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Over the years, it has become a norm to hike the ticket rates for the festive releases or event films owing to which the audience is facing a constant burn in their pocket, especially when the film turns out to be a disappointing affair. Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanjustarring Ranbir Kapoor in lead had the highest ticket pricing in the multiplexes this decade whereas Salman Khan’s Race 3 takes the cake for the highest ticket pricing at the single screens across the country. And now, as the industry gears up for the release of Thugs of Hindostan, the exhibitors across the country have been asked by the distribution team of YRF to price the tickets for the much-anticipated action entertainer “AT-LEAST” 10% higher than Sanju in the metros and 10% higher than Race 3 at the mass centres. “Please ensure all cinemas increase rates charged for “SANJU” by a minimum of 10% for the extended 4day weekend. On weekdays, the rates must be dropped by 25% from weekend rate. Please e-mail us the rates charged by you at all your cinemas for “SANJU” and proposed rates of “THUGS OF HINDOSTAN” for the extended 4-days weekend and weekdays. It is mandatory that all cinemas should confirm the rates & show timings with our office before commencing the advance booking,” read a paragraph from the mail sent by the distribution team of YRF to the exhibitors across India.

YRF is looking to create some unheard records on the opening day which is the reason why the exhibitors all across have been asked to price the film at “Blockbuster Slab” for the extended weekend followed by merely 25% drop in the prices on the weekdays. The industry has been following the norm of raising the prices for event films, especially the Khan films, since quite sometime and if you compare the prices of Eid, Diwali and Christmas releases every year, the price slab would be in the following pattern – Christmas Release > Diwali Release > Eid Release. For example, last year, Tiger Zinda Hai(Christmas) was priced higher than Tubelight Eid). Slowly and steadily, it is becoming a norm for producers to dictate terms on the exhibitors thereby taking away the exhibitors’ privilege of free pricing based on demand and supply.

The theatre owners often increase the ticket rates of Hindi films that release on a festival is the common perception among the cinema going audience, however the fact is that more often than not they have been advised about the pricing by the respective distributors and producers. While it makes a lot of business sense to hike the ticket prices as the festive releases often have a tremendous demand in the market, we wonder if it is right on the part of producers to do so given the fact that the enhanced pricing brackets movie watching as a luxury taking it away of a common man’s reach. This brings us to the age-old debate i.e. the collections are increasing year after year owing to rupee inflation and constant increase in ticket prices however, the footfalls are falling as a lot of middle-class families abstain from visiting the cinema halls during festivals and wait for the word of mouth before planning their outing. It is the pricing that keeps a major chunk of audience away from the cinema hall, especially when the reports are not that positive. A middle-class family of four would have to think twice before watching a film as they would have to splurge approximately Rs 1600 to 1800 merely purchase the film tickets in a city like Mumbai, or Delhi whereas Rs 1000 to 1200 in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

The same family might not be apprehensive if the tickets in metros cost around Rs 250 to 300/head whereas in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities cost around Rs 150 to 200/head. While the blame of the constant hike in most of the cases goes to the producers, it is about time that the producers as well as exhibitors rethink on their strategy as to what is more important for them – Footfalls or Box-Office collections. The footfalls are important for exhibitors as that results in canteen sales, the collections on the other hand, are important for producers as that enables them to make massive profits. An ideal solution for this would be to settle for somewhere in between wherein the ticket rates are not astronomically high out of a common man’s reach, neither are they so low that the producers don’t make money. The current scenario makes us wonder if cinema is still the medium of mass entertainment or has it just become another mode of entertainment for the elite given the fact that the weekend ticket rates of big films are unaffordable for most of the middle-class families.

In the other news, Thugs of Hindostan is slated to hit the big screen on 8th November 2018. The movie directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, stars Aamir KhanAmitabh BachchanKatrina Kaif and Fatima Sana Shaikh in lead.

