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Padman day 2 coming around 13 crs.views?

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Should be around 12.75-13crs
asked Feb 10 in General by Santosh Location Manager (7,660 points)
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3 Answers

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100 cr streak is over I guess.. Audience in non metros just not interested in it.

answered Feb 10 by Rowdy Set Decorator (1,732 points)

You have to wait until Monday​atleast.
Wom is excellent,one of the best for a Akki starrer this decade, you never know.
All depends upon family audience,if they will be able to come to theatres for such a Taboo subject.
Even with excellent wom we can't predict results for this movie as still most peoples are conservative.
So Monday will be the judgement day

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Family audience haven't really turned up today despite Excellent​wom.
Let's wait for tomorrow
Rights are sold for 50cr to sony

answered Feb 10 by Roman Location Manager (5,965 points)

Sony might break even with india and overseas business but 100 cr domestic looks tough now with interiors are not performing , monday will clear the picture.

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I would like to believe that 13cr is too low for a solo commercial film of a superstar

answered Feb 10 by Charlie runkle™ Producer (119,021 points)

Bhai watch the movie, subject is Taboo but if people will give it a chance then maybe it's the best movie of Akki this decade.
The message has been told in a entertaining manner
But yes this movie will be considered among limited appeal movies due to its subject.

Yes i will watch the movie being a bollywood lover but this movie cant be watched with family for many people may be some very open minded family can watch but not majority which limits its appeal.

But BOI will surely provide it padding though 100 cr lifetime and clean hit verdict wont be easy for it.

The thing is akshay Kumar films r following the same template.. Even before the film is released we r getting aware of the whole story line ..too many real life adapted films and urban comedies.

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