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So this is that time of the year when Diwali come, and with it Diwali releases. Sorry for being obvious, but another thing that is obvious; Thugs of Hindostan will break opening record *Spoiler Alert* 'woopsie'. Anyways here's your chance to test you prediction skills, if they are better than me, lol. Just kidding, they aren't. So what you need to do.

What to do?

Simply predict the numbers for folloeing categories, if you are closest to actuals, you will win.

  1. Opening Day (India - Hindi Only)

  2. First Weekend (India - Hindi Only)

  3. Extended Weekend (India - Hindi Only)

  4. Friday (Overseas)

  5. First Weekend (Overseas)

  6. First Weekend (USA)

What you can win?

A trip to sets of Thugs of Hindostan funded by Zin.

Judt kidding, you poor boys and RkHolic are only eligible for points if you win. 

For each correct prediction, you win 1000 points. 

If you get more than one right, you het 250 points for each correct prediction. 

If you get all right, you get 2500 pounts bonus. *Don't even think*


Nothing much, just some itsy bitsy rules to stop you bad boys from winning.

  • You can post your predictions by 08:00 IST 8th November 2018.
  • You can't edit your answers post deadline, duh.
  • Predictions made in range e.g. "Day One x-y cr" will not be considered
  • Predictions should not be made on basis like "Good WOM", "Bad WOM", etc.
  • Weekend in India is 'First 3 days', in Overseas 'Friday-Sunday' and Gulf ''Thursday-Sunday'
closed with the note: 1 2 3 4 quick march. Times up.
in Predictions by Super-star (172k points)
100% Accept Rate

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First Day: ₹45cr
First Weekend: ₹113cr
Extended Weekend: ₹147cr

Friday: $3.4mn
First Weekend: $10.5mn

USA Weekend: $3.6mn

23 Answers

0 votes
Best answer

First Day India: 39cr
First Weekend: 94cr
Extended Weekend: 126cr

First Day overseas: 2.9m
First Weekend overseas: 7.9m
First Weekend USA: 2m

by Star (157k points)
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+3 votes

First Day :- 40cr
First Weekend :-118cr
Extended Weekend :-146cr
Lifetime :- 280-300cr

Friday Overseas :- $3.5million
First Weekend :- $11 Million
USA Weekend :- $3.5 Million

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)

Means according to you sunday collection only 28 cr.


probably ...... because after trailer and teasers for me there is no excitement as a neutral audience the movie looks to me ordinary one plus its a pirate kind of movie which wont work with family audience i guess so it might collect huge in start days but will start to fade, this is just my prediction i might be wrong.


Who would watch pirates after Bahubali?

+2 votes

First day - 71.75cr
First weekend - 188.25cr
First extended weekend - 253.35cr
Overseas Friday- 4.75m$
First weekend - 15m$
USA weekend - 5 m$ .........and down votes are not going to solve socioeconomic problems of the society and neither it's going to give immunity from swine flu and dengue .

by Director (123k points)
+1 vote

First day 51.15 Cr
weekend 136.35 Cr
extended weekend 182 Cr
Friday overseas- 4.2m$
First weekend 11.55m$
USA weekend 4.6m$

by Director (129k points)
edited by

Hahaha talaash se to better hi kiya tha race 3 ne.


Haa Talaash 2012 - 93 cr < tubelight 2017 - 115 cr..


Talaash - 1.09 cr footfalls
Tubelight - 1.15 cr footfalls

Tubelight>> talaash


FFs ka murabba bana kitni baar bola hai fake ffs of charsi boi , iska dhol mere aage na pita kar.

+1 vote
  1. Opening Day (India - Hindi Only) - 42 cr

  2. First Weekend (India - Hindi Only) - 109 cr

  3. Extended Weekend (India - Hindi Only) - 147 cr

  4. Friday (Overseas) - $3.25 mn

  5. First Weekend (Overseas) - $10.5 mn

  6. First Weekend (USA) - $3.5 mn

by Unit Manager (31.4k points)
edited by
+1 vote

Domestic ..
Opening day .... 50cr
wknd - 138cr
Ext wknd - 178cr
friday - $3.8ml
opening wknd - $11.25ml
Usa wknd - $4.25ml

by Editor (86.7k points)
+1 vote



by Unit Manager (32.3k points)
+1 vote

Seeing Advance of TOH all over, it isn't exactly in terms of Bahubali 2, yet it will score big tomorrow on Day 1... Earlier Trade was expecting 45-50 Cr, now seeing Advance not that much huge, ppl are guessing on SPOT Booking means CURRENT TICKET Booking reports which will be the only chance TOH will get to score BIGGEST DAY 1 for an INDIAN film.

TOH Needs

  1. 41+ Cr NETT to cross Bahubali 2's 1st Day Record HINDI Version if we include DUBBED Films.

