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OMG! This famous married Bollywood actor made advances towards his co-star- Filmfare

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Apparently, this top married actor, who’s known to have flings with his co-stars, made advances towards his new co-actor, known for her offbeat films. The married actress was taken aback by his overtures and politely declined the star.
asked Feb 11 in General by Rancho Production Accountant (21,310 points)
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I guess its Akshay Kumar and Radhika Apte

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It isnt new for him. He was quite a player in the 90s too. He had quite an affair with priyanka chopra too. Once a player always a player

answered Feb 11 by Intense Producer (103,663 points)
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Mr Deshbhakt

answered Feb 11 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (200,735 points)
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Aamir also enjoying with Fatima.. is age me bhi maje le rahe log.

answered Feb 11 by Rowdy Set Decorator (1,732 points)

Yes true and why not they deserve it.
Bollywood ki duniya hi alag hai

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