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2019 upcoming bollywood movies. Can Aamir and Srk movies release in 2019?

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1. Republic day - super 30 (hrithik)
2. Holi - kesari (akshay)
3. Eid - bharat (salman)
4. Independence day - brahmastra (ranbir)
5. 30 aug - 1983 kapil dev biopic (ranveer)
6. 2 oct - untitled (hrithik,tiger)
7. Diwali - housefull 4 (akshay)
8. Christmas - kick 2 (salman)

Shahrukh and aamir movies not announce yet and all big festival already booked. What do you think srk and aamir upcoming movies in 2019 and which festival?
asked Feb 7 in Movie Discussions by Ajay Casting Director (16,434 points)
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It's Ajay for sure.

My top 5 is Ajay, Akki, Sunny Deol, Suniel Shetty & Sanjay Dutt. They were my childhood actors growing up but Ajay comes first.

You seem to be a big massy movie lover....Mee too.... My favorites are......
1. Salman
2. Salman
3. Salman
4. Akshay
5. Ajay

Action movies are my favourite although do enjoy watching other genres as well. My first Hindi movie I watched in the 90s was Mohra which I have seen 1000x and later that decade I saw more action movies.

I am always been a action and comedy lover. As a kid (late nineties & early 2000's) I used love Sunny, Ajay, Govinda, Akshay and Sunil Shetty movies most....And hardly watched Salman-srk-aamir movies...films pasand karna toh dur ki baat!!. I don't know how did I bcm a Salman fan (in early 2000's).... Ajeeb saa connection hai ye...reasons aaj bhi pata nhi mujhe.

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SRK definitely will have a movie. He's done with Zero next month and then will choose his next project.

Aamir I don't think will have a movie after TOH this decade.

answered Feb 7 by mr.hola Unit Manager (39,773 points)
selected Apr 9 by Ajay

Ajay Devgan is also another actor that should be questioned. He has Tanaji which is meant to release but it would shame if fans like would have to wait another year.

Even he announced the film on Twitter last year and said will release in 2019 although he didn't announce the date. I know Ajay very well that he would grab a Diwali release even if he's facing a clash.

Bro he also announced Sons of Sardaar but that never happened. Maybe something went wrong in the very initial stages of Tanaji that's why he hasn't talked about it.

Anyway, Diwali 2019 is to far away to announce anything right now.

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Don't Worry. Don't Think About Aamir's Next Movie. These All Movies Would Be Chasing Secret Superstar's Worldwide Gross. Yes, Chasing A Cameo. Let Alone Monsters Like PK, DANGAL & Soon-To-Be-ATG Thugs of Hindostan. How Cruel Is That?

answered Feb 8 by Rajat Production Accountant (27,304 points)
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There won't be any Aamir Khan's movie but srk will have only 1 movie that too on non holiday that's it

answered Feb 7 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (23,927 points)
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I want Aamir to release a commercial lead movie in 2019 as a fan.
Even non Holiday will be ok for me but i want his movie in 2019.

He should stop taking gaps and do 1 commercial lead role movie every yr.

Dont know abt srk bt i think don 3 may come in 2019.

If Aamir wants he can surely get a holiday or festive release And Diwali will be easiest Target.

answered Feb 7 by Rancho Production Accountant (25,735 points)

Ajay Devgan has Tanaji which is meant to release that year although he hasn't announced the month. I know Ajay likes having Diwali release and a warrior movie like this would be suitable for that holiday period

Akshay wont get solo Diwali for sure

So it may be Tanaji vs Housefull 4, I guess.

Yes highly possible

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Probably aamir wont have any release looking his film making strategy and may be he will focus on Mahabrat Series, he might come with some cameo though, SRK i guess he will give thumbs up to Rakesh Sharma biopic and SLB next so he will have two releases during 2019 , i dont think salman will be coming on christmas 2019 he might be just saving the release date for SRK for a reason. Rakesh Sharma Biopic will come on christmas 2019 i guess and SLB next might hit diwale as akhsay wont clash with SRK looking his previous record plus housefull 4 wont survive against SLB next

answered Feb 7 by IamLostSoul Assistant Director (41,484 points)

Tiger the Real King - "I don't troll SRK if SRK fans don't say anything about Sallu, I don't start first bla bla bla"

So where do you find anything bad about Sallu here Mr genius..??

@bijli chidiya bro
Lol.... Check again I said "I DIDN'T" not "DON'T".... A few weeks ago I admitted that I'm a ruthless troller now a days (Mr Hola was also there in that conversation).

So Mr ruthless, let's just say what you are saying about Raees, Sultan, JHMS, TEPK will not go down in record books, what will be written in history will be SRK's record in clashes.

Now keep laughing ha ha & ha

Yup.... I have already accepted that, read my very first comment again. I wrote "Clash karke jeetna bahut pehle ka aadat tha".

Srk used to win clashes in the past and right now he runs away from clashes. Both of them cannot be denied.

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I hope Aamir abandons his plan to make Mahabharata. 10 years is no joke. At his peak, he needs to do one commercial movie every year. SRK might say to salute or the revenge drama perhaps. He will have a release for sure in 2019.....perhaps a clash on Diwali.

answered Feb 7 by Intense Producer (117,566 points)

SRK can think of it tiger. As you yourself said no dosti in business. If at all he does.....he will get hammered badly. I loved kick. Kick2 will hopefully be even better. SRK could even set up a clash against hr on 2nd october.

But the main issue is he can't afford it... Screens hi nhi milega toh clash kaise kar sakta hai? Warna Sultan vs Raees clash naa hota kya? I think Srk is smart enough to know this.

SRK announced Raees for Eid but knew what the consequences would be if was to clash with Sultan. I don't think he would be bothered if he was to clash with Hrithik, Akki & Ajay but with Salman & Aamir is a different scenario.

Ironically he was the top actor in the 00s and clashed with Salman where he won when Don released. Now it seems that he knows Salman and value what is films bring to the table in terms of BO. For example, Sultan was a Blockbuster then Salman took it to another level where TZH became an ATBB.

Apart from Salman and aamir no other star can command a solo release on a major holiday. As of now SRK is lucky to be having zero coming solo.....lets wait and watch..

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Both actor may not have any release next year.
Aamir Khan is busy with Mahabharata project, so even in 2020 he will be absent. SRK next film after ZERO might be a republican weekend release in year 2020.

answered Feb 7 by Maruf Sarker Producer (112,293 points)
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If they want to release, it will be big clash all over.

answered Feb 8 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,494 points)