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One of the biggest plus points of Zero is its director Aanand L Rai since he has a terrific record of delivering hits that are an amalgamation of entertainment and subtext. When I watched the theatrical trailer of Zero today, all my expectations were fulfilled as Aanand has woven a larger-than-life love story about aspirations and relationships and the height of its protagonist doesn’t matter.  If the promo is anything to go by (Promo, in many cases makes or breaks a film these days) then Aanand has presented Shah Rukh Khan in the manner that will make his fans erupt with joy.

Before I move to Shah Rukh Khan, let me talk about another star of the movie. And that’s the writer Himanshu Sharma who has written the story, screenplay and dialogues. Both Himanshu and Aanand have worked in the past and they are completely in sync with each other. It shows clearly in their collaborations. Some of the dialogues are massy and classy at the same time.

Shah Rukh Khan has always exuded dollops of charm, energy and professionalism. Even in his last few films (some of which have been criticised and some haven’t fared well at the box office), he was let down by the directors or writers or maybe something else. As Bauua Singh, Shah Rukh Khan is essaying a character that’s going to effortlessly carve a place in everyone’s hearts. He entertains and makes you feel for him. But no, you wouldn’t feel like pitying him. He’s way too self-respecting for that. Full marks to the VFX team for making his height look so seamlessly short.

Anushka Sharma has an unconventional character and the manic quest for perfection drives her towards another memorable performance. As for Katrina, well, khoobsurat logon ko haq hai apne upar ghuroor karne ka. She has been presented like a rockstar and her fans can rest assured that apart from superlative dancing skills, Katrina will be spoken about for her performance as an actor too.

In the support star cast, Brijendar Kala and Tigmanshu Dhulia are notable. Music and camerawork raise a curiosity for how the final product must be like. The promo ends on a note that coaxes you to feel like watching the movie-right now. In other words, it’s a wicked way to end the promo.

Zero theatrical trailer is a dust of brilliance sprinkled in abundance.

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2nd 200 cr nett grosser coming for SRK.

9 Answers

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We just need a strong story for a SRK movie, last SRK movie which did had content was MNIK and it was a brilliant movie, Hope so there is no interference from King khan in screenplay and story else it could try out to be another under performer. I would be more then happy if movie turns out to be a good movie and become even just hit.

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)
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+3 votes

Let's hope the film response is same with general audience. Its been a while. A decade. More than decade.

by Super-star (172k points)

In that sense audience loved CE too.


But not good film. RNBJ is considered good film as well.


Don't think RNBDJ is considered good film from those who didn't like CX .So it has to be Chennai Express only !!


RNBDJ is miles ahead of CE, I've never seen a single person who said that CE is better than RNBDJ..!!

+1 vote

"Before I move to Shah Rukh Khan, let me talk about another star of the movie. And that’s the writer Himanshu Sharma who has written the story, screenplay and dialogues"

This is it, well trailer will release later & movie in December, but this truth will remain truth, the writer is a star, people should start giving credit to writers too & Bollywood should take care of their writers.

I don't know anything about Zero currently but if it turns out to be a great movie, which I hope it does, it should not only be celebrated as SRK movie or Anand's great achievement, but it should also open a door for Bollywood to realise that it's writers are a star that needs to be taken care of more, encourage them, and give them spotlight they deserve.

by Mega Star (216k points)
0 votes

Hope all stays true to words. The last srk movie I really universally liked was rnbdj.

by Star (148k points)

You universally liked?

0 votes

First 500 cr worldwide movie this Xmas for SRK after china release. Get ready box office.

by Unit Manager (31.4k points)
0 votes

I am his fan, I won't defend him; he already proved his enigma. I thought you posted the trailer. Thanks to you that you are also a gossip guy. If it would be you to post the trailer, I would agree you. I don't need any scandal and whim sources for SRK, not even collections. I need him as one actor whom I can compare with Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson. Downvotes accepted.

by Camera Operator (8.7k points)

Well trailer will release tomorrow. If it leaks, I wouldn't be the guy to share it on the forum.


Love and regards for you suhas. You are a nice guy. Nevertheless, do you know why I am getting around 10 downvotes each day? I haven't end posted in a while... I cancelled my article on KHANS whom I respect a lot. New gen kids probably


R u sure tomorrow? Mid night? @suhas

0 votes

only interested in bollywood because of shahrukh eagerly waiting for the trailer i know this is going to be a huge blockbuster

by Location Manager (6.4k points)
0 votes

Can't wait for the trailer. Just one day to go. This should be the grand comeback for SRK.

by Star (153k points)
–1 vote

Audience are ignoring SRK...
Iska Comeback Muskil hai ab

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)

Woh to thi ni nahi jo aayegi, par jiska baat karraha hai woh tha hai aur rahega. Tere liye tiger shroff deke chala chal. Chal chala


comeback is people who are down and out where has king khan gone dude? kitne aaye kitne gaye 26 saal hogaye kab se vahi ka vahi khada hai

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