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When did each of the Khan Became Superstar ?

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According to me

Aamir : 1996 (Raja Hindustani)
Salman : 1994 (HAHK)
SRK : 1995 (DDLJ)

These were the years when I first heard about them ... and my class mates were excited about their movies after these movies.

Akki never got an ATBB like that ... and that is the reason he never reached upto the level of Khans. Hrithik got a big blockbuster with KNPH and that is the people compared him with Khans but he let that opportunity go.
asked Feb 9 in General by bollyranga Camera Operator (11,345 points)
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I agree with your one.

13 Answers

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Best answer

Aamir- 1996(Raja hindustani)
SRK- 1995(ddlj)
Salman- 1994-95 (hahk and ka)

answered Feb 9 by Intense Producer (117,515 points)
selected Apr 6 by bollyranga

Indeed the Best Answer ....+1...

Thanks bro.

+8 votes

Salman Khan became Superstar in 94/95 with HAKHK /KA
Srk became Superstar in 97/98 with DTPH/kkhh
Aamir became a superstar in 96 with Raja Hindustani
1st solo big opening Salman in 95 with veergathi
1st solo big opening srk in 97 with DTPH
1st solo big opening Aamir in 98 with gulam
1st atbb Salman in 89
1st atbb srk in 95
1st atbb Aamir in 96
1st hgoty Salman 89
1st hgoty srk in 95
1st hgoty Aamir in 90
2nd hgoty Salman in 91
2nd hgoty srk in 98
2nd hgoty Aamir in 96
1st blockbuster Salman in 89
1st blockbuster srk in 93
1st blockbuster Aamir in 90
1st clash won by Salman in 89
1st clash won by srk in 97/98
1st clash won by Aamir in 90
1st vacant year without HIT for Salman in 92
1st vacant year without HIT for srk in 94
1st vacant year without HIT for Aamir in 92
Solo blockbuster Salman in 89
Solo blockbuster srk in 95
Solo blockbuster Aamir in 90

answered Feb 9 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (23,897 points)
edited Feb 10 by being_tanveer

Regarding qsqt it's doubtful yet but it will be super hit to blockbuster that I know

Har Cheez mein Salman is ahead of other 2 Khans...... in End also will walk away with Maximum RECORDS / Biggest Stardom.

Yes bro He is the ultimate

SRK in his very early... after 93. after darr, baazigar. the craze his character got, the praise, appreciation both of his acting got really it was breakthrough year.. still people talk about bazzigar mostly because of iconic Ajay sharma, darr because of iconic Rahul. and after ddlj he was complete bankable superstar..
about Salman and Aamir.. they weren't like srk. they had big hit but their image in movie wasn't that iconic.. Salman Khan was lucky, he was part of big grosser but that didn't gave him super stardom. he was as part of hahk as Sherman joshi was part of 3 idiots... Hahk gave only one superstar and she is madhuri dixit.. I think Salman became superstar after hssh and kkhh. though kkhh wasn't his film.
same goes for Aamir.. although Raja Hindustani was big hit but his image didn't impact. I think rangeela was a better click. after Raja Hindustani aamir didn't had amusing box office performance.. I think he became superstar after lagaan.

+4 votes

Salman Karan arjun
Aamir raja hindustani
Shahrukh dil to pagal h

answered Feb 9 by power Assistant Director (46,038 points)

I feel this is most unbaised answer

Thanks ....bro
Jo shi h wohi Kha..

+3 votes

Salman became a superstar with Karan Arjun-Joginder Tuteja (Stardust Jan 11)

answered Feb 9 by shah Executive Producer (60,196 points)
+3 votes

Salman 95 or 97
Srk 98
Aamir 96 or 98

Well abt Megastar tag
Salman 2012
Aamir 2014
Srk yet to achieve this n he wil wont..

answered Feb 9 by playboy Production Accountant (28,906 points)
+2 votes

Well to be honest It's very easy to say they became Superstar after these movies as those movies were their biggest Hits but actually Superstar is judged by his continues good Openings so imo
Salman - Judwaa (His all movies after took Great Openings and some were record Openers or Record Week Grosser)
SRK -DDLJ ( He became A Superstar instantly after DDLJ for sure .His craze was huge after DDLJ)
Aamir - Lagaan ( He was an established Star right after Dil but never became a Superstar in 90s but after Lagaan everything changed .He became the Favourite of City and after Lagaan if you see he consistently gave Huge Openings)

answered Feb 9 by puneetshukla Producer (101,551 points)

After ddlj next 5 films didnt become even hits...
Salman after judwaa
Srk after kuch kuch hota hai
Aamir after gulam or lagaan..

