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Let's try to find the adjectives that suit the best for THE THREE KHANS who always had their supremacy over others during their careers, with due respect to each of them.
in General by Location Manager (7.7k points)
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8 Answers

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I'm gonna share gifs, which will have their some part of personality, let's see.


I mean, he is, atleast in terms of movies & movie business, kinda cunning & calculative.


Don't think Bhai ever cares about anything. Do whatever you wanna do man type person.


Well what can you say, Intelligent, Witty, Sarcastic, Rich, sometimes Boastful & Arrogant (sometimes good arrogance, sometimes bit over), Charming etc.

by Mega Star (211k points)
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Wow! Thank you for your time searching GIFs. I will write one article on three khans based on these answers and comments from you before I select the best answer. You wrote too many words for SRK and that means you are like me, I like him less each days.


I don't like him less each day, but I believe SRK'S these qualities have to be mentioned, one is his Intelligent, witty, sarcastic, charming side, other is his arrogant & boastful side, as I said, he can be arrogant sarcastically too, not much serious, but he sometimes do go overboard.

+2 votes

Aamir: boring, trying too hard to sound clever.

Salman: bad jokes, trying to be over-smart, over-confident.

SRK: witty, boastful, often over-estimates the intelligence of the people in the room

by Assistant Director (46.6k points)

You got a downvote just for sharing your opinion. I respect your opinion, bro.

Could you justify boring for Aamir? And over-smart for Sallu? And the boastful intelligent for SRK too, when you have time? May be some incident that led you think so...

Thank you for answering!


Aamir is someone who is always trying too hard to be proper. He's never seen having fun at events like we've seen SRK and Sallu dancing. Neither does he give entertaining interviews. When he does try to be funny, he ends up calling SRK a dog.

Salman tries to explain things in his own ideology, trying to sound smart and funny like when he commented on Loveyatri's box office tracking.

And SRK never tries to be humble but sometimes he goes too far in praising himself, like when he talks about being world's biggest movie star or saying that he has the world's best VFX. Also, he's great at sarcasm, but not many other people are. Just in his Twitter Q&A's he uses a lot of sarcasm but people take it seriously. Or when he said aap best hain main thora better hun, he was joking, be he overestimated media by thinking they would get the joke.


Bhai watch the latest episode of KWK and tell me I'm wrong about Aamir being boring.

+2 votes

Aamir - control freak, calculative, knows his public perception and plays to it, marketing expert
Salman - will die for family and close friends but totally opposite to any outsider, under a lot of stress but plays to an image of a carefree and fun life for his fans
Srk- lots of ego, hardworking, no friends in the industry, stubborn,great business mind

by Location Manager (5.3k points)

Ok i will try my best this is what i feel
so salman is under a lot of stress because of his court cases and because he needs someone to continue his legacy so he does not want marriage but wants kids which he will have through surrogacy but is afraid how some section of his fans will will relate to that news since he is after all a part of his appeal is the single bachelor life that most guys aspire to have and also age is catching up to him as well which is also becomes a factor in raising kids.

Now aamir controls all aspects of his personal life so that the image which he has in public of a very intelligent and serious person continues to hold true. So he will associate himself only with serious shows and public service events and issues and also in most of his movies this century he will play a perfect man with no faults. He never lets his guard down and wants to be seen as a completely detached from the industry. This is a continuous marketing process employed by him 24*7 someone should tell him its okay to have fun from time to time.

for srk even with all the fan following and all he is a very lonely person. Most of the industry was only cordial to him because he was so successful and when now he is in a bad phase most of them are very happy to see his downfall.Even people like karan and aditya are now just are his business partners and nothing more. Most of his friends from college and all are now also not in touch since he came into the industry and got so busy.One more reason is that since he is from delhi he has a certain way of speaking and that comes across as arrogant to the people in the mumbai film industry.Except for his family i dont think he has anyone in the industry right now he can really count on


Bro I think a very important rule of life is don't mix business and pleasure, and SRK believes in that. Regardless of what goes on with movies and release dates, SRK is one of the strongest people in the industry, he has people he can rely on all around him.

KJo, Aditya both speak so highly of him, always respect him, it's just that when it's between SRK and the future of their production house, they have to choose the latter. I think they helped him in making Ra. One when the director was unable to do it properly.

Then there's Sallu, Farah Khan, Deepika, Anushka, Alia, and many others who are close to him. Just look at that recent photo that came out and see who's surrounded and loved and who's sitting alone.

If this comment on then being happy with him failure is because of Sultan and Simmba's release dates, then remember even in his best place SRK also clashed with Sallu and Preity's movie Jaan E Mann.


Bro I hope you are right but I just don't get the vibe of a deep friendship now of srk with karan . They seem very detached now in interviews and events and yes ofcourse he is on good terms with most of the people as seen in the pic but those guys are 20years younger than him and I don't think he can really speak his heart out to them and aamir and salman were never very close friends


Salman has always been very close to SRK.

+2 votes

Aamir - Dedicated & Cunning ..
Salman - Staright forward & Lazy ..
Shahruk - Ambitious & Arrogant ..

by Editor (83.4k points)

Thank you for answering! I have no questions for you, you could be exploring more adjectives brother. Thank you again.


Dude i tried to mention each Khan with one good & a bad adjective ...

+2 votes

aamir khan is like a mathematician..... har cheez plus minus kar k 3 bar revise kar k phir karta hai....
salman khan... bus karte jao jo hua so hua.... aur jo na hua koi baat nahe...
srk .... andhairay main teer chaalaata hai ... aur confidence se kehta hai nishaanay pay lagayga. over confidence bht hai us main.

by Star (152k points)
+1 vote




by Assistant Director (41k points)

Nice one, lets collect more. Let's try so many adjectives that they themselves open this forum each day. Thank you.

+1 vote

Aamir: Most intelligent out of the three, calculating, simple, perfect to the point of being obsessive

SRK: wittiest of them all, amazing business mind, egositic, lonely
Salman: all heart and sincere, lazy at times, too giving at times which hurts him.

by Director (133k points)

Your answer has some degrees of plummeting. Thank you brother for answering.

+1 vote

Salman Khan- honest, individualist, trendsetter, Rockstar
Shahrukh Khan- witty, self confident, cunning, trendsetter
Aamir Khan- pretentious, both clever and wise, trendsetter,

by Executive Producer (60.2k points)

I agree on one point that all of them are trendsetters.

Rockstar salman, cunning SRK and clever Aamir is what I look forward to.

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