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0 votes
We all know romance genre is comfort zone for Srk but kudos to him as to fulfill his fans demand he is trying something new , he playing the character of dwarf while doing romance that's wow simply wow..

Srkians friends no need to say thanks you can easily give me a downvote here.
in General by Director (129k points)
96% Accept Rate

5 Answers

+2 votes

Never forget that you are talking about a man who made it big after doing negative roles early in career when no other actor wanted to touch those roles, I mean he did negative roles in that time, whereas few stars were afraid of getting punched

by Mega Star (213k points)

Bhai that was not daring , he was desperate to get some work that time & did everything for money whatever comes to him..


He also did so called daring role in early career were all actors were affraid to get spanked..

+1 vote

The don't know it but they are appreciating him. By giving him more attention than they even give their own stars.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)

Don't worry I won't be sadhu sant, I will still make fun of TOH trailer, because it was like that, and also at TOH if it turns out to be like that.

Simple formula, I make fun of Race 3, not BB. I make fun of say D3, but not Dangal.

Even for SRK, it's same I bash movies like DDLJ, KKHH any moment I get, but can't praise CDI enough.


Then accept it like a man that being a hater you are trying to spread negativity..


I also bash DDLJ, now say that I'm also SRK hater.


Bashing is different thing , you have full right to express your opinion but the words you have used is simply not for bashing as your insecurity & jealousy is clearly visible..

+1 vote

....uncle apke to trolls bhi thakele hai.....haHA..

by Production Accountant (27.3k points)

Beta jeete raho falo fulo , din raat dhang se ..... raho.

0 usual.....thakela.....uncles....sorryy haHA.....aapko bhi baarish se darr nai lagta hoga na...


Tera to wajud hi baarish ki wajah se tha , haseen mausam..

0 votes

Hehehehe...What a funny guy and whatta funny question........ Srk trying something new....hahaha.....srk...he is the baap of all who has been trying technology Since he became big. Other's Just hide behind remake, masala, 20cr desi shootng.. ...srk come to This bad phase for his anonymous daring. If he focused on Story and script instead technology There wouldn't be 2rs lukka to talk about him.

by Editor (88.5k points)

U are saying as u are the mla of India and srk begging some rupees from u...What are u mahn?????Come on, What are u???? The strong thing u got srk performed in wedding , ammir doesn't... They are premium Human. Both. But think about u Before trying insults anyone s status. Everybody in Bollywood dance and Take money. Who doesn't????. And about SRK. He grew from being Nobody to king. Not Like some premium kid. He used to perform, he enjoyed it he got paid for it. Is it Crime?? And now he is the richest...can buy some premium kids. Now why he pretends to becomes so standard who doesn't dance, etc. Everybody knows he performs in wedding yet he is honoured all over the World More than who doesn't Dance in wed.


No it's not a crime to dance for money , money is everything.
But please from next time don't add money (which comes by dancing performance) to stardom.


He doesn't Care about money, that's why he dares, that's why he get UNESCO Award, crystal Awards for Charity.... Way of earning is profession. A profession is good as Long as Its not crime. As Long as u are not robbing own family.


Lol he don't care about money then why all this , he is the most insecure actor (among big actors) as I hardly see any actor to block his haters on twitter but srk can't digest even small negativity.

–1 vote

Usual srk movie with a dwarf angle added.nothing new apart from dawarf.

by Production Designer (12.5k points)

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