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asked Feb 9 in Reviews by suhas All Time best! (255,743 points)
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8/10. I loved this film more than that of his last 5 films.

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Only Akshar Kumar has guts to take on Pads and Periods

Disclaimer: I was planning to watch this movie in cinema but my *** censor board idiots banned it.. I had no choice to watch in the way i could. There might be a spoiler.

Padman reflects around the love of a man for his wife and he can do whatever it needs to ensure his wife is safe from all diseases relating to menstruation.
This time Akshay Kumar takes more risky approach as he is not fighting for a toilet this time it is a sanitary pad.

Akshay Kumar is spot on. He continues from where he left in toilet to become a superhero. From Gabbar to Rustom Pavri to Jolly, Keshav and now Laxmi.. He is getting better everytime.. You feel that Akshay is doing too much of social films that i might not work next time. Everytime he showcases a powerful social tale which is bound to work..
Its like romance of Srk.. Similar theme but still creates magic

Radhika Apte does a very poised #sanskari and simple wife. She is full on emotions. Her role makes Padman even more strong. She has done her job very well

Sonam Kapoor is a bubbly punjabi girl. Looking beautiful and same time charming.. Beauty lies in simplicity..seeing Sonam in Padman makes me believe more strong in my quote that women look more pretty and good in desi outfits like Salwar Kameez than bikini or western dresses
When she wear glasses she looks more pretty the word we use in Urdu/Hindi '' Piyaari''..

Balki as a director has worked exceptionally and he is the most challenging director for sure. He takes huge risks and challenges and in the end passes with flying colours be it Paa, Ki and Ka and now Padman.. Full marks to him

I enjoyed the film. Loved it and at the end felt like its the best work of Akshay Kumar

1) Concept
2) Akshay Kumar commitment.. He went extra mile when he wore pad and that entire scene..
3) Aj se Teri background score to showcase chemistry of akshay and Radhika

1) There should have been strong sad songs

4/5 for this classic padded up love story revolved around a social issue

answered Feb 11 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,023 points)
selected Feb 21 by suhas
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In short I PadMan is a story which inspire u and showcase the simplicity of the real PadMan arunachalam , film starts with aj se teri song and took just 5 mnt to touch the point , first half is all about how laxmi faces the problem within the society or even in his own house u can feel the pain when he try the pads on himself but his love for hiswife keep him moving, second half starts superbly and it means u laugh and cry many times, how he starts the change among ladies about the use of sanitory pads and help them financially, in short as a film PadMan is superb with great performances, akshay Kumar plays the role of PADMAN with perfection a simple and lovable character, radhika did a fine job so as sonam kapoor, chemistry between akshay and sonam is superb especially the last scene when laxmi leave pari,despite being a good film the subject is still taboo so its hard to predict its boxofgice outcome but one thing is certain that it need guts to do a film like PadMan akshay Kumar took the risk and it paysoff as this film is one of his best this dacade 4/5
In terms of boxoffice nos it might be tough to say as film will heavily depends on plexes that too in big city plexes.

answered Feb 9 by Sss d Assistant Director (41,945 points)
edited Feb 9 by Sss d
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I was hearing some rave reviews and even one of the trade analyst compared the movie with Taare zameen par and swades. After watching the movie, I had laugh like on what planet that trade analyst in his mind thought of comparing such masterpiece movies with this above average fair. Movie is made with good intention but there is no entertainment or emotional connect which makes you feel that movie is great. Makers of the movie are just doing mockery kind of promotion like they did for their previous movie Toilet. There is one more concern that I think will raise for bollywood in future is that too much of real life incident based movie are made and this might kill the genre soon like what happened to masala genre few time back. Akshay is over doing the genre like what he was doing with masala genre. There should be a balance maintained for every genre I think. Thats why ppl are not coming in big numbers to theatre as they are bored seeing same kind of genre and thats why in between movies like Judwa 2 and golmaal again worked as masala genre with A listed star movies come few in number nowadays and ppl gave a chance to watch them as they haven't saw masala and comedies movie in long time. Coming to the movie, this is same desh bhakti add on for Akshay Kumar. Akshay is as usual good in acting nothing any new or great performance by him. Radhika Apte was great in her role and Sonam Kapoor with her limited role performed well too. Direction was okay nothing great in it. At last, Just wish they added some entertainment and emotional part more which would add cherry on cake for such story line. My rating is 2.5/5 for raising the brave topic without soul.

answered Feb 10 by tegil Production Accountant (22,627 points)