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Better Background Score - Padmaavat or Dangal ?

0 votes
asked Feb 12 in Box Office Related by puneetshukla Producer (101,111 points)
68% Accept Rate

I think overall Dangal. But the best one of both was background score during Padmavaat's climax

I am talking about only that Background score of Padmaavat . Background scores of both of them which were in Trailer
I don't know why I am getting negative votes for this question. People are downgrading Padmaavat a lot .the movie has done ATBB business in most of the circuits

Trailer wise I dont remember much of both but I think Dangal was better.
And yeah even I didnt understand the down votes

7 Answers

+3 votes

Quite Easy Choice, DANGAL.

answered Feb 12 by Rajat Production Accountant (26,262 points)
+3 votes

Dangal wins in every department.......

answered Feb 12 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (73,878 points)
+2 votes

Little difficult to compare.. but Dangal was better.

answered Feb 12 by Charlie runkle™ Producer (119,141 points)
+2 votes

For me...As a whole film - Its definitely DANGAL.....especially the music theme that played ...whenever they show Aamir/Girls as helpless/smiling.....it created a really good impact for me...to show the emotions playing on-screen.....

Now to Padmavat - it was good...but nothing that I was moved much by on-screen happenings throughout the film.....its only in climax...that background song/music...created a good impact ...

So for me ..its Dangal when you are talking abt whole film....

answered Feb 12 by abbie Production Accountant (29,366 points)
0 votes

None, there wasn't any impact from background from both the films.

answered Feb 12 by -OmKara- Camera Operator (10,231 points)
0 votes

Padmavaat. The bm in the climax was the sort which gives goosebumps.

answered Feb 12 by Intense Producer (103,786 points)

Both are epic for me and I was difficult for me to choose between them so thought of taking you guys opinion

–2 votes

Haven't seen padmavat bht dangal's bgm was just okay.

Sultan, BB even tzh were far better

answered Feb 12 by Seinfeld Location Manager (6,563 points)

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