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Also, please be cautious not to spend your money for no reasons around Diwali time by spending on garbage movies. This Diwali doesn't have any good movies releasing, so keep your money safe for until Christmas.
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If box office were only parameter to success, Ambani has many blockbuster projects in his name and is way successful compared to any actors. The other way round,SRK never lost money even on JHMS.


Not box-office good movies like Dangal. Aamir also never lost money including cheap mela.



Upvote for team Salman.

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Happy Diwali to you but don't create negativity like this. You hate aamir but you can't deny his achievements

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I hate few Aamir fans in this forum who are always copying an nd pasting same things over and over again. You can get the same thing pasted here too. I love 3 Khans compared to any other actors in Bollywood but I am being like them because it's what they like.

Happy Dipawali again bro

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Happy Diwali to all my fans and well wishers ...

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Happy diwali to you too bro

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All good wishes, bro. Have a blast.

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Wish all the forum members of a very happy diwali.

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Happy Dipawali from Thugs team......

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The movie which is going to release on Diwali Will Be A Garbage Still It Will Have Higher Opening Day Weekend Week And Its 1st 10 Days Collections Will Be More Than Masterpiece Christmas Release Lifetime


The Lead Actor Of Diwali Release Has Much Bigger Box Office Pull Than Christmas Release Lead Actor


Diwali Release Lead Actor In Last 10 Yrs Has Given

5 All Time Grossers
4 All Time Blockbusters
5 Highest Grosser Of The Year
2 Highest Grosser Of The Decade
1 Highest Grosser Of The Century
1 Movie Which Has Broken Records In All Circuits
Movie With Highest Distributor Share
3 Movies Of 3 crs Footfalls
Highest Grossing Movie India Overseas Worldwide

Whereas Christmas Release Lead Actor Hasn't Seen

Hit Since 4 Years
Hgoty Since 11 Years
3 Crs Footfalls Since 17 Years
Atbb Since 20 Years

Entire Career Analysis Of Diwali Vs Christmas Release Lead Actor

Atbb 5 vs 2
Atg 5 vs 1
Hgoty Mwfoty 7 vs 5
Bhoty 7 vs 4
Hgotd 2 vs ZERO
Bhotd Mwfotd Hgotc 1 vs ZERO
All Circuit Records With 1 Movie 1 vs ZERO
3 cr footfalls 5 vs 3
4 cr footfalls 1 vs 1
Highest Opening Of Decade 1 Vs ZERO
Founder Of Multiple Major Clubs Vs Founder Of ZERO Major Club
375 Crs Domestic Vs 210 Crs Domestic
2000 crs Worldwide vs 395 crs Worldwide

{Record Opening 5 vs 6
2 crs footfalls 9 vs 12
Blockbusters 9 Vs 11
Big Hits 12 Vs 16} Its Just A Matter Of Time When The Lead Actor Of Diwali Release Will Cross Lead Actor Of Christmas Release In These 4 Criterias After That Title Of Christmas Release Film Will Fully Suit On Its Lead Actor

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Yes Charlie HGOTY AND MWFOTY Are Same In Almost All The Cases But These Are 2 Different Records Exceptions May Be There.

HGOTY And BHOTY Are Sometimes Not Same Like In Case Of Devdas And Raaz.

Highest Grosser Is Only Collections In Terms Of Money
Most Watched Is About Footfalls i.e, actual no. of tickets sold
Biggest Hit Is On The Basis Of Verdict And If Verdict Is Same Then Footfalls Are Taken Into Consideration!


Cameo, Tv Shows Are Irrelevant As Its Not Added In Actors Filmography Hence Doesnt Impact Actor's Position.

Least Watched, Lowest Grosser Is Again Not A Major Criteria (Hence I Havent Taken Interest In Knowing About Them)
An Actor Is Judged By His Success.
Dharamendra Has 160 odd flops still Is Megastar As He Has Most Success (90 odd) And Hits (45 odd) Record

At The End Of The Day Ratio Of Success And Failture Can Be Taken Into Consideration.

BOI Ranks Amitabh As Bigger Star As His Ratio Is Btr Than Dharam (As Per BOI Archives)


That's not the career analysis. Where is the stats of disasters, flops, lowest footfalls, unsuccessful movies in a year and so? Every career has ups and downs, your career analysis posts have only the good things about Aamir. Wikipedia rather presents it more precisely than you. Please do one career analysis of Aamir, since beginning till date, I will applaud you if keep it unbiased with all positives and negatives.

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thanks bro but humari diwali eid christmas sab sirf 21st december ko hai

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I am hindu and diwali is our second biggest festival so we spend money lavishly during this period and I dont celebrate christmas so why woud I spend unnecessary during that period

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I am in chitwan.around 5 hrs away from


I am also from Nepal bro, Panchkhal 1 hour away from KTM


Oh.nice to see nepali in forum..


I was born in Delhi, India; I stayed there for 18 years and came to Nepal. I follow movies a lot, so it's obvious that I join these forums.

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