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Back in 2017, after BKB and SMS, BOI said that those two movies weren't HITs, and that if they were that would have been something special as 2 HITs in such a short span changes career.

Well a little over a year after that, Ayushmann has delivered 2 HITs that were released 13 days apart. I think he's the first actor since Sallu to do that, and the first one since SRK to do it in solo movies.

Andhadhun may even be declared a Super-Hit while Badhai Ho might go on to be a Blockbuster.

So how will this change his career? These two movies aren't huge hits, but they are hits nonetheless.

Will he continue to have lesser opportunities than talentless nepo kids like Arjun even after this or will he start getting actual good movies from top production houses like YRF (which has given him crap movies till now), Dharma, NGE, etc?

Also, if his next movie exists in a zone similar to Vicky Donor, BKB, SMS and Badhai Ho, will he be able to take a 10cr+ initial?
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Firstly he is a talented guy ...
but he can't look like the conventional heroes of his time be it Ranbir, Ranveer, Varun & Tiger ..
he can't command the following which these 4 young heroes of his time could ...
he has his restrictions too like he won't be accepted in action films even Ranbir too but given the fact that if Ayushman was in Sanju or Padmavat then those movies may not have appealed to that large section of audience that's where the Stardom comes into play ...
nevertheless he is a talented guy & getting his dues rightfully ..

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Until he gets an offer to work with big banners it would still be tough for him to repeat the success of these films. It also really depends on him whether he is content doing these type of movies and creating a niche for himself or try to become a big star and work with big directors and actors but for that he may not still not get a lead role he would need to do a couple of supporting roles to bag the lead roles in a big film.

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Either he needs a big banner or a meaty role equivalent with the protagonists whom can be either of the three KHANS for his next big step.

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It don't change anything. His next will open to ₹2cr if trailer isn't that good. There is no star system beyond Khans and Akshay, just good films and bad films.

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I thought you considered ranbir as a star is well




Actually it should be Khans only but Akshay has a huge fanbase.
Ranbir has kind of following, only among his generation, but he also need good film for initial.


Roman you asked the wrong person. He is nothing but a ranbir fanwith made up numbers to prove a point

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He can..if he sticks to what his USP is. He is the new age amol palekar now.

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Well said ..

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