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Which ACTORS can Break these RECORD created by 3 Biggest SUPERSTAR of indian Cinema Ever.

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The  Decade was  70s   where;   3  of The Biggest  SUPERSTAR of indian Cinema Created and Destroyed many #RECORDS - >

1]  Rajesh Khanna - > First Superstar of indian Cinema.
***Record :  15 Back To Back Hits only in 15 Months (Oct'69 to Feb'71).

2)  Dharmendra - >  Most Successful Actor in History of indian cinema.
***Record :  Total  96 Success Movies. (Average To ATBB).

3)  Amitabh Bachchan - > Biggest SUPERSTAR Ever in the History of indian cinema.
***Record :  Just Like he was Biggest SUPERSTAR ever in same way His Movie  #SHOLAY  is the Biggest #ATBB in the History of indian Cinema with More than 15cr+ Footfalls.(Re - Runs).

Now Tell which #Record is Easy to BREAK,,  and also tell who is  Your favorite Stars among these 3.

#Note - > These 3 are No. 1 Stars in Early 70s, Middle 70s and Late 70s Decade Respectively. [Source : BOI] .

a]   Rajesh Khanna No. 1 in Early 70s [1969-1971].
b]   Dharmendra No. 1 in Middle 70s [1972-1975].
c]   Amitabh Bachchan No. 1 in Late 70s [1976-1979].
asked Feb 9 in General by Vivek Rai Art Director (2,790 points)
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Baadshah bhai.. Aapko waapis dekhkar dil khushi se labrez hogaya.

Itna labrez naa ho. Baadshah bhaijaan Eid ka chand ban gaya h ab. Mushkil se hi dikhenge dubara!

shukriya Mir

Tiger: nhn ab zyada aonga....found a way......some issue is there with this forum, it doesn't work with some internet connections otherwise i would hv atleast made sure that my own last post is a HIT which was a big flop

8 Answers

+2 votes

All 3 records Cant be broken
These are All time records of These Superstars.

Similarly Khans will also have certain records

Srk will have record for most overseas BB

Aamir will Have Record For Most Atbb Atg

Salman will have record for most Blockbusters and Big Hits (Super hits plus BB plus atbb)

Salman and Aamir will also compete for record Of Most hgoty and Hgotd

Also they will have highest no. of Years Of stardom.

answered Feb 9 by Rancho Production Accountant (25,884 points)
edited Feb 11 by Rancho

Yes right.

+1 vote

re run k saath sholay has more than 25 crores footfalls and amitabh also have more than 90 successful movies, i think according to ibos dhram has 80 plus successful movies.

answered Feb 10 by nitesh singh Set Decorator (1,578 points)

No bro DHARMENDRA has most success movies.

I think amitabh top.


Open the Filmography of DHARMENDRA from wiki aur uske baad old BOXOFFICEINDIA open krr ke VERDICT dekho he will easily cross 95+ success movies...

+1 vote

Why you added Sholay in only Amitabh's list & not in Dharam's ?
plz clarify ...

answered Feb 11 by Irdwhelp Editor (81,441 points)

SHOLAY Dono kii thi prr RECORD btana tha alag alag bta diya

@Vivek just see the words you have used in your post ..
Just Like he was Biggest SUPERSTAR ever in same way His Movie #SHOLAY is the Biggest #ATBB in the History of indian Cinema with More than 15cr+ Footfalls.(Re - Runs)...
Big B's record seems big bcoz of Sholay but Dharam was the main lead of Sholay just like Kaka was the lead of Namak haram ....
though there is nothing to deny that Big-B is the biggest Megastar bollywood would ever witness & lastly i'm a huge fan of Big-B than Dharam & Kaka ....

Okk but he was in 2nd Lead then it should be considered as his movie also... At recently BOI said HAHK has many supporting stars and they had major Roles in HAHK but still it was considered as SALMAN movie too.
Even MADHURI was no. 1 actress from 1988-1995 but SALMAN was not in NO. 1 or NO. 2

0 votes

First rajesh khanna give semi hit movies in that period and at that time semi hit is also consider hit. But now not consider in hit yes success count.

Second not a single record broken.

answered Feb 10 by Ajay Casting Director (16,441 points)

semi hit of that era is equal to super hit of todays movie,BOI PROVE THAT.

Every one know HE has back to back 15 HITS.

Ok if semi hit is updated in hit after updation by BOI. Then no one break it bro.

barsat 1995 was averege but boi now showing as a superhit or BB. so this formula should aply on rajesh khanna or amitji movie.

