....there is a difference b/w clapping entertainment(cinema laughing etc) n experiencing entertainment e.g. MNIK, TZP
I can criticize Sajda by using your style as ''it was a song used to make film commercially viable, a character being shy from interacting suddenly breaks himself into a dancer infront of 50 was like a character dropping song that we usually use in our an off-beat film, characterization should not be changed for a song'' ;)
commented Mar 14 by Baadshah Active Member

Ofcourse RNBDJ was bad but his character of Suri was really endearing & his portrayal of that character made it special but he did falter as Raj in that film. But his act in JTHJ was not endearing with he didn't look the character in the first half & his performance was really letdown by a bad screenplay which could've been a lot better.
No, I don't mind the doctor example but all I can say is you can't base your entire opinion on that. I'm an engineer, I go to only selected movies yet I did enjoy watching Dabangg in the theater if not RR which I found to be little tedious after sometime. And even being a loyal fan of Salman I openely admit that I hated Ready. And you can criticize Sajda with my words but the reason I won't do that is because that song was placed at the right time without affecting the movie's pace & yes like you pointed out in an offbeat characterization should be perfect without any deviation & that's the main reason why I don't consider MNIK to be a good film but only a good attempt. You're saying people didn't like the movie coz it didn't have the previous elements of song & dance & I'm saying I disliked the movie for the very reason it being not as serious drama as it was meant to be. Good script doesn't require any need to please all the audience. Chak De India didnt do that. MNIK did that more than often in it's second half.
commented Mar 15 by suhas Dedicated BO Follower

You were also discussing about SRK-Kajol magic missing as it was not a BB that is why i was talking about audience n not particularly about u as most people do like Raj, Rahul with Kajol n hate a character where both r completely missing
I know that these films also work with educated people but roughly 10% n they r negligible
Bro fact is that u can criticize almost any film by using 1)being over-the-top 2)too vulgar 3)calling it repetitive in 2nd half 4)blurred characters especially in 2nd half
You can google any film from Black, MNIK, TZP, Swades, KKHH n you will get one way or the other same reasons being used for criticizing n usually even without pointing out exact portion of the film.....I respect your style of criticizing/arguing but it will remain as a Masterpiece for me as i only liked your style but not selection of words as it was not so convincing except Hurricane scene(wasn't to me) which can appear to someone as deliberate.....will watch tomorrow Forrest Gump n hope that it will have a proper graph n good screenplay which can help me understand your point
commented Mar 16 by Baadshah Active Member

No no when I say Srk-Kajol was missing I didn't mean it lacked song & dance. It's the most loved on screen pair in our country & it's because they make audience feel like they're one among them. You've them on screen & there won't be anybody who wouldn't love the pair. I loved them in MNIK too as a pair & they had their histrionics. You felt MNIK to be a masterpiece then I'm happy that the movie entertained you & touched you. It didn't do the same for me that's all. And I tell you strongly that MNIK was not repetitive, was not over the top & anybody would be a fool to call it vulgar plus it's characters weren't blurred. Same goes for other films too. If you take Swades my only complaint will be it not being original since I'm from Karnataka & I've seen the Kannada movie but that doesn't stop me from saying wot a wonderful movie Swades was.
And don't watch Forrest Gump to compare, I made that mistake when I watched MNIK the first time & believe me I was far more critical on Srk's act than I'm now & I clearly used to sound unfair back then. Now after the second watch, I'm able to see other facts & criticize in a way where I don't disrespect his sincere effort as an actor.
commented Mar 17 by suhas Dedicated BO Follower

Blurred or over-the-top in a sense as being treated as they were not like that in first half as u said SRK's character became loud by preaching things etc.....All things apart, i just love your writing skills bro....just want to know anything u did other than engineering related to writing??your age??
commented Mar 17 by Baadshah Active Member

I've successfully completed my silver jubilee of my life this year. Apart from engineering, a short term screenwriting course, had a job for an year(hardly), I'm back to the life of a student doing my masters now. And yeah my mom & aunt are published authors in Kannada literature so writing is more than a hobby.
And back to Srk's role, remove those preaching scenes infact during that scene itself Srk acts normal i mean stays true to the character. It was only those few scenes which created the diversion & even in the ending he behaves exactly the same way his character was introduced in the beginning. That's why I criticize the second half more not the entire act of Srk.
commented Mar 18 by suhas Dedicated BO Follower

Superb bro.....maybe it will turn to be an honor to talk with u if u will get some excellent literature work or write screenplay for next KJo film;) of luck for Masters
commented Mar 19 by Baadshah Active Member


kya baat hai..yeh zaqeera hai


Woah, long discussion, lengthy discussion.

+2 votes

Monsieur Hola that a very good insight to your b.o progress ..I enjoyed reading it .. .stick this on top

by Director (123k points)
+2 votes

....pehle mai youtube pe hi j ladta rehta tha....krrish chennai xpress dhoom 3 yjhd sab ka videos pe u ll find my so manyy comments.....then i joined twitter nd got suspended in no time.....then joined a fb grp.......udhar bhi sabki keh ke leta tha mai......there i came in contact wid jatinder paaji who suggested me 2 join this is historyy.......haHA...

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

History Hrithik is become flop and his movies are opening in single digit less than ayushman khurrana movies


...tere ko bhi pela hi hoga maine kahin na kahin.....hai na....haHA....

+1 vote

I appreciate you since you are a SRK fan after SRK became a businessman. And your presence in this forum is full of enthusiasms, let's try making this forum a beautiful place.

This forum used to be a website that used to present box office details, trailers etc like so many others before it was a forum. Even the domain name is different now. I used to read posts on the site, and the site has malicious attack too, I used to message through contact form without ever getting a reply. I am a developer company and one SRK fan. And the forum is not like what it used to be.

Let's try to make it a place for healthy discussion.

Happy Dipawali.

by Camera Operator (8.7k points)

I am actually an SRK fan from birth basically, but I never got an outlet to get information. I desperately wanted to know everything about movies, but all I had were Indian channels that showed some Bollywood news. That's why I'm so glad that I finally am where I wanted to be all those years ago, all this info at my fingertips.

Btw, this forum is great, but if you're looking for a place with more discussion and interaction, you should go to Reddit and check out the Bollywood page there.

This Zero trailer post on reddit has way more interaction than the forum Zero trailer post:


and a Happy Diwali to you.

+1 vote

That's very well written @Mr hola. You're a hardcore and devoted fan of SRK. For fans like you, I hope zero becomes a BB

by Star (148k points)

Thanks bro. I also hope Super 30 becomes a blockbuster for fans like you and me

–3 votes

All combined less than Dangal Worldwide......

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)



@kashyap:Kabhi kuch aur bhi bol diya kar

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