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DEVIL IS BACK! Megastar Salman Khan and Director-Producer Sajid Nadiadwala much awaited movie KICK 2 releasing on Christmas 2019.

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473 views asked Feb 7 in Movie Discussions by Ajay Camera Operator (8,023 points)
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Lol... Ajeeb excuse hai? How do you know that Bharat is a remake? Of course you have got this Mahan gyan from internet...Mujhe bhi Srk k unofficial remakes k baare me internet se hi pata chala... Then what's wrong if I share that here?

its a great time being a bhai fan.. bhai getting all the festive dates... others finding it tough to even get one festive date in a year... bhai's future looks very promising yet some others have only placed rumours as far as their future releases go...

All I want is him working good and fast.. remake ho ya sequel.. atleast he's doing it for the fans and himself

We fans are happy.

Bhai is also happy & making money.

Exhibitors & Distributors are getting their rozi-roti.

Industry is being benefitted big time.

Aur kya chahiye??????

Pseudo critics k opinions and tatti awards pe koi dimag wala banda peshab bhi naa kare!!!

Lol @ TIger

12 Answers

+2 votes

Salman khan upcoming films lineup is getting bigger day by day
Waiting for devil to arrive again

answered Feb 7 by SSk Production Accountant (23,015 points)
+2 votes

I thought Dabangg 3 will release Christmas 2019 but now Kick 2 coming on this date means now there is a 99% chance that Dabangg 3 will come in Christmas 2018 as BOI mentioned few months back.
Damn this is mega dominance. 3 back to back Christmas release as well as 10 back to back(except 2013) EID release.

answered Feb 7 by Maruf Sarker Producer (112,158 points)

This is indeed a sheer dominance. Most of the other stars are struggling to get single Eid-Deewali-Christmast release... But Salman gets solo release on EDX whenever he wants.

+2 votes

Yaaaaa Hooooo..... My dream has come true. Kick is my favorite movie of this decade. I always been praying that Kick2 ban jaye aur Christmas 2019 pe aaye. #Finger crossed!

answered Feb 7 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (36,026 points)
+1 vote

That is awesome news!
But again hes missing a trick... bharat should be on xmas and kick 2 on eid

answered Feb 7 by Seinfeld Location Manager (6,563 points)


Probably Content Movie
3cr Footfall Sure

Kick 2

3 Week Free Run Help For 3 cr Footfall

+1 vote

That's what I want, taking the maximum advantage when Salmania is at the peak

answered Feb 7 by shah Assistant Director (52,209 points)
+1 vote

I really enjoyed kick. So pretty happy to see a sequel rolling on. Better to get it on Eid and Bharat on xmas though.

answered Feb 7 by Intense Producer (103,786 points)
+1 vote

I will Miss the Dialouge which fit perfectly "Abhi EID aa rahi hai........... aur woh apni EIDI lene zaroor aayega"....... Aap Devil ke peechhey, Devil Aapke peechhey.... Too much fun

answered Feb 8 by -OmKara- Camera Operator (10,231 points)

This time it would be - Abhi Christmas as rha hai and woh Santa banke zarur aaega

Puneet achcha hai....

Good ones.... ya phir

Abhi XMAS aa rahi hai aur DEVIL SANTA se Apna Gift lene zaroor aayega

+1 vote

That's awesome! Can't wait man, loved the prequel and hopefully it would be entertaining too.

answered Feb 8 by Fur1233 Location Manager (5,502 points)
0 votes

Davil nahi Devil is back

answered Feb 7 by Rancho Production Accountant (21,458 points)
0 votes

some time ago i want this kick 2...
now its too late...

i want him more like sultan type role...
class+mass ....
that combination huge at boxoffice

answered Feb 8 by power Assistant Director (43,821 points)
0 votes

Salman should forget Box-office, his persona etc and do content driven films.

If big stars like Salman won't take risks then its difficult for bollywood to expand, grow and reach out wider audience. As South Industry is also stuck with same formula movies baring a few.

It's impossible for Aamir alone to take Bollywood forward...

answered Feb 8 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (73,878 points)
–1 vote

So just sequels and remakes now?

answered Feb 7 by Rowdy Set Designer (1,763 points)

He's playing it safe now after the failure of Tubelight. Salman knows his fans very well and what they want so doing Kick 2 is a good option. That doesn't mean he will continue to live on sequels throughout his career.........well I hope not. After Dabangg 3, more projects will be on his lap so the choice will be his depending on what he chooses.

He's arguably one the most bankable actors in this industry. More producers will approach him for movies just like SRK, Aamir, Akki, Hrithik & Ajay.

I don't see anything wrong even if he continues doing only sequels and remakes. Afterall........

We fans are happy.

Bhai is also happy & making money.

Exhibitors & Distributors are getting their rozi-roti.

Industry is being benefitted big time.

Aur kya chahiye??????

Who cares about so called appreciation from pseudo critics and tatti awards???

Sometimes people like seeing something fresh as audiences enjoyed his films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan & Sultan even I did. That's me being honest with I said.

As long as the fans happy then that's ok. BO will keep his momentum going whilst SRK will remain behind. Aamir is leaving, I suppose to work on his big project.

I like Salman and trust him in what he does. He knows the audiences very well and what they want him in. Kick 2 & Dabangg 3 it doesn't bother me. Wish he done No Entry sequel as but looks like he won't be doing it.

Awards don't mean anything these days which is why not many actors bother attending. Critics don't matter because they all the same just like these mother****s on Rediff.com who are biased. Sorry for my language.

Don;t be sorry....He is really a mother***** (Rediff.com)......

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