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Not Mumbai circuit as that consist Mumbai-Thane+Pune+Gujarat+Goa+Parts of Karnataka but Maharashtra state on a whole, how much importance it holds for Hindi cinema.

It's contribution? Can a big movie/Khan movie become blockbuster with out appreciation of Maharashtra audience?
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Well the origin of Bollywood lies here. Nobody's film will become a Blockbuster without releasing in Maharashtra. Not Khans, not Bachchan, nobody.


Completely Agree
But maybe for someone like Dharmendra who had a strong hold upon North audience so has he given any big hits which was not appreciated by Maharashtra


I remember Padmavat. Also excluding Maharashtra, there are many blockbusters. it's a big circuit and big business might be here but people can still make money without the circuit provided the movie is good.

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Maharashtra is part of 3 Circuits majorily; Mumbai, CP Berar and Nizam.
It holds over 60% of Mumbai and CP Berar circuit while about 20% of Nizam. That is about 25% of All India for Bollywood, said that majority of Maharashtra is from 2 cities, Mumbai and Pune, rest is poor belt. e.g. Baahubali 2 netted ₹70cr in its first week in Maharashtra out of which, ₹44cr was from Mumbai and Pune.

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Very good answer JATINDER Saheb

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Well Dhoom : 3, PK & Dangal Stand At 240, 275 & 320Crore Without Maharashtra Collection. Still Blockbusters, Ain't They? They Don't Hail Him God Of Bollywood For No Reason!

by Production Accountant (26.5k points)

What? So you mean Dhoom3 collected only 34cr, Pk 65cr and dangal 67cr in Maharashtra.
It's the biggest state man where did you get these numbers from?

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PK And Dangal Did 100 Crs In Entire Mumbai Circuit. Lets Say 80 Crs Came Just From Maharastra And Deduct That From 340 crs And 375 Crs Still These Movies Would Have Been Blockbusters Atleast Dangal For Sure

by Production Accountant (26.8k points)

No bro only Mumbai-Pune is part of Mumbai circuit, Bidharva area of Maharashtra is the major part of CP berrer circuit, apart from that even nizam circuit consists parts of Maharashtra.
Maharashtra has been divided into 3 circuits.
So Dangal have collected close to 100cr in Maharashtra only
Apart from that its 387 for Dangal


Oh Ok

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Ace is a megastar. Biggest star of the world...

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