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As per my knowledge

Mumbai All 3 are almost similar with Srk having some edge fan following wise though Aamir with a right movie score above others

Delhi/UP Salman Khan

East Punjab Salman/Akki (Srk's weakest circuit)

Rajasthan Salman by far

Mysore Aamir by far

West Bengal SRK by far

Tamil Nadu and Kerala Aamir by far (Salman's weakest)

 Nizam Salman/Srk

CP berrer Aamir/Srk

Bihar Salman (Aamir's weakest)

Odisha Salman

CI Salman/Aamir

Assam Salman

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in General by Production Designer (15.4k points)
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@Roman don't go by collections ..
Salman leads in Mumbai as well as all possible hindi speaking belts ...
So i agree with my friend @Grand Nova ..


While you are differentiating, I don't think you're considering the reach/hold across A, B & C centers here.

CP Berar & CI is clearly Salman Khan.

Numbers of last few films might say otherwise but Srk is still strong in West Bengal when it comes fan following.

Mysore Aamir is ahead for now. Srk looks behind only because of this decade only.

4 Answers

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In North India ...

by Editor (82.2k points)
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Including Gujarat.............

+2 votes

Mumbai .. salman khan = raju hirani > aamir khan > rohit shetty

Everywhere else salman Khan unchallenged numero uno .. other than. South

by Star (151k points)

In South he is weak only in Kerala & Tamil nadu both are very small regions contribution wise..


Been in Hyderabad for so long Salman is so strong in Hyderabad, he's very much top star in April/Nizam.
Despite back to back remakes of Telugu movies his craze is so high.
He lags only in TN/K

+1 vote

Actually, we can't put it out that way for all, because most circuit depend on Genre and quality of film.

Delhi/UP: Delhi city favours Aamir, Salman, SRK and Ranbir. UP favours
Salman, SRK and Akshay.

East Punjab: Aamir, Salman and Ranbir

Rajasthan: Salman

Mysore: SRK and Aamir

West Bengal: SRK

Tamil Nadu and Kerala: SRK and Aamir

Nizam: SRK, Hrithik/Salman

CP Berar: Salman

Bihar: Anyone with masala film

Odisha: Salman/SRK and Hrithik

CI: Anyone with masala film

Assam: Anyone with masala film

by Super-star (168k points)
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Aamir in multiplex and Salman single screen

by Second Unit Director (75.7k points)