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isn't Manoj Kumar is Bigger Star than Rajesh Khanna ?

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Manoj  Kumar  #BLOCKBUSTER  Movies - >
All are in #Solo Lead.

1)  Upkar (Blockbuster)  -   4cr+ Footfalls.
2)  Roti Kapda Aur Makaan (Blockbuster) - 4cr+ Footfalls.
3)  Dus Numbri (Blockbuster)  -  3cr+ Footfalls.
4)  Sanyasi (Blockbuster)  -  3cr+ Footfalls.
5)  KRANTI (Blockbuster)  -  5cr+ Footfalls.

***He was the First Actor to Give Hattrick Blockbuster.
***He has 52% Success Ratio.
asked Feb 9 in General by Vivek Rai Art Director (2,790 points)
13% Accept Rate

Who was Pradip Kumar?

Bro When Border which was said to be smaller hit is now atbb then surehot atbb for kranti

BOBBY already ATBB confirmed kyuki wo RISHI kapoor kii debut movie thi aur uss waqt bade star bhi nhi the just like MPK,can't say about KRANTI Agar aap log bol rhe to maan leta hu

@rancho PRADEEP KUMAR, BHARAT BHUSHAN, BALRAJ SAHNI 1950s ke ye 3 bade star the after Dilip - RAJ-dev trinity.
Jaise aaj 3 KHANS ke saath AJAY, AKKI, HR hai.


4 Answers

+2 votes

Phle movie bdi hit hi hoti thi...due to .lack of entertainment
So Manoj Kumar got.

But what rajesh Khana charm...and craziness...
Can't be explained...it's unmatched or unparalleled

Suna tha...us time
Upar aaka niche kaaka...
Baki Sabki maa ka

answered Feb 9 by power Assistant Director (46,038 points)

Phle movie badi hoti thi to Kaka ki kyu nhi hui bro???

When boi will update old data....
I m sure kaka will have huge blockbuster....in his filmography

+1 vote

BUT Rajesh Khanna is Often called 1st superstar Of Bollywood.

answered Feb 9 by Rancho Production Accountant (25,697 points)

This is really strange kyunki mujhe aaj tak toh 1988 hi pata chala hai
Har jagha 1988 hai
Even filmfare award 1989 mei mila tha Aamir ko Best debut Male ka

Mjhe bhi smjh nhi aa rha

Will wait for BOI update

+1 vote

Rajesh Khanna is a superstar of first rank

answered Feb 9 by shah Executive Producer (60,190 points)

Yes and Bollywood witnessed only 6 other such superstars of 1st Rank
Dilip Rajesh Dharam Amitabh Aamir Salman Shahrukh (in order of seniority)

Other than the streak of hits,Kaka had 4 hits in the 80s also, nearly all his hits are Solo leads

Yes bro Stardom and success of kaka may have been short lived but that phase was unprecedented and unparalled.

I think after BOI update he will touch 25 hits mark.

Till all senior actors retire only 13 such actors will achive this feat including 7 Tier 1 superstars.

Insane dominance, we must not compare him with anyone except Other 6 tier 1 stars.

+1 vote

Na. Nope. Short lived it was....but the craze and megastardom which kaka enjoyed cannot be compared to anyone. Not the three khans. Not even Big B enjoyed such craze.

answered Feb 9 by Intense Producer (117,415 points)

I think Tauji knows it better .. Lol

Tauji hote to fan following ka data bhi de daalte. Baazigar's homegrown data.

Yup ...

Ye Vivek phir hai kon... ye tauji hi hai..

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