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This girl is so pretty.. criminally pretty.. damn u Priya varrier .

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asked Feb 11 in General by Charlie runkle™ Producer (119,021 points)
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Bhai i gave one upvote but it is showing no upvote which means somebody gave this harmless post a down vote ...

Not at all tired of her face or her expressions.

Her expressions are awesome and her beautiful eyes r hypnotic.

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Ab iska Pic lgana band kro FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, WHATSAPP harr jagah dekh dekh krr bore ho gya hu ye Forum he safe tha yaha bhi krr diya aapne Bhaisaab....
DISHA PATANI kii choti sister to lag rhi hai.

answered Feb 11 by Vivek Rai Set Designer (1,976 points)

mera ghoda khada kardiya tha isne toh soncha ke tum Sab ka bhi karadoon, Mujhe kya pata tha ke mein 6 ghante baad internet Pe Wapis aaonga toh Sab already khada ke ghoda phir bitha bhi chuke hai.

Ghoda Khada bhi Hua tha aur Ghode me se Jo Nikalna chahiye wo Nikaal bhi chuka hu ab ignore krr rha hu...

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It's over, way too much now, fb, twitter, every site is spammed by this, I thought that forum might be beyond this but now even in forum too unfortunately..!!

answered Feb 11 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (200,735 points)

TB congrtaz for crossing 2 Lakhs points & becoming Mega star ...

yes.. She deserves a mentening here too...

Wow, didn't noticed, thanx @Irdwhelp

My pleasure .....
well you are the 5th one after Navo, Blanka, Tauji & Suhas to achieve this feat ...

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answered Feb 11 by Irdwhelp Editor (80,183 points)
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latest sensation . this video is going viral everywhere

answered Feb 11 by vinaygharat007 Casting Director (18,070 points)
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She is the new national crush Of India. She's literally everywhere be it's Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp. She has became a sensation. Way to go Priya!

answered Feb 12 by Sanal Star (140,142 points)
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Social media pe aag lagaane ke baad, no respite on forum too

answered Feb 12 by Intense Producer (103,663 points)
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I didn't found any special in this.......

answered Feb 12 by Kowsigan Second Unit Director (73,472 points)

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