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My Expectations Remains The Same From TOH.

I Have Full Faith On Aamir Khan.

Aamir Haters Keep Making Low Predictions For Aamir Films And Later End Up Making Excuses I Dont Think Story Is Going To Change!

by Unit Manager (36.9k points)
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I saw your pm very late. Sorry bro i'll answer it soon


Ok Bro

+2 votes

My expectation for TOH have faded away first with average trailer and now this pathetic thing, seriously is this a song, Aamir not convincing in funny avatar , i was planning to have first day show now have to wait for reviews and public response. Hope Zero doesnt disappoint in the same way.

by Assistant Director (43.4k points)

Dhoom 3 when trailer came out, ppl bashed him for being too serious if u remember


r u guys suffering from short term deafness loss like Ghajini ? Why this thing shouldn't be a blockbuster ? are u not able to spot what Iam spotting ? I can spot winning stuff from a distance


ghajini had chartbuster songs with aamir marketing it like crazy, also the director was a big name in that film and it was a remake which was already succesfull in hollywood and in south so wom would not have been a problem with such a strong script


Iam just talking about this song/video

+2 votes

lol aamir what are you doing very funny

by Location Manager (5.5k points)
+2 votes

China me mat release kar dena bhai is movie ko

by Production Accountant (22k points)

China me movie ke Saath star bhi important hai , don't be surprised if toh combined domestic plus overseas business (minus china) < toh China..


It can collect huge in China but it can also damage the trust on Aamir brand of cinema

+1 vote

I'm gonna wait for comments of Ace fans who used to say item songs in other movies as cheap & a cheap way of getting buzz for movie and all that stuff.

Also, this song sucks.

by Mega Star (212k points)

Where was the item song in Dangal?. This movie definitely is an out and out commercial film.. see what aamir will do with this genre at the box office

+1 vote

No doubt Toh doesn't require all these things to open huge but every thing that have came till now is underwhelming for me, Kat's item song was most awaited but even it's looks below expectations.

by Production Accountant (29.3k points)
+1 vote

Below average...nothing till now is exciting by anymeans

by Production Designer (12.1k points)
+1 vote

The song is groovy ..I semi liked it 3/5 .

by Director (123k points)
+1 vote

To be honest veshmalle song looks better than this so called suraiyya song coz it is strictly average or below par, no doubt Thugs will open huge but after that 4 days ALLAH hi Hafiz hoga Thugs ka Dutt is now looks certain to be HGOTY

by Production Accountant (25.1k points)
+1 vote

What is this? Horrible. Katrina is superhot as usual. But apart from that this is flat

by Director (136k points)

Where is your sense of judgement ? verily r u going with the flow of already elstablished opinion which u have formed in ur mind about this product ? Behold ! open up your mind , each and everytime , to observe the world without carrying forward the past judgements .

0 votes

Average song but I don't think chart buster songs are really need for TOH to open big.
Prabhu Deva ne Kuch jyada hi kadhak step de diye hai kat ko.

by Director (129k points)

Hahahaha what a lapse in judgement.

0 votes

Honestly I didn't enjoy this song... We have already seen katrina like this before...

by Second Unit Director (77.1k points)

@Rowdy consider this your last warning. Rules will be same for everyone. Your answer & respective comments by you, Kashyap were hidden for a reason.

@kashyap don't fall for it. Excluding abuses even in trolling isn't a hard task. Same applies to user Rowdy.

Usually it would be straight ban. But I am trying to ensure we are all on the same page when it comes to name calling & abuses. None here are kids to not understand the decorum maintained.




So kashyap can be honest as well good too see this side of you man


0 votes

dont wanna see her face..what are you doing... . put the darn camera behind her... she's playing a prostitute for hotness sake.... let her show her candy apple to me. why do you do this to me.....i really came here drooling mouth full of water...

by Star (153k points)

why.....just why don't they explore her full round and toned pear shaped potential .... there are people out there ...who are craving to eat her THANG like a vegetable


This was a gem of an answer

0 votes

Finally, some competition to the legendary "ek baar baby, selfish hoke........"

by Unit Manager (30.9k points)
0 votes

All I can say now is: I hope Ajay Atul don't mess up Zero's music.

Also, Prabhu Deva has choreographed Ishqbaazi for Zero, I hope it's better than whatever the heck Katrina is doing here.

by Assistant Director (48.1k points)
0 votes

It's an average song but will be a hit because of Kat. It doesn't seem to arise curiosity for the movie at all. Something is going wrong in TOH promotion.

by Location Manager (7.8k points)
0 votes

this "actress" can't even mouth one dialogue properly... If theres one reason I would stop being a fan of Salman Khan it would be because of his support to such mediocre talents..

there are actress waiting and waiting and here this expressionless dancer keeps getting chances.. oh and the song is PATHETIC

by Unit Manager (33.5k points)

She's hot. That is the only USP she's had. Plus she's a woman of zero principles. Dumped ranbir and came back to Salman to get her career on track again.


I was in the impression that Ranbir dumped her but either ways both are grade A pieces of crap


Either way she had a break up and shamelessly went back to Salman instantly to get the big movies.

0 votes

Why tall actress? when u Are UNcomfortable around her. Get a Short one and deliver With boost. Aamir is clearly avoiding katrinas side...choreography is awful.

by Editor (88.5k points)
0 votes

mangal pandey ki yaad diladi,Now this movie will struggle to cross Race 3

by Art Director (2.9k points)

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