Source Link: http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/features/yash-raj-films-issues-diktat-exhibitors-minimum-10-hike-ticket-rates-thugs-hindostan-sanju/
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Best answer

I think we should stop ranting about ticket prices. We have the lowest ticket rates in the world and its common practice to increase prices for big films.

And this is the exact mail btw

On 8th November 2018, we will be releasing the biggest HINDI movie of this decade “THUGS OF HINDOSTAN”.
We want to set some crazy box office records on the opening day, opening weekend and full week so we are looking to a substantial increase in ticket rates across India.
Single Screen Rates:-
Please ensure all cinemas increase rates charged for “SANJU” by a minimum of 10% for the extended 4day weekend.
On weekdays, the rates must be dropped by 25% from weekend rate.
Multiplex Rates:-
Please ensure all cinemas increase rates charged for “SANJU” i.e. on your BLOCKBUSTER RATE SLAB by a minimum of 10% for the extended 4 days weekend.
On weekdays, the rates must be dropped by 25% from weekend rates. Please use your own discretion, in case, you feel any cinemas should increase rates further than the targeted min percentage increase of 10%!
Please keep three sets of admission rates at cinemas,
One set of admission rate before 12.00 PM for all shows. One set of admission rate between 12.00 PM to 6.00 PM for all shows.
One set of admission rate after 6.00 PM for all shows.
The admission rate of the morning shows i.e. shows being held before 12.00 PM should be at least 60% of rate being charged between 12.00 PM to 6.00 PM.
Advance & Online Booking:-
The advance booking & online booking across Multiplexes & Single Screens will start on Saturday 03 November, 2018!
Please e-mail us the rates charged by you at all your cinemas for “SANJU” and proposed rates of “THUGS OF HINDOSTAN” for the extended 4-days weekend and weekdays.
It is mandatory that all cinemas should confirm the rates & show timings with our office before commencing the advance booking.
Rajesh Malhotra,
Distribution Head- Mumbai Circuit.

by Super-star (171k points)
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0 votes

opening day and weekend records for sure but it would not cross sanju

by Location Manager (5.3k points)
0 votes

Aamir haters will come and say that Aamir charges more, but the thing is every Aamir movie producer know that audience are ready to pay more for Aamir movie.

Ticket rates can't be increase just without any reason, if there is expected demand then there will be price increase. People were paying Rs 1000 for Bahubali ticket, because there was such demand.

If audience doesn't feel worth it they will not pay. If for TOH audience doesn't want to pay, they will not watch movie on weekend, and will wait for weekday.

If only ticket prices create record then even Varun Dhawan Khurana should also be able to give record opening.

Anyway this will not going to help them make records, They should've released better trailer, songs released should've been longer and should've spent more money on marketing. If prople are not exciting about trailer why would they pay more for it.

by Camera Operator (9.5k points)
edited by
0 votes

Katrina Wala song acha ho bas khushi khushi 10% jyada de denge

by Location Scout (3.9k points)

Saale.. song hi release nahi kar rahe.

Ya phir to bahut achche hai ... aur bas khud hi dekhna chahte hai aur nahi chate hai ki dusre dekhen.

Ya bahut bekar hai aur delete kar diya hoga.

Abhi to ye bhi darr ke kahin phir se 1 min ka hi song na release kare ....


Yaar hame bhi katrina ke sexy thighs dekhne do Yrf wale khud hi maje le rahe hai.

0 votes

Whatever the rates be, I might watch this movie on the second weekend or whenever the ticket rates are low; provided the trending is better than good.

by Location Manager (7.7k points)
0 votes

Who cares, it's not gonna release here anyways, lol.

by Mega Star (211k points)



As long as Zero releases I'm good, it's not like that Pirates of the India is looking like a spectacle or something.

–1 vote

And who wouldn't want to pay that money to watch big B and Aamir together?

by Director (132k points)

Yeah sure, why not


Damn, my statement backfired on me big time.

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