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Choose between zaira wasim and priya varrier [poll]

+4 votes
Zaira waseem
Priya varrier
asked Feb 12 in General by Charlie runkle™ Director (121,864 points)
89% Accept Rate

well i use ucmini so it didn't show but just checked in uc browser its sweety's gif ...

Hey suhas? Kisko vote kiya?

@charlie none. You can't expect me to vote even after sharing Sweety's gif.

Not being able to vote but priya is my choice as she gave a grown up feel, zaira too kiddy

7 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

I don;t know....why people become choosy/need options....in getting something good (that too when you are not getting anything..... )....
So my Option is BOTH......

answered Feb 12 by abbie Unit Manager (30,363 points)
selected Feb 12 by Charlie runkle™

abbie..hum ek baar Jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, pyar bhi ek baar hota hai aur shaadi bhi ek baar...
magr affair toh bohot baar hosakta hai na bhaisaab.. So congrats for ur tharki thinking. ..U get the burger as well as the sandwich.

Tharki Thinking.!!!!!
Sab Aapki Chatra Chaaya mein hi Seekha hain........I am glad that I joined this forum n following you!!!!!......n hope to reach ur level of Tharakpan/Tharkipan/Tharakness....one day!!!!!

+1 vote

Option for None Of these.

answered Feb 12 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (167,129 points)


Naa. I like this age group but not these two.

@CJ then whom do you like ...
Maisie williams na ...

+1 vote

Priya varrier.......................................

answered Feb 13 by Intense Producer (117,404 points)

Reason jaan sakta hoon Bhaisaab ?

0 votes

♡_Lee i'm changing bcoz you didn't select my answer as best ...

answered Feb 12 by Irdwhelp Editor (81,379 points)
edited Feb 13 by Irdwhelp

apne liye burger chun liye ..baaqiyo'n ke liye sandwich chordiye.

Abbie got his answer as best because of his tharki answer.. He wanted both.. That means threesome..which I think is awesome.

Okh 5N..
btw need your involvement on my comment below kowsiGun's answer ..

0 votes

Right now Priya......

answered Feb 12 by power Assistant Director (46,038 points)
edited Feb 12 by power
0 votes

I too want Option for None Of these.

answered Feb 12 by Kowsigan Second Unit Director (73,880 points)

Nope. I like this age group but not these two girls. zaira wasim is below average and priya is just okay......

@KowsiGun you just called Zaira below avg ..
then who is excellent to you these girls huh ..

Who r these apsaras? @help.. r they classmates of kowsy?

0 votes

I prefer Archi anyday everyday

answered Feb 13 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (8,589 points)

Iske baare mein aur batao miyaan

Sairat wali hai. Rinku Rajguru.

@suhas She is sweet.. Nice choice... @Senfield but she is not in the above option.. So..

If you have to have an answer from me Charles, it will have to be Zaira

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