  2. 40+ Cr NETT to cross PRDP - HINDI Films Category only.

  3. 55+ Cr GROSS to cross PRDP's GROSS - This is only possible now if it scores 43+ Cr Minimum NETT.

Despite getting all the -ve feedbacks, predictions I Have a Gut Feeling that Tomorrow Day 1 for TOH will be in FULL FORCE, BOX OFFICE Hysteria will be created.

Opening Day (India - Hindi Only) = 50.50 Cr

First Weekend (India - Hindi Only) = 121 Cr

Extended Weekend (India - Hindi Only) 160 Cr

Friday (Overseas) $ 4.0 M

First Weekend (Overseas) $ 12 M

First Weekend (USA) $ 6 M

by Location Manager (7.4k points)
edited by

According to nett it is broke but BOI only took record opening according to gross 43.90 - 44 cr nett on day 1 required for record day 1.

0 votes

First day 55 Cr
weekend 140 Cr
extended weekend 190 Cr
Friday overseas- 5.5 m$
First weekend 14m$
USA weekend 5.5m$

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
0 votes

1 Day 49 cr
2 Day 37 cr
3 Day 41 cr
4 Day 46 cr
4Th Day Weekend 173 cr

Friday overseas- 3.3m$
First Weekend :- $14 Million
USA weekend 4m$

by Location Manager (7.9k points)
0 votes

1: 34 c1
2: 17 c2
3: 24 c3
4: 24 c3
Weekend 4 days= 109 c5
Week1 = 179 c6
Total = 210 c7

6.45 m dollars weekend. No china. Total 17m dollars.

by Camera Operator (8.7k points)

Hey devendran ..hi..I just want to say lol on those predictions .


For the edgy sake of my mother India that the movie survives. My birth in the same India is vain.


Go travel outside your house and observe the filth and garbage of the's already vain .


I don't know mahn what the hell are u talking about..mangal pandey ? Pirates ? bring clearity of thoughts in conversations .

0 votes

First Day India: 44cr
First Weekend: 110cr
Extended Weekend: 148cr

First Day overseas: 2.9m
First Weekend overseas: 8.5m
First Weekend USA: 3.0m

by Assistant Director (52.8k points)
0 votes

Opening Day (India - Hindi Only) 42Cr

First Weekend (India - Hindi Only) 107 Cr

Extended Weekend (India - Hindi Only) 145Cr

Friday (Overseas) $2.6 million

First Weekend (Overseas) $7.4 million

First Weekend (USA) $2.5 million

by Location Scout (3.5k points)
0 votes

First Day :- 42 cr
First Weekend :-115 cr
Extended Weekend :-142 cr
Friday Overseas :- $3 Million
First Weekend :- $12 Million
USA Weekend :- $4.5 Million

by Star (153k points)
0 votes

Opening Day (India - Hindi Only) - 49.5 cr

First Weekend (India - Hindi Only) - 120cr

Extended Weekend (India - Hindi Only)- 155 cr

Friday (Overseas) - 4 mill $

First Weekend (Overseas)- 11 mill $

First Weekend (USA) - 3.2 mill$

by Assistant Director (49.4k points)
0 votes

First day- 47cr
First weekend- 144cr
First week- 189cr

Friday overseas- $5 million
Overseas weekend- $13.5 million
Overseas week- $5 million

by Star (148k points)

Just to reconfirm you are expecting growth on day 2 or day 3?

0 votes

Opening Day (India - Hindi Only) =>50.10cr

First Weekend (India - Hindi Only) =>138cr

Extended Weekend (India - Hindi Only)=>186cr

Friday (Overseas) => 3.6M$

First Weekend (Overseas) =>11M$

First Weekend (USA) => 3.8M$

by Production Accountant (22.2k points)
0 votes

O.p day 62 crs
Weekend 127 crs
Extended 168 crs
Overseas o.p day 4miln
Weeknd 14 miln
Usa 4.5 miln

by Production Accountant (23k points)
0 votes

1st day 45
Weekend 120
Week 210

by Unit Manager (35.6k points)
0 votes

First day -48.5cr
First weekend 112 cr
First extended weekend 146 cr
First day 4.25 million
First weekend 9.75 million
First weekend USA 3.75 million

by Production Designer (15.9k points)
0 votes

1st day- 51
Weekend- 120
Ex Weekend- 155
Friday-5 ml
Wknd- 12 ml
USA 1 st WK-3 ml

by Second Unit Director (73.4k points)
0 votes

1st day - 48 crore
1st weekend - 115 crore
extended weekend - 145 crore
lifetime- 265 crore

by Location Manager (6.4k points)
0 votes


First day 48.5cr
First weekend 122cr
Extended weekend 160cr

Friday 3.75M
First weekend 11.5M

USA weekend 4.2M

by Unit Manager (37.5k points)

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