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Is Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie wom unprecedented in overseas?

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Before bajrangi bhaijaan salman highest grosser in overseas

Kick - $11.38mn
Bajrangi bhaijaan - $28.64mn [highest at that time]

Means more 2.5 times eid release if it release christmas then $30mn lifetime.
Before bajrangi salman khan fan following is big but this movie take it to the another level.

Can bajrangi is the most loved movie of this decade? What is your thought.
asked Feb 5 in Box Office Related by Ajay Camera Operator (8,018 points)
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With consideration that salman films have not done good business before bajrangi

6 Answers

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During the time of its release obviously it was.
but now its Dangal.
$30 million without Pakistan is huge.

answered Feb 5 by Maruf Sarker Producer (112,158 points)

Bajrangi highest grosser in overseas thi.

Highest first phase grosser tha. Even Chennai Express, Dhoom 3 and Dangal were highest first phase grosser

+1 vote

Yes, BOI has said it many times, it would have been biggest in xmas.

answered Feb 5 by -OmKara- Camera Operator (10,231 points)
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Yes, it's highly appreciated movie everywhere, only the release timing hampered its collection to the potential (Bahubali and Drishyam) and for os Eid is not the best of period

answered Feb 5 by shah Assistant Director (52,201 points)
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Bajrangi bhaijaan - $28.64mn [highest at that time]

Then what about Dhoom 3 & PK...

answered Feb 5 by deepak_bishty Director (128,327 points)

And just for your knowledge 3 idiots did 25m$..

Bro after bb china release will compare china add collection. Yes and lunchbox movie wom is also another level.

@deepak the way I see it, Ajay is only considering the overseas figures mentioned by BOI & not considering the overseas dubbed figures mentioned on box office note.

So unless you make him consider the figures from box office note, don't think you can convince him over the overseas figures, now that they [BOI] has differentiated overseas into over outright Hindi & dubbed separately.

@ajay...now Bajrangi us going to release in China so now compare China figures , there are lots of other actors are also in the que to get a release there so I think we have to wait for 10-12 more years for a fair comparison for China collection...
@Suhas .... BOI charsi admin is giving wrong data for overseas by assuming many thing by himself so why we follow that stupid person when we have lots of authentic option available to track overseas BOI figures..

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Dhoom 3 mixed wom is above bajarangi in overseas...

answered Feb 5 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (73,878 points)
–1 vote

Fake, paid and charsi BOI gives wrong data. Only Namibia, Somalia and Uganda matter.... Our Gigastar Roxxxxxxx

answered Feb 5 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (36,026 points)

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