Between Raja Hindutani and Lagaan, Box office friendly movie of Aamir are


Ghulam and Jab pyaar kisi se hota hai ... both release in 1998 ... both have similar opening
Mann and HDDCS ... both release in 1999 ... also has similar opening
Mela & DUlhan Hum le jaayenge ... both released in 2000 .. have similar opening.

Bhai it's not about becoming Hits and in 90s even Ajay Bobby gave Record Openers .90s Opening was dependent on Overall Package like Hindustan ki Kasam I haven't heard it's name but it was Record Opener .Aamir really became Huge after Lagaan. Before that he was big Star and was called Perfectionist but Superstar tag wasn't attached to him while Salman became huge only after Judwaa and after he mostly did Solo Movies like PKTDK JPKSHH Bandhan HSSH Biwi No.1 all were dependent on Salman Star power .Even HDDCS became big due to Salman-Aish combo .Till 2001 till Chori Chori Chupke Chupke he was consistent in Big Openings but after that bad movie choices affected his Opening
SRK no doubt became Big after DDLJ and established as a Leading Superstar in 95

+2 votes

Star / Hit the Top League - SuperStar

Salman Khan
Star - Maine Pyar Kiya
Superstar - Saajan

Aamir Khan
Star - QSQT
Superstar - Raja Hindustani

Shah Rukh Khan
Star - Baazigar
Superstar - DDLJ

You won't find a Single analysis of how/when & who is Biggest STAR/SUPERSTAR among Khans coz of varied reasons among Trade/Media from 90's.

So believe in what u want, best way to judge.

answered Feb 10 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,494 points)
0 votes

SRK: 1995
Salman: 1997
Aamir: 2001

answered Feb 9 by mr.hola Unit Manager (39,772 points)
0 votes

Yes I agree.........

answered Feb 9 by Rancho Production Accountant (25,730 points)
–5 votes

In My Opinion, There Are Two Phases Of Becoming A Superstar.
1. Rising To The Stardom
2. Concreting The Stardom

Aamir Passed These Phases With Dil & Rangeela, Shahrukh With DDLJ & DTPH. Salman With HDDCS & Dabangg, Respectively.
And Then There Is That Third Phase, Which Only Aamir Has Been Able To Surpass. THE MEGASTARDOM.

answered Feb 9 by Rajat Production Accountant (27,290 points)

Lord can you please elaborate your statistics ..
i mean Salman after Dabangg you are comparing with Aamir after Rangeela ... Lol
Salman is numero uno from Dabangg onwards which Aamir wasn't after Rangeela isn't it ...
lastly You have used the 3rd phase Megastardom that only till now has achieved by only 2 Megastars .. Big -B & Salman .... p

–5 votes

Srk with DDLJ - 1995
Aamir with ghajini - 2008
Salman with dabangg - 2010

answered Feb 10 by saransh Unit Manager (30,711 points)
–9 votes

SRK Baazigar
Salman Dabangg
Aamir Ghajini

answered Feb 9 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (167,129 points)

Nd from ghajini n dabang that called megastardom which srk yet to achieve...

FAUJI = 1st Episode hi bol deta.....

& this guy is CINETRAK Admin, no doubt bias figures/analysis

Omkara koi bi website kholke dusre ke collection copy karke desi analyst ban sakta hai... dusra keval was first serial of srk i doubt ye desi analyst ko woh bi pata nai hoga..

WEBSITE kaun c dhang ki hai, 2nd/3rd class ke bachey bhi issey achi website bana le

–12 votes

Srk : 1995
Salman : 2010.
Aamir : 2005.
Proof #BOI.

answered Feb 9 by Vivek Rai Art Director (2,790 points) 1 flag

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