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TOH was considered as mammoth as BB2 for Hindi circuit before release, They are releasing one making video after another and there's only 15days for release, no full song.

Who goes to theatre to watch a song?

A underwhelming Trailer that's it, now don't say it don't need all these to open huge because even BB2 didn't but still they hugely promoted that (Effective)

I know opening close to 50cr is very much given but Yrf truly sucks in case of TOH
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TOH Had Potential To Be Highest Buzz Film Of Multiplex Era Surpassing Films Like Ghajini Dabangg Ra.1 ETT Dhoom 3 But Now It Will Stay Below Them Probably At Level Of Fanaa Due To 3rd Class Promotions By YRF.

But My Expectations Still Are 50 Cr Opening 180 Cr Extended Weekend 400 Crs Lifetime.

I Honestly Liked Thugs Posters Trailer And Vashamalle Song Teaser(Found Aamir's Motion Poster, Imax Poster And Suraiyya Song Teaser Average But Even They Were Not Bad)

People On Social Media Are Reacting Too Much Mostly Due To Fan Wars But I Dont Think It Will Effect The Film Much. Indian Films Usp Is Not VFX (Honestly Speaking I Dont Know Whether Thugs Or For That Matter Even 2.0 Has Good Or Bad VFX As I Cannot Judge That And Im Not Even Interested In It) But The Content And Im Sure Thugs Is Going To Have All Elements Of Entertaining Content For Masses, Aamir Khan Brand Is Enough For Classes.

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Agreed bhai, Toh was easily most anticipated release of this decade till September but yrf completely ruined it.
Opening will be all time highest that's for sure 48-50 that's what I am expecting now & if it ables to entertain then sky will be the limit.
General public have no idea about all these vfx/CG, toh is too big of a movie to be missed.


Yes Im Seriously Dissapointed With YRF Promotional Strategy Even A Medium Budget Film Dangal Was Promoted Btr And They Are Doing Poor Promotions For Thugs Which Is Costliest Film Of Bollywood. They Promoted Sui Dhaga Btr Than This.
Thugs Would Have Been A 55 Cr Opener Only In Hindi Had Aamir Promoted It Like He Did For Ghajini And 3 Idiots.

But Im Still Not Worried I Dont Know Why Im Confident That It Will Take 50 Cr Opening And General Public Will Like This Movie. Even With Mixed Wom It Can Be An ATG As It Has 3 Weeks Free Run.
They Havent Revealed Aamir's Real Character, They Are Just Showing His Funny Side But Im Sure There Are More Layers To It.
Its A Massy Entertaining Film And Such Films Even If Decently Made Do Great And Im Sure If Wont Be Below That Level.
This Is Not Dangal Kind Of Film Which Will Be Praised By Critics Or Social Media And This Film Doesnt Even Needs It.
Buzz Is Not At The Level It Should Have Been Bt Still Its High And Public Wont Be Missing This For Sure As It Has All The Commercial Elements And Biggest Factor Being Aamir And Amitabh Combo.
People On Social Media Are Being Too Judgemental About VFX While Watching It On You Tube May Be Its Not Upto Mark Bt Im Sure On Big Screen It Will Look Good And Anyways Core Hindi Film Audience Dont Give It A Priority Or Else Jagga Jasoos Wouldnt Have Been Disaster.


No release in MP due to the strike so that should cause a loss of 3-4cr, that's why I am expecting 48-50


Hmm My Prediction Also Same Without MP

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They actually don't need too much of promotions for this movie. I guess they are confident of their product. This is arguable the most hyped movie of the decade.

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First day can be 50 too but the film doesn't look as promising so after the opening weekend there will be big drops .opening day and weekend records will be broken. It will probably end up between 275-300


Ra one lol with buzz it ended less than Ghajini!....


buzz can only lead to an opening record not an atg if the wom is negative and ra one did 14 crores on the worst day of the year when the opening record was about 20 crore


Dhoom 3 buzz lead to atg/atbb...

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Why would they need to promote this movie. The buzz of this movie is on another level. I mean moviegoers and the one who don't watch movies are also aware about it. I have seen this type of buzz after a long time.

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Sanju and padamavat had similar buzz this year toh buzz could have been the highest but the average trailer has reduced some of it


That avg trailer has made and shattered all possible records online!...


even race 3 trailer made records lets hope that the film is better than the trailer and either ways opening day and weekend records will be broken but not so sure about lifetime

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50cr+ insane stardom of world's biggest megastar in the last 50 years......

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Wat's the need of promotions when u hv a calculator that runs faster than a cheetah, and money dat can buy even box office india....

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Yes, I think they BOI even manipulated HAHK and MPK footfalls. No data provided by them is reliable anymore.


Also Fan..... Otherwise fan wouldn't cross 50cr lifetime shame on yrf.


Says A Fan Of Srk Who Proudly Used To Boast About 9 cr Manipulated Opening Of HNY

TOH Is Approved By All Authentic Trade Sites And Trade Analysts To Be 50 Cr Opener

Yrf Also Contacted BOI To Help And Make Srk Box Office Figures Btr Accept This Also If You Are So Desperate!

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