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In Youngster; Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Varun Dhawan are New Stars, According to You Who is Bigger Among them in Box office. [poll]

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Ranbir Kapoor
Ranveer Singh
Varun Dhawan
asked Feb 11 in General by Vivek Rai Set Designer (1,976 points)
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According To me ;
1) Varun Dhawan.
2) Ranbir Kapoor.
3) Ranveer Singh.

My ranking also same as urs

8 Answers

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Varun Dhawan is the biggest imo

answered Feb 11 by shah Assistant Director (52,089 points)
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Varun Dhawan is biggest both in terms of stardom and box office.

answered Feb 11 by Rancho Production Accountant (21,310 points)
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I voted for Varun but I think in real terms Ranbir is as big as him. He just hasn't picked the right movies. He is the only one of these youngsters to give a record opening, and the first one to give a BB.

Besharam also took a great opening but then terrible WOM came into play on day 1 itself.

The biggest issue I see with Varun is that he is not making any big budget movie that can really go crazy at the BO. He is at most making mid budget movies, maybe he doesn't want to lose the 'no flops' tag. He is getting more succes in TV though, which will pay off in the future.

Currently Ranbir has 2 movies lined up both with 200cr+ potential. The whole narrative will change if these movies are able to score.

Ranveer on the other hand needs to get a HIT without SLB asap. And also he doesn't have a big success on TV yet.

answered Feb 11 by mr.hola Unit Manager (34,945 points)

Yes ur right.

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At present Varun Dhawan is bigger star among all youngsters.
According to Rankings/Popularity by BOI,Ormax, Times Celeb and all,Varun Dhawan is ahead of both Ranbir and Ranveer.
But Ranveer Singh is growing fast.

answered Feb 12 by Vikram Singh Production Accountant (20,677 points)
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1) Ranbir
2) Varun
3) Ranveer ...

answered Feb 11 by Irdwhelp Editor (80,183 points)
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Ranbir Kapoor is the biggest Star among all of three .With Right Movies he can give way bigger Openings than other two on his own .His ADHM opened at 14 cr despite a Clash even in Pre-Diwali .Movies like BV JJ don't justify his Stardom .Even Tamasha Opened at 10 cr+ 2 yrs before despite having such complex Trailer
Wait for Dutt Opening !!!!

answered Feb 11 by puneetshukla Producer (101,080 points)

All the movies you mentioned were big budget movies with top actress. Still less openings and opening weekend. So this is not an excuse. They were not small budget movies.

Big Budget movies doesn't mean it is appealing .Movies like BV Jagga Jasoos Don't even appeal to A Centres Audience .They only appeal to select niche audience. Let Varun do a movie like JJ BV and see it's Opening .Even Ranveer hasn't done these type of western storytelling type of movies in an unusual genre . Dutt Opening without controversy also would be 20 cr+ if Trailer appeals to the masses
P.S - I am huge fan of All Three so I am Just being unbiased

Big budget movies should take big openings irrespective of content and here it is not that he failed one or two times but many times. Also it's his choice of movies.

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  1. Kapoor khandaan ke chasmo chirag Ranbir kapoor.
  2. Ranveer singh
  3. Varun dhawan.
answered Feb 12 by Ajay Location Manager (7,982 points)
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Megastar Ranbir is in a league of his own. I still remember the ripples he created with yjhd. Dutt will place him in the league of Salman and Aamir. Amongst Ranveer and Varun, the latter is far ahead.

answered Feb 12 by Intense Producer (103,663 points)

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