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Did this superstar pull strings and manipulate his way to get a solo release for his film?

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Films have been clashing at the Bollywood box office a lot this year – more so because of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus Padmaavat getting postponed from last December to January this year. Now we have heard that a superstar whose niche film (and home production) was clashing with an action drama has managed to get it postponed to avoid coming on the same day - just to get a solo release for his own film. Despite many celebs pitching in to promote the film, his niche film has not whipped up enough frenzy to pull in the family audiences as yet.

While the action drama seemed to have its permissions in place when the crew started the shoot, suddenly problems started cropping up out of nowhere for the hapless filmmaker (who had already postponed his film once). The film was all set to release along with the niche film when they got the news that certain changes in the film were required as certain scenes would have to be edited out. The team waited for three days to get the required changes (minor ones) from the concerned authorities but they were kept waiting outside for hours till the office shut down for the day. Finally, when they were given the list of modifications it was too late for them to release that particular week. Rumours have been rife in the film industry that it was the superstar, who is known to be well-connected with everybody, had his way, as he pulled some strings to make sure that the film got delayed. The fuming filmmaker has no choice but to grin and bear it.     

The strange part is that the superstar used to be good friends with the director whose film was clashing with his own but due to an actress (both had worked with in the past), they had a fallout. Buzz was both had developed a soft corner for the young, bubbly actress. While the director has stopped signing the actress for his films, the superstar and the actress continue to be in touch.

The filmmaker was upset with the superstar and stopped working with him for some time till rumours of their patch-up started coming and their next film together. But now with the developments that have taken place, the rift between the two seems to be completely beyond repair – the filmmaker won’t certainly work with the superstar again for some time. 

Nobody knows the truth of what really happened - everything is pure speculation right now. But as they say - the truth always comes out and one day it will.

Source Link: https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/guess-who/did-superstar-pull-strings-and-manipulate-his-way-get-solo-release-his-film-397586
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N some people says that he let go republic day on request of bhansali.
Money is above all.
So Akki had affair with tapasse also & after that nimrat kaur.
Deshbhakt sir ki toh maje hain.
Oh forgot Eli Avram
Let's see if deshbhakt sir can pull off 10+ opening after doing all these dramas.
Expecting his tweet opening lag gayi after getting 11cr opening like he did with toilet.

answered Feb 8 by Roman Camera Operator (10,301 points)
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Akshay kumar. Wonder who’s the actress?????????????

answered Feb 7 by Intense Producer (117,963 points)

Taapsee Pannu.

Akshay is really lucky
Eak se eak haseenaon ke saath Romance kiya hai

Akshay is now more discreet as compared to the 90s. Ab chhupke chhupke kaam karta hai apna. Thats some surprise about tapsee pannu.

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answered Feb 7 by Rancho Production Accountant (25,884 points)

Its doctored.. shes not much voluptuous.... Anushka shetty' bod with Tapsee's face i guess

May be but this looks hot :p

@seinfeld no its a real one only ..
she was voluptuous in her initial days in south.

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Who else other than our very own Deshbhakti Kumar lol

From digging potholes to visiting ministers house to raise abvp flag to flaunting many poko pants and now this, he's done it all..!!

answered Feb 8 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (203,807 points)

I dont like him for these reasons. Itne naatak. And this padman challenge on social media is also very irritating.

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Aiyaari isn't any big threat, why akki need to do all this?

answered Feb 8 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,507 points)
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Destroyed Hrithik and made srk run away but will do all this to avoid clashing with siddharth malhotra.. I believe that.

answered Feb 8 by Rowdy Set Designer (1,924 points)