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–1 vote
or baahubali has raised standards way tooooooooooooo high ?????????????....................
in Movies by Production Accountant (27.5k points)
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.........@suhas bro can u tell me who gave downvote in thiss que ?? ??........


@Kabir .. It's a random negative vote. Not a habitual voter.


.....ok so who s that habitutal one ????.......


Well better not to name here. Those set of users are being monitored.

8 Answers

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Speaking of netizens, well Trailer was bad.
General audience songs didn't work.

Yeah it will take record opening but thats given. A Khan release on Day after Diwali. It was no brainer it will open to record numbers. Heck it has capacity of ₹76cr Approx, even a 55% opening means record Nett day one. But the real question was will it match HNY and PRDP and do ₹55cr Nett. Well that's not happening.

by Super-star (172k points)
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Fan trailer worked for netizens and jabra fan super hit track. Opened less than 20cr on a partial holiday...... lol


₹20cr for Fan is *** huge. Baunaa wouldn't have reached ₹15cr even


Aamir's dangal opened to almost 30cr which was not so commercial and during cash crunch.

+2 votes

IMO it's Aamir character. I expected a brutal character, that may still be the case, but the trailer showcased a clown with poor lines and Aamir is not suiting it.

by Assistant Director (58.2k points)

Shahrukh is suiting zero?


Definitely, he's getting praise from everyone, he's the best thing about the trailer.


Praises from everyone?. Come out of the bubble.

+1 vote

Yeah ..imho marketing looks dull and songs r average but we have aamir , so whatever it's going to collect on 8th , it will be due to aamir Khan.

by Director (124k points)

.......south film bahubali did 41cr on nonholiday....anything less than 50 vl be not gud for thugs considering its biggest holiday n highest price........even 50 is less.........was say??......


50 is way too much..........


50 is way to less..71cr ?


.........highest single day is 47(sanju sunday) how 50 is way too much....wid highest price n biggest holiday??? has to b bare minimum......

+1 vote

You said it!. Short songs promos main reason and less promotions. See how hyped zero's trailer is made youtube blocks it when you open it everytime.

Dhoom 3 also short promo song didn't work and songs of dhoom 3 still for me not so popular

by Second Unit Director (78.5k points)

Still bro full song release one month before it something else. Take Swag se karenge for instance.


That question first, does Aamir has calibre to pull off "Swag Se Karenge"?


He did bekha guzarish chand sifarish etc. Cam Shahrukh pull off a 300cr? That's a question now


Abi salman ki chatenge....

+1 vote

Well hny did 36 Cr in 2014 & here thugs may achieve 48-52 Cr which is better result than hny if we count all the factor and this is simple calculation unlike some shudd desi ghee trade pundit capacity is this hny 36 in 2014 is 55 in 2018 bla bla bla bla...
Trailer was good & the reason why it's get average response because of Aamir because you always expect classic from him just change the lead actor to srk from Aamir and you will say ya good very good trailer just because you have seen srk to do waahiyat movie and in that case you will find thugs is actually good.

by Director (129k points)

I hope you will be here after one week of TOH release , just for your information we are talking about THugs not Mohenjo-Daro..


....hum to idhar hi hai.....super 30 aane tak....i hope u vl be here.....


I don't want to say this because I am definitely going to support Hritik over kangna , but just imagine if Kangna movie stick to its release date...


.....kangana ko phir se pahadiyon me jana padega rehne ke liye after clash....

0 votes

the thing that put down the interest of the movie in most of my friends is that it looks like poc even though it may not be anything like that but people have just assumed that it is a cheap imitation of poc and not a ususal aamir movie with a message but the salman fan base should like this type of a movie so it will do good business but not like dangal or pk

by Location Manager (7.9k points)
0 votes

D3 song promos were magnificent. Plus the songs were good. Here imo the songs have reduced the interest levels amongst audiences. Still I am counting on a 47-48cr opening number

by Star (156k points)
0 votes

Magnum opus mohenjo daru raised the standard too high n toh failed to match that... hope toh crosses huge single figure opening of mohenjo..

by Unit Manager (33k points)

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