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India wins series in South Africa for the first time

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India has won 9 successive bilateral ODI series since 2016.
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India bowling is looking super strong with emergence of Kuldeep Chahal Bumrah .India needs to address its Middle Order Fragility and soon they would be invincibles

answered 5 days ago by puneetshukla Producer (101,073 points)
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See..for this Post - I know how to get UPVOTES and DOWNVOTES....

Statement 1 - Bharat Mata Ki Jai!!!!!!! INDIA INDIA!!!!!!...Congrats!!

Statement 2 - It all Happened becos of Kohli Captaincy..He is the Future for Team India!!!!! ....

Now I don;t have to explain which statement will be upvoted or which one will be downvoted!!!.....

answered 5 days ago by abbie Production Accountant (29,322 points)

Say the 2nd one. Ill upvote

Damn....I was pretty sure atleast I will get an One Upvote from you for both the Statements!!!!!..
and here I am....still Voteless!!!

Given an upvote man!

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Well done India. All credit to kohli's batting and our two leggies.

answered 5 days ago by Intense Producer (103,608 points)

Dhawan too.35(29),51*,76(63),109 and 34(23).

Yes Dhawan is a superb player in Odis

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It's completely reverse

In 2015, SA won their first ODI series win vs India

In 2018, India won their first ODI series win vs SA

Only one difference..........SA in 2015 did it against a fully fit team India..!!

answered 5 days ago by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (200,717 points)

Well I didn't said it wasn't an achievement, I just said it wasn't as big as it could had been

India Thrashed SA in their own den in this series .I guess SA didn't thrash us in that 2015 series .It was a closely fought series and India gave 2 matches themselves

SA won a match in this series because of Klassen

@puneet yep. Most teams which come to india are unable to win even a single match. India showed great spirit.

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India is an excellent ODI side. They have good fast bowlers and spinners. Kohli single handedly wins about 40 % of the ODIs India play and in ODI other Indian batsmen like Dhawan, Rohit, Dhoni are all reliable. I think India can win the World Cup in England. Unless Australia come back strong (they are bot as good right now) I see England and India as the favorites to win the world cup. I would not count South Africa as they will choke even if they are in form going into the wc.

answered 5 days ago by sanjeev11 Editor (81,203 points)

Yes. England are hot favourites. Aus are going bad to worse in ODI'S.

Aus bowling is not as strong now but if Hazelewood, starc and cummins are all fit and in form then they will come good. Also they are missing one good allrounder like Faulkner. Maxwell was bot performing well in ODIs. Austrlia a steong side but eng and india much stronger. England looks the best due to excellent allrounder like ben stokes. Hardik Pandey is good but not on par with stokes.

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25 years, 5 series and at last a series win, great. Only 3 red time da defeated in da in a 5 m series

answered 4 days ago by Imran Ronan Set Designer (2,044 points)

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