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@suhas what is the issue with what you posted that you got 2 downvotes?


@Intense its not 2 but its 4 which is changed due to 2 upvotes ..


@irdwhelp ... Well a certain bunch of fans have turned cry babies. But then currently the concentration is on the serial negative voters than them. Plus now is not the time to hand out bans if you know what I mean.

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One of Salman's best performances. But imo despite his good acting ajay was the weak point of the movie. He just did not make the cut as a rockstar.

by Star (146k points)
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I loved the movie back then and I still like it. Just that Ajay was not really rockstar material.

The Mannu self destruction was really well done and the climax was baffling and very Mannu-istic in its own way.

by Unit Manager (35.6k points)
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it is said this movie's script was written keeping srk and aamir khan in mind.... but then it all fell through because ...srk wouldn't look like a rockstar and aamir khan wouldn't suit to play the main lead role.
but it all worked out for both of them because in place of london dreams srk got billu barber and aamir khan got supporting role in dhobi ghaat... while salman khan gave 5 back to back blockbusters in the meantime

by Star (155k points)
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A good film didn't get the success what it deserved just because Ajay didn't get any support from other lead (non actor) in both stardom & acting count.

by Director (129k points)

In fact it is the reverse. The rockstar guy needed someone else. I can imagine shahrukh acing it better. With due respect to ajay


This is your opinion & I can't comment on that , I am only sharing my options what I actually feel when I saw that movie.

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No Wonder Ours Is A Developing Country Only. The Day We Stop Celebrating Such Mediocres, We'll Be Developed.

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

Same with 1947 Earth & all movies of Aamir b4 Lagaan leaving just 2 hit movies ie (Dil & RH) ..


Sarfarosh, jjws. ghulam, dil hain ki manta these are gems may not be big at the box-office. Critics and classes liked them.
On the other hand london dreams was a washout. Same year 3 idiots did almost 10 times more. Worldwide probably 20 times more..


London dreams ww gross 41cr
3Idiots ww gross 349cr
As far i know it's 8.5times more
Don't know how it was 20 times more for you could you please elaborate


As Far As I Know, 3 Idiots Thrashed MAMK In Half Day, London Dreams In 2 Days While Wanted In 6 Days.

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kab aayi kab gayi kisi ko pata bhi nahi chala tha

by Location Manager (6.1k points)
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Masses classes critics everyone rejected this film!....

by Second Unit Director (77.6k points)
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Masala hai to Stardom hai, Masala nahi to kuch bhi nahi

They should've put some action scene ... like they did forcefully for Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PRDP.

They didn't do for Tubelight so it flopped.

by Camera Operator (9.7k points)

Very good observation..