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Movies where Salman died

1-Hello Brother-Flop

2-Kyun ki-Flop


4-Heros- Disaster (Cameo appearance)

5-Lucky-Below Average

Even where Salman is going through a lot of Pain like Tere Naam

Movies where SRK died





5-Dil se-Flop

6-Hey Ram- Flop


8-Kal ho naa ho-Hit


10-Raees-Semi hit
in Opinion by Production Accountant (27.1k points)
94% Accept Rate

Success or failure depends upon the quality of the movie but Tere Naam and Kyun ki were good movies.
In my life i have never seen audience enjoying Salman's defeat or death.
Though it hasn't happened but imagine Salman dying at the end of BB as that was the first plan of kabir then what would have been the impact?
Would it been the same?
Even Salman belives that his fans can't see him getting defeated


Because Salman is a superstar and his acting abilities are not even a matter of concern for his fans....most of his fans don't even know his best work as an actor, they just like his style, dadagiri dialogues and his dance steps


SRK is an Actor first and then a Superstar....he has shaped his career like that

12 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

Salman Khan character dying in the end not working at the box office is an age old sentiment that has been used by the trade owing to many films that didn't work, cementing that superstition.

There has been incidents infact multiple incidents where the distributors/exhibitors complaining about the same.

But that argument is strictly for the trade & not true always.

  1. Kyon Ki - it was heavily depressing & completely stayed opposite to Diwali festive sentiment. Even Salman Khan had firmly said the climax won't work at all with the audience. The exact thing happened.

  2. Hello Brother - it was sheer madness. The failure had nothing to do with Salman's character dying but the fact about Arbaaz Khan being the lead actor who gets the girl or to say entire film it is Rani who falls for Arbaaz. You don't sell a movie that way.

  3. Baabul - was outdated. Plus it had the same complaint as Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa. After Preity's death film stops moving. Same happened with Baabul. Rani-John was a terrible pair & the chemistry between Rani-Salman as well as Salman-BigB was far better than what John could bring. Plus it was the film being preachy that backfired

Adding to the sentiment, how would you feel buying the ticket to watch Salman Khan & his character dying right in the middle of the movie!

  1. Heroes - well it's a better film. He still gets reborn as his son in the end as in Veer. Here it was more about film being low key. It was only after Heroes he vowed not to accept shorter duration roles for friends & family. Ofcourse MAMK too.

  2. Lucky? - Salman doesn't die here..

Other films where his character dies, not naming Suryavanshi & Karan Arjun..

  1. Yeh Majhdhaar - Film was horrible anyways.
  2. Phir Milenge - It was not just film being non-commercial, no fan would accept their favorite in such a role. No fan of Big B, Srk, Aamir to the likes of Ayushmann would accept their favorite in such role.
  3. Veergati - he dies in the end but then film was way too violent for the audience. It did deserve a bit better anyways.
  4. Veer - no need to dwell into the reasons.

Those repeated failures analysis have often led to the trade firmly believing that Salman characters death does not go well with his audience. So they avoid writing that. And if you look post Veer (only coz Salman wrote it), Salman's character doesn't need to die. Simply teasing it does wonders... See how they tease his death in Bajrangi.. or even teasing him getting hurt as in Bodyguard, Jai Ho got more whistles. Plus why unnecessarily kill a character? It is not the 80s or 90s.

To defend Srk..

Baazigar & Darr were written in that way. Imagine Srk character not dying in them? Wouldn't serve any purpose. The Kannada remake of Baazigar had the lead hero Upendra not die in the end. Totally messed the film.

Anjaam had Srk in a negative role. Audience / trade did feel he was being repetitive in doing such roles. Again his character dying was the way it was written. The film was not accepted at the box office. .

Army was a Sridevi film.

Dil Se flopping had nothing to do with the characters dying.

Hey Ram too was not Srk's film.

Devdas, KHNH - his character was written to die. That is how the story was.