–1 vote

Lol..u cannot compare 70's business with this generation..there was absolutely no tracking system at all..
So terming movies as hit or flop will be just an assumption. ..
Who knew how many hits of Rajesh khanna were genuine hits??
Could be AVG hits also..

answered Feb 10 by Hrithikiantilldeath Set Designer (1,866 points)

Really then how can u say that Today tracking system is giving Real collection???

Dude...r u serious?
U r comparing today's tracking system with 40year old system..mahaan ho

YAHA collection kii baat nhi ho rhi hai HIT/FLOP kii baat ho rhi hai TRADE GUIDE MAGAZINE ka naam suna hai???
FILM INFORMATION,,, and many more even according to OLD BOI he has 15 HITS.. Aaj paida Hua ho Kya????

Research naam kii bhi kuch chiz hoti hai 15 Hits dene ke wjah se he wo FIRST SUPERSTAR hai.

–1 vote

You remind me of Baazigar[member] a lot, stuck in Old Era, countless threads of assumed footfalls/analysis of old films..... bas kar yaar, paka diya tune old films/stars ke threads bana bana ke......... no use when u can't confirm not authenticate any one of them.

God save us from your next thread

answered Feb 10 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,507 points)

Tjhe bhut problem ho rhi yrr???
Ye kisi ke baap ka forum to hai nhi???
Agar tjhe problem hai to Mt dekh mera POST Mai koi Jabardasti thodi krr rha hu...kisi ke paas REAL /ACCURATE figures nhi hai BOI ke paas bhi nhi wo ADMIN jiska fan hoga ussi kii chaatega prr wo HISTORY change nhi krr skta.
Aur Haa upar diya Hua POST ka ek ek proof hai...Tu 90s ke RECORD count krke khush rhh

–1 vote

None as is Salmir 's longevity on top form , none has achieved this Record.Star at 88/89 and top stars by 2018.

answered Feb 11 by shah Executive Producer (60,387 points)

Top 5 Stars means not he was Bigger,
In 2000-2009 SRK & HR
in 2010-2019 SALMAN & AAMIR are Bigger but u can't say actor like AJAY and AKKI are Bigger these 2 are at No. 4 and No. 5 or6
BOI already said Criteria is only for 30 years in "YOU ASKED IT" ....I know u are big fan of AAMIR u will not accept it.

Top 5 stars are always big and Aamir is among 5 biggest stars of 90s along with Sunny Srk Salman Govinda like Srk Hr Aamir Akshay and Salman of 2000 and Salman Aamir Srk Akshay Ajay of 2010.

Sunny was no. 1 in stardom in 1990 par iska matlab yeh nahi ki baaki log bade star nahi they.

I said Im ready to wait and watch but you are not giving me link of BOI statement.

Yes its true Im big fan of Aamir but I more often than not accept Facts.

Anyways I would like to rest my case here itself!

Boxofficeindia gives ranking according to initial not by BOX OFFICE record Sunny has given many good opening from 1989-2001(tridev to Indian) that's why he was Bigger in 90s ...
Even DILIP Kumar has 3 HGOTY in 80s (most by any) and most no. Of Movies in TOP 5 (in 80s Decade, KRANTI and VIDHAATA)
but it means not he was Bigger than AMITABH, Amitabh has given 6 movies with 100% Opening (SHAAN, RB, NASEEB, COOLIE, MARD, SHAHENSHAH) u can check in BOI ARCHIVES and that's why he was Bigger...
Even HR has many RECORD compare to SRK in 2000s, SRK BLOCKBUSTER are not bigger than HR blockbuster but still SRK TOPPED Bcoz SRK was already ruling from 1995 and given many GOOD opening....

DILIP SAab NE 80s me bhi 3 HUGE HIT diye hai prr unko BOI NE kahi show nhi kiya RANKING Bcoz criteria is only for 30 years after a actor become STARS...mre paas wo link nhi to deta jrur.
Ab 2020-22 ke baad he pata chlga.

–2 votes

sholay and amitabh.... amitabh was 2 ND lead. this record should added in dharmedra's record also.
that time movie used to had longest run and huge footfalls.. it's a record sure..but amitabhs stardom hasn't had much relation with sholay.. all time greatest wom.

answered Feb 11 by sihan Editor (88,049 points)

None ATBB comes Bcoz of ACTORS okk bro...
And second thing WOM is not good TRADE has given AVERAGE to FLOP.

we all here know trade had initially given flop... but later movie picked up like never before and will never happen same again.. it is called wom... in that movie used to need month for wom to come... cause no promotion like today, no buzz like today. and due to lack of other entertainment, online, piracy movie used to had huge footfalls... also from 70s society people started to think modern and seek for entertainment

Okk bro.

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