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The film went on to play in Maratha Mandir for ages not ONLY because the people were going to watch it time and again! There are enough pictures of the theatre running empty shows of DDLJ. The funding by YRF and PR at work have done a tremendous job in creating the mindset. Even Srk and Kajol should be well aware of that then why all these drama for years & then they say Srk don't use PR. 

Is it only to create a legacy of longest running movie by YRF 

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The weekend shows are always full. For a 23 year old film that's huge release any other old film and see it won't even do 10% of what ddlj does.after sholay ddlj is the most famous Indian movie

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Of course it's been the case and everyone's aware of it. This maratha Mandir record is only a PR exercise done by yrf to keep the myth going that ddlj is the biggest hit ever

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The perception of the people will always be more important than actual box office results so even though hank is a bigger hit but ddlj will always be seen as the more popular and successful film between the two among the general public.

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I don't understand why Salman fans are always trying to discredit SRK and his movies.

go to his birthday post or any of his movie anniversary posts and you'll see Salman fans crying over one thing or another.

and on the anniversary of this movie, you've made this post. me or any other SRK fan can make a post on Jaan-E-Mann's brutal thrashing by Don, but we haven't, have we? It's called being secure in one's place.

some pictures of the theatre being empty and you're saying the cinema is dumb enough to keep running it for years. even new movies have empty theatres on their opening day, so what if a 23 year old movie sometimes has an empty theatre.

and btw, SRK uses PR, so does every other star. otherwise where would you get articles on Loveyatri being a huge success or shitty reports on Tubelight being bought at a record price by Chinese distributors.

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Maybe it's because despite being a bigger hit in theatres, the marriage video HAHK hasn't been able to maintain any sort of relevancy in current times whereas DDLJ is still very much relevant and adored by people.


Come on man don't tell me that you believe Movie is finding its audience in every show since 23 years
How can i discredit Srk, DDLJ is a atbb no body can deny its mammoth success
Use common sense is it practical?
There are many far bigger hit movies than DDLJ even the mighty sholay which has 15cr speculated footfalls hasn't been able to run this long not even half.
Now don't say DDLJ is more iconic than Sholay.
It's a legendary movie ok no body can question, it can find its audience during valentines day ok no queries but don't force me to believe that its fetching audience everyday since 23 years.
Yrf want the legacy, record that's why funding it's business I am not saying Srk is funding.
Even Indicine had confirmed that.
Just think if it's running on its own merit then why only in that theatre because every where else it should have ran for 1/2 years at best


I'm not saying it's finding new audience every day. But this movie has dedicated fans who want to watch it. It's become a tradition.

Similarly a 20 year old movies like HSSH can still get big audience on TV. How come it's more popular on TV then mega ATBB HAHK? Why are people still watching a 20 year old movie that wasn't a mega blockbuster on TV?

And even if the cinema is 30% full on normal days, the place running the movie is also seeing their benefit. It's become the place to watch DDLJ whenever you want.

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What are you talking about, I don't like DDLJ one bit but it finds audience, it finds audience in MM, and as Jatinder said, DDLJ is sometimes showcased on valentines day and few other special occasions, it's there because it finds audience.

Shouting PR, PR, doesn't makes you sound smart, it makes you sound like a fool, no amount of PR can work unless you can show results.

Besides is is really your concern or is it your jealousy that no one gives a shit about so called iconic record breaking marriage video of Salman?? Does it pains you to realise that despite being smaller ATBB than HAHK, DDLJ has been more relevant throughout the years, that after all these years, DDLJ is still relevant among different generations whereas HAHK is being treated like an outdated movie which it is??

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The film is grossing ₹10-50k every week on 7 shows, which is ok since there aren't many films those give that much share to theatre for a matinee show. Occasionally it go full.
Ffs, for tomorrow matinee show 6 tickets of DDLJ are booked, which is more than 3 booked for Badhaai Ho and 0 for Namaste England.
The rent for a matinee show is ₹10-15k a week in Mumbai, which DDLJ is covering. YRF only suffice the amount if the film don't cover its rent, which is rare.
More than that ₹10-50k which Maratha Mandir earn, its publicity which they get values more. People visit theatre as a tourist spot which is big feat.

Leave Maratha Mandir, DDLJ is the only film I have seen PVR showcasing on Valentines and other occasions and still goes full. I myself watcher the film in housefull show earlier this year. So yeah, hype is real. DDLJ will keep running

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It's a PR work by the team for a record albeit every weekend had a good show in Maratha Mandir. For a movie which is decades older to have audience at the theatre every weekend and occasions like Valentine's day is itself surprising. It's something more than Sooryavamsham getting viewership for Set Max for years. Get yourself corrected in that DDLJ still is the movie for new couples and it hasn't aged. Keep in your mind that DDLJ HASN'T AGED, IT'S RELEVANT TO EVERY NEW LOVERS. GO FALL IN LOVE, YOU WILL LIKE THIS MOVIE AT LEAST ONCE.

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This forum also doesn't respect opinions like Bollywood not respecting talent. Thanks for the downvote, I am blessed.

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