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SRK asked me to buy Alibag plots using forged papers, actor's confidant tells I-T dept

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Source : https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/alibag-bungalow-row-is-shah-rukh-khan-a-forger-1160236-2018-02-02

Bollywood badshah and a millionaire many times over, Shah Rukh Khan is in trouble over allegations that he used forged documents to buy land.

The actor's former chartered accountant and confidant Moreshwar Ajgaonkar has told income-tax officials that he used forged documents to purchase Alibagplots on the instructions of SRK.

Shah Rukh Khan has been accused of buying agricultural land for agricultural purposes but instead constructed a super-luxury bungalow. He has also been accused of flouting coastal conservancy rules.

Besides a bungalow, the 19,960-sq-m plot also has a private helipad and swimming pool.

I-T officers have confirmed to India Today that the 90-year-old Ajgaonkar has admitted that "he was working on the instructions of Shah Rukh Khan".

According to a senior I-T official, Ajagaonkar in his statement to the department has admitted to using forged documents and 7/12 extract on the instructions of Shah Rukh.

The 7/12 extract is a document maintained by the state's revenue department that contains the date of purchase, name of the owner and cultivator, area, type of land among other information.

The other forged documents include a record of rights that show the existence of a bungalow from pre-1991. In fact photographs from Google Earth Satellite Photograph for the year 2003 show no such bungalow.

SRK's company Deja Vu Farms has shown an investment of Rs 16 crore on the bungalow before the Registrar of Companies.

However, the income-tax department believes that around Rs 50 crore was invested in constructing the bungalow.

A probe into the exact amount and source of the funds is also being carried out. Relevant documents, bank details, company's financial transactions have been sought from Deja Vu Farms.

The department had provisionally attached the superstar's bungalow in December.

Source Link: https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/alibag-bungalow-row-is-shah-rukh-khan-a-forger-1160236-2018-02-02
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Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha. I would love to see SRK’S biggest fan defend him over this.

answered Feb 3 by Intense Producer (117,510 points)
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So what... koi aur karega toh chalta hai.. kisi superstar ne kiya toh sabko usko koi misaal banana hota hai

answered Feb 2 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (8,600 points)
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M not surprised after knowing the nature of Srk.... aise hi fraud document karke richest bana hai ye....

answered Feb 3 by playboy Production Accountant (28,906 points)
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Is it True? Shame on SRK, so much money, still need this kind of trick to buy land?

answered Feb 3 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,494 points)

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