Fan - see how fans / audience felt about it. The whole thing was unnecessary.

Just because Srk dying in the end has resulted in few films succeeding doesn't mean audience are willing to accept him that way. It has to be blended well within the story. If that doesn't happen then you will see bunch of disappointed viewers walking out the theater like it happened with Fan & Raees.

If Srk's character has been clearly marketed as extended special appearance who dies then it wouldn't backfire. Shakti The Power, Army, Hey Ram had clearly promoted that point. Make Srk die unnecessarily & see what happens. Or sell a film in Srk's name & kill his character mid-way, see what happens. The result will always be negative.

by All Time best! (260k points)
selected by
+2 votes

hahahaha that is actually true ... audience actually love to see srk getting bashed disgusted humiliated and eventually killed hahaha
they just can't get enough of this... they are like kill him already

by Star (152k points)

srk :: i have a particular set of skills.... if you agree that i have made world class vfx then that will be the end of it....if not... im will look for you ... i will find you...and i will make you put a bullet in my skull

+1 vote

Because Salman is a superstar and his acting abilities are not even a matter of concern for his fans....most of his fans don't even know his best work as an actor, they just like his style, dadagiri dialogues and his dance steps


SRK is an Actor first and then a Superstar....he has shaped his career like that

by Unit Manager (33.2k points)
+1 vote

List Of All Time Grossers In Which Hero Dies In The Climax:
Dhoom : 3, An Aamir Khan Movie.
Sums It Up All, Yet Again.

by Production Accountant (27.1k points)

You sure you watched those two films?


Rajat sir......aapkay charan kidhar hain??


Correction: Dharam, Who Was A Bigger Star, Didn't Die In Sholay. And As Far As Baahubali Is Concerned, There Were Two Of Them. While Both Of Aamirs Died In Dhoom : 3.
All In All, Its Aamir Khan Coming Out Victorious As Always.


case closed......haha

+1 vote

because majority of salman bhais audience is mass and majority of srks audience is class

by Location Manager (5.3k points)
+1 vote

Some of those movies were not good too. And Salman's fans don't like to see him die on screen. They like to see him heroic and massy

by Director (133k points)
0 votes

So u really think the movies u mentioned for Salman - were not successful/or critisized bcos he died in the end!!!!
Anyway out of ur list - it is just "Heroes"..which really made an impact for me as a story where Bhai dies....
Rest hmmmmmm....!!

by Unit Manager (30.2k points)

No, that's depend on the movie. Tere Naam and Kyun ki were good movies. i have never seen audience enjoying Salman's defeat or death.
Though it hasn't happened but imagine Salman dying in the end of BB as that was the first plan by kabir then what would have been the impact?

0 votes

Movie should be good, that's it. They'll accept it. Dying it not doesn't matter that much.

by Assistant Director (46.6k points)
0 votes

Because Salman Khan has mainly devotees and not fans.They(including me) take personally anything that happens to Salman on-screen or off screen

by Executive Producer (60.2k points)
0 votes

Suhas summed it up pretty well. A movie well made and if the character dies in the end, it actually may do wonders! Take Ashiqui for instance.

Tere naam today will wreak havoc. I never like sad scenes or I never watch them again. But Tere Naam's last scene is iconic for me. The way Salman walks back knowing that he has nothing to live for.. sheer pain.

by Unit Manager (32.5k points)

Same here bro..


Watch the movie again. Tere Naam, a copy and the original too. You will laugh at Sallu...


I watched the last scene of that original and I didnt laugh but smiled. Salman's was waay better

Although the pain was still there but the song coupled with that last look back bettered the original IMO. You may have different opinion and I do respect that.

–2 votes

Salman can't act those serious roles. It looks mere comedy, that's why.

by Location Manager (7.7k points)
–5 votes

Aamir is the only megastar who is accepted in any role.

by Second Unit Director (76.5k points)

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