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Postpone it till 3-4Years at least, Don't want another crap to ruin the Iconic Chulbul character again. 

It can be a hit, but at this stage of career anything below BB is disappointment for Salman. 

It will be a prequel, how Chulbul became Robin Hood, At the age of 53,i don't how convincing Salman will look. 

Producer is Arbaaj so you can imagine its production value. 

Writer is dilip shukla(Dabangg2,Jaiho fame)

When he started delivering back to back blockbusters there was a talk in btown and trade that this is the best run ever and only Salman can stop Salman now. 

So, Salman is doing the same now

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Well "at this stage" itself Jai Ho, PRDP, Tubelight & Race 3 happened.

First of all Arbaaz was also the producer of Dabangg 1 too. For a commercial film of Dabangg template, it is foolish to make it a 100cr budget film. The heart of Dabangg lies in it's simplicity & raw desi-ness.

And nowhere story has been revealed. Do you really think it'll be a prequel just because Salman for fun spilled it many years ago?

Another 3-4 years means Salman will be 57. Are you sure at that time he will be still "allowed" to make a Dabangg? It is Bollywood not Tollywood for any of the Khans to play Rajinikanth or Balakrishna from South. Don't expect such support ever from Bollywood audience or fans.

Any good run has to stop. For almost entire decade, Srk struggled to find what actually his audienc want. And he struggled. Till 2017 Salman didn't go through that dilemma & then Tubelight happened. A movie he made with utmost conviction was rejected. A movie he basically sleepwalked for most part of the film became his highest grosser, TZH. Race 3 is solely the result of TZH. Now he's taking one last risk with Bharat, hoping for a turn around.

People mocked Srk all over this decade. Imagine the plight of Salman Khan if his attempts at non-action films are rejected & the his own fans say no to his "action" films especially Dabangg which started his unmatched Blockbuster run this decade.

And yes one can argue how well received / appreciated TZH was. But the fact remains, he just showed up at the shooting venue & went with the emotions casually. His films where he actually dedicated himself as an actor this decade will not include Ready, Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hai & Race 3. Infact he was involved in Ready & every single thing which worked there, he repeated in Race 3. Only thing is Race 3 backfired terribly. You can check the similarities. He basically made sure whatever he said was final, he ordered reshots & demanded what all to be included. Worked well in Ready (both Character dheela & Dhinka Chika were re-shot, cameos of Sanju-Ajay-Kangana were included. Yes the original had cameos but here it was Salman's call on whom all will be part of it. Plus all the changed dialogues.) And he did all of it again for Race 3 & you know what happened.


3/4 years as at that stage of career Salman will be on the verge of retirement so we can take a Dabangg3, but now he's the numero uno.
Tube light was a honest attempt we can't blame that but race3 was sheer laziness he wasn't even trying to lip syncing in ek galti. Atleast in TZH he looked interested. PRDP was a hit, for a outdated family drama that's enough i think.
Hud hud Dabangg ki jagah Dabangg reloaded
Mast mast nain ki jagah Dagabaaz really
Peeni hai ke jagah Pandey Jim
Munni ki jagah Fevicol
Chori kiya re ki jagah sanson
Beech mein scene daal diya hogaya Dabangg3


Safe sequels have been made that way. Because the story was simple, he gets transferred to a bigger city. They underwrote the villain though they cast Prakash Raj. Nevertheless, how predictable they made Dabangg 2, they didn't back out on entertainment. That's the only reason whatever social media negativity that got created had zero impact on the box office performance.

PRDP he just blindly believed apeing HAHK & HSSH is what audience exactly wants from Salman-Sooraj combo. Though the B&C centers obliged, on the large it underperformed. The same thought with Tubelight where they wanted to make a xeroz copy of Bajrangi Bhaijaan backfired big time due to weak writing.

Btw when Salman looks interested / dedicated it looks like Dabangg, Kick, Jai Ho, BB, Sultan but not ETT or TZH. I don't say zero effort. I am just saying those characters just don't challenge him at all. Dabangg, Kick are casual acting too like ETT / TZH. You see the difference right. Not how loud his act gets but how entertaining he makes that character. In ETT he made Tiger entertaining in first half but after that it was just the megastar on screen than the combo of Salman the megastar & Salman the actor. Ofcourse not every film will be Sultan. But expectations will always be there.

He was the first to realise overdose of masala will kill the excitement. He also knows that films with just Salman antics will hamper his numbero uno status. To maintain that he needs a Dabangg as well as a performance oriented roles. That's how he balanced till 2017! That's the way to continue as number 1.

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I can agree with you but it won't matter. Bhai is in charity and family comes first mode. Secondly having Bharat on eid is a bad move as it will get hit by the world cup as well.

by Star (140k points)
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It will be ok for me as long as salman continues doing movies

by Production Designer (12.5k points)
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Does it even matter? Dabangg shouldn't have had sequels or prequels if Salman really cared. It was a milestone movie for him.

by Camera Operator (8.3k points)
–1 vote

c;mon mahn you and i we both know salman khan has retired and whatever he's doing now and forward is just and just for collect as much as possible in quickest time....
dabangg 3 will cost him 30cr to make..... and he will make 200cr out of it.
imagine thats the same amount aamir khan made when his movie did 2000cr after working on it for two years. while other smaller actors like varun shahrukh ..... they haven't even seen that kinda payday

by Star (153k points)
–2 votes

.....ajeeb si baat hai..........jis movie ne bhaijAAn ko banaya aaj usi ke sequel se problem hai humko......ehsaan faramoshessssss................

by Production Accountant (27.3k points)

ha tere pyaallay pyaallay shay cutie mutie shay point.

i imagine you writing your answers with a pacifier in your mouth haha


ehsaaannn fallllaaamoushhhh......


Agar dabangg ne bhaijaan ko bnaya toh SRK ko bnane wali movie kab aayegi

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