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Trailer will give us a better idea, but every thing till now is giving away a clear indication that it's that Anand kind of cinema.

In which he has never failed till now, perfect amalgamation of Comedy and emotions.

I firmly believe that this movie will definitely emerge Srk's highest grosser at least.

It will never dissapoint, right now my most awaited movie for the rest of the year
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It's so weird that highest grosser of srk, as big as it should sound due to srk name, is not much of a high bar in reality.

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I think it has so many advantages and benefits thats it should do much more than that.

However, as I said in a post that I made a while ago (which got deleted when the forum closed), at this point the mosr I'm hoping for is for it to be good, HIT movie. Just to become a HIT it has to be SRK's highest grosser.

I would be ok with it grossing around 215cr and being very well received, thus giving SRK a HIT after many years and improving public opinions about his movies.

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everywhere every other movie ....only mediocrity is making the rounds ....
only bharat movie announcement teaser gives heartening vibes ... no other latest movie

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Well its a Do or Die movie for Srk ..
We wish All the Khans should give tough competitions to each other so Srk should bounce back big in the number game...

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Wow. 2 downvotes for saying it is a do or die movie for srk


I said good things about Srk ..
might be some anti Srkians didn't like my answer..


+1 from me



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It's a make or break situation for shahrukh. I hope we finally get a good movie.

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