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When it comes to superstardom, there arrives a point where you either change or self-destruct. The release of LoveYatri could well be that point in Salman Khan's case. This is the third film that the star has produced in quick succession after Hero and Tubelight, all to an underwhelming response. When viewed from the perspective that LoveYatri was probably an entirely unneeded film for Khan to be associated with, the failure becomes more pronounced.

Salman Khan/Image from Twitter.

Salman Khan/Image from Twitter.

The reason any star decides to don the mantle of the producer is either to attract material that otherwise might not have come their way or gain more control over the destiny of the project. Looking at the way Khan operates, there has rarely been a situation in the last three decades where he didn’t get either. In fact, Khan notoriously refused films such as Baazigar and Chak De! India, which not only became blockbusters but also boosted the career of one of his biggest contemporaries, Shah Rukh Khan, at different stages. The reason why Salman began producing independently with Chillar Party 2011) was purely ‘emotional’ where he felt that his brand could help small, meaningful films get noticed. Jointly directed by Vikas Bahl (Queen, Shaandar and the upcoming Super 30) and Nitesh Tiwari (Dangal), Chillar Party made money and also won the National Award for Best Children’s Film in 2011. The reason one could say that the film never really did anything substantial for Khan has to do with the fact that he never really saw himself transforming into a bonafide producer.

The second film that Khan produced under his banner, Salman Khan Being Human (SKBH) Production was Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2015) for completely different reasons. Rumour has it that KV Vijayendra Prasad, the writer of the film had initially pitched the film to Aamir Khan, who despite liking the basic idea wanted a major overhaul but when Prasad refused, Aamir suggested Salman Khan’s name. Unlike Aamir, or Hrithik Roshan, who was also rumoured to have been offered the part, Salman Khan immediately gave Prasad the signing amount. This was also around the time when the 2002 hit-and-run case was in its final phase and there was a possibility of no major production plunging right away into the film with Salman and therefore, he probably decided to produce it himself.

Since the success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Khan has produced Hero 2015) that launched Suneil Shetty’s daughter Athiya Shetty and Aditya Pancholi’s son, Sooraj Pancholi, which much like this year’s LoveYatricame across as an utterly pointless exercise for Salman. The actor nonetheless had fun with the production where he also sang the title track of the film and featured in a video at the end. But the biggest disappointment for him as a producer came in the form of Tubelight 2017), the much-hyped film that reunited him with his Bajrangi Bhaijaan director, Kabir Khan. The film managed to collect a face-saving amount, Rs 200 crore, but when you consider Khan’s overall box office appeal and the fact that the budget of the film was a whopping Rs 135 crore, then there is no other way to describe Tubelight but as underwhelming.

Despite Tubelight’s lackluster performance Khan’s attitude towards producing - more emotional than business-driven - separates him from the other stars who are doubling up as producers such as Aamir, Shah Rukh, Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma, among others. In this aspect, the sinking of Race 3 2018) that he co-produced with Tips Industries is a bigger blow. The film was a typical tentpole production and there was enough riding on Race 3 for everyone involved to expect that it, in a sense, would undo the damage of Tubelight. Also, Race 3 is just the kind of production where the fabled ‘Salman Khan touch’ ought to have worked. The manner in which the franchise underwent a complete change to accommodate Khan’s wishes, which included changes in the script and replacing directors Abbas-Mustan with Remo D’Souza, it wasn't tough to predict that all the whims would be forgotten once the film raked in the big bucks. The film was a disaster and in all likelihood, pulled the plug on the franchise.

A look at Khan’s upcoming projects reads like a desperate bid to glory days. Barring Bharat, Khan’s supposedly working on the sequels to No Entry, Dabangg 3, Tiger Zinda Hai Sequel and Kick. If there were ever a reason for him to think seriously about producing, then the LoveYatris of the world shouldn’t feature on his to-do list.

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Salman khan being human production lol who is the writer its Salman Khan Films
Anyways the rest of the article is true and on point
Either he should produce small content movies or rather only co-produce his own movies

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It is Salman Khan Ventures Private Limited. That is the officially registered name. Both Salman Khan Being Human Productions & Salman Khan Films are trademark.

Chillar Party was released under the name of Salman Khan Being Human Productions. Only with Bajrangi Bhaijaan or to say Dr.Cabbie, Salman Khan Films trademark was started to be used.



SKBH Productions - Salman Khan Being Human Productions

Later it got changed to,

SKF - Salman Khan Films

Both are trademark for Salman Khan Ventures Private Limited. The Supreme Court appeal for safe release of Loveyatri was filed in the name of Salman Khan Ventures Private Limited. All their films copyrights will be under Salman Khan Ventures Private Limited only which will be displayed at the beginning of the film's opening credits.


Didn't knew that thnx for the info

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The only person who could mess up Salman's career is Salman himself. Race 3 was a prime example. I hope and I really really hope he can say no to arbaaz for dabangg3. Such movies are a waste of the sheer megastardom he commands

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with salman khan its just added benefit...if the film turns out to be average or better than that....
thats ok.... waise dil ko khushi hoti hai agar movie achi nikle to....warna ... its ok we wont get bored thats for sure...... sultan daikh k khushi hui thi k movie achi nikli.... bajrangi bhaijaan is our pride.... baqi all his recent movies we like ... because of salman khan screen presence...... other than race 3 and dabangg 2... same will happen with his upcoming movies...
dont have any hope from content... agar movie achi nikli to dil ko khushi hogi warna.. koi baat nahe.
rahi baat his production wali side ki to ... we all know salman khan's script sense isn't great... the script he choose.... they suit him/his own personality ....

because of his screen presence.... loveratria ya hero mainn agar salman khan hota to movies daikhi jaati... im sure you have seen bodyguard etc... they weren't good movies..deservinng blockbuster status.........salman khan screen presence takes the thing to a whole new level.... thats his mistake.... thinking k others will also get accepted in those roles.

personally speaking ... there is not even one movie of salman khan (upcoming) which im excited for.... and i was always excited for his movies.... i still am but not like "i wish this movie releases tomorrow" kind of excited
wished for exciting fresh topics.... par jo hai wo hai kya ho sakta hai..... its better than not having any of his movies releasing and him retiring..which would be worst.

just wonder if he wasn't doing all those tv shows and dabangg tours and launching new faces.... things might have been different... as then he would have been able to give more time and energy ...and seriousness (attention) to his own movie selection. right now its like... BHAI BHAI YE KAMAAL KA SCRIPT HAI...wo wohi chal raha hai.

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Good mahn........

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First and foremost, nobody invests 20s of crores without expecting returns or otherwise without any causes; it could be about converting black money to white too. SK launching Shera's son also has his own causes. So, lets not bother on this, I am sure that he will keep on producing these movies throughout his career; eventually, the ones on which he acts himself will help him secure his financial needs, and the others might help him on financial needs too though the films flop or he will be securing his trust among his well-wishers and family the least. He is doing everything for what he lacks and needs more.

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