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Guys, I just saw the trailer of Zero. Just one word... OUTSTANDING!!! Congratulations Anand! Katrina is fantastic! Anushka is unbelievable! 
Shah, you have outdone yourself! 
Can't wait to to watch the film! 
Aanand L Rai Katrina Kaif Anushka Sharma Shah Rukh Khan

Source Link: https://www.facebook.com/aamirkhan.com/posts/10156096642047799?__tn__=-R
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Lol, now I can't wait for Aamir Khan fans to call Aamir Khan as Charsi, Drunk and all that

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Good initiative of megastar Aamir khan to support small actors , he was doing that in past & keep continuing his good work..
We are proud of you sir , please keep up your good work.

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Aamir also donated Salute.

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Ek din main sab clear ho jayega.

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Meanwhile...........KHANs kindness to each Other.
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srk to aamir khan.... i will praise your mediocrity and you will praise my mediocrity ...
aamir khan --- whats in it for me??
srk --- u will get to take a selfie with me....
aamir khan--- agreed....

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New found friendship between the mighty Khans. However if aamir says it's good then we have to listen to it

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He cried after watching katti batti
Khans always praise each other

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Aamir is looking so good!.......

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Sarcasm At Its Best!

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SRK's PR at work ;-)

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PR work start now on a full speed.

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You mean Aamir Khan is SRK's PR


Yes bro isse jayada Aamir ki aukat nahi hai stardom to hai nahi uska.


Ajay I know that's your opinion but I amazed how and why you feel aamir has no stardom.

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