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1. Movie release on approx 5000 screens biggest release.

2. Biggest buzz of all time.

3. Amitabh and Aamir work first time together in a movie.

4. Biggest Budget movie of all time.

5. Katrina Kaif item no. Break internet.

6. One of the 2 biggest superstar with biggest production house of india Yrf coming together.

7. A well received trailer.

Prediction Time -

8. Opening day 55 cr approx including all language.

9. 100 cr worldwide on first day first movie achieve the tag.

10. Break bahibali 2 nett collection.

11. First 4 cr footfall film after raja hindustani (excluding Bahubali2 hindi)

12. Overseas first movie cross $40 mn means 300 cr gross at the box office.

13. In china movie cross avengers worldwide box office records.

14. Movie emerges all time biggest indian first ever.
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U forgot Gadar for no 11


Yes but i give aamir movie footfalls.

9 Answers

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sasta jack sparrow aur saste pirates itna aage nahi ja sakte

by Unit Manager (33.3k points)
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+1 vote

Looking at this many factors for sure Thugs will be 1st movie to cross 1000cr India net

by Art Director (2.9k points)

itni confidence to u don't have with ur fav actor Salman


He is God of Bollywood he can do anything

+1 vote

I am not going to change my prediction. 220-250 crores and an average verdict is my prophecy for the movie. It could be lesser than that but not more.

by Location Manager (7.8k points)
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Lol the same guy who was 100% sure that TOH will not going to cross sultan in best case trying to go grand nova way...
Well I don't for what purpose you makes this post , just to get attention or trap aamirians to make false prediction like Salman fans hey I am sure Tubelight & tzh combined going to score over 1500 Cr.
But still I am making a bold prediction , toh will definitely going to be in top 3 worldwide grosser Indian movie of all time.

by Director (129k points)

Aamir's cameo is doing more than your star's two action movies combined... lol
And ajay
Secret has done more than Bajarangi worldwide with the budget being almost 1/4th and being a teen centric film


The opening of Race 3(out and out entertainer) with gst advantage is less than Dangal..
Tubelight is also less than a dangal
Tzh managed to beat 5 year old Dhoom 3's opening by a small margin..... That's it


@Deepak, bro take a chil pil and read my comment again SS is Aamir's biggest opener & neither Tubelight nor tzh has released in China.
If you thought I was talking about SS opening in India well I'm well aware of that it was extended cameo, why you are infusing india business into China discussion
Well I'm not denying Aamir's popularity in China no body can, but it's unfair to give all credits to Aamir yes he gave bolly the stage to perform in China but at last it's the movie that will ran for itself otherwise why there's so much difference between lifetime of BB and other nonAamir indian movies


Ask Salman fans to take chill pill ... who keeps trolling Aamir based on SS opening.

They very easily forget Tubelight / Race 3 opening .

In that case also Salman fans also should remember that opening is not just because of stardom ... holiday, movie genre, heroin, trailer response etc also matters.

Considering that ... Dangal opening was similar or better than TZH.

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Bhai more than Aamir fans, others are obsessed about TOH!.......
This is something nobody can deny

And also until yest u have different prediction, now why u-turn?

by Second Unit Director (77.1k points)
edited by
–1 vote

i swear to you mahn..... TOH is huge..... on ground.... its ginormous.... the movie just have to be an average to become an all time grosser.... and if its good.... then ... yup.... other than that avengers point... everything else is within its reach.
its release will be close to 6000 screens... including dubbed ones and imax.
opening day i will put it close to 65cr mark
BTW in china ... it can get to 300 million ...avengers is i think at 400 mil

by Star (153k points)
–1 vote

I was kind of disappointed with the vfx but I agree and still put my money on TOH being an ATG. Crossing bahubali 2? Very much possible.

by Director (136k points)

There is no vfx. Watch the making video. It's all real.

–1 vote

Burned prediction .......

by Location Scout (4.2k points)
–2 votes

350cr + in any case.. n if the wom is good then sky is the limit.. have faith in Amir.

by Location Scout (3.5k points)