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Its my favourite Shahrukh Khan movie since childhood. True love always find its place one day. Pure, beautiful, soulful movie. I love this movie more than Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. People think that this movie is belongs to Shahrukh, Kajol. But i am not agree with that because that little girl sana saeed work is wonderful and without that this movie is uncompleted. Great acting specially when girl say Maa... Maa... Maa... three times in a function. That is my favourite scene.

Yes also Mention Salman Khan and Rani Mukherji performance also brillient role is small but effective. Songs are outstanding and my favourite title track of the movie.
4.5 star.

by Production Accountant (26.5k points)
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Even I like it more than ddlj

+2 votes

Who else apart from me think that Aman deserved Anjali more than Rahul.
The theame is pyaar ek hi baar hota hai aur shaadi ek hi baar hota hai & the movie itself contradict its theame.

by Production Accountant (29.1k points)

@everyone...... taaaaliyan pari hain kisi k pass???? han idher a k maar do.

+1 vote

Loved this movie of salman

by Production Designer (12k points)

was salman bhai in this movie?


Watched this movie only for salman bhai


it was a salman khan starrer with srk's extended cameo appearance for almost 3 hours haha

+1 vote

Ageless. Timeless classic. The best and the only true romantic hero of our age. Unlike the boy these days for whom water tastes like sherbet

by Director (136k points)
+1 vote

It will always remain a classic film and it is quite surprising that it was an urban film and still became an atbb i cannot think of any other film in this category that became an atbb

by Location Manager (5.5k points)

haha so how are you planning this valentine??? with chocolates and roses?!?!?


Go be in a relationship for once and then watch the movie again and then analyse it


ye acha logic hai... if i wanna watch a gangster movie , i have to become a gangster first?? hahaha romantic dummy ... but a dummy nonetheless


If you wanna watch a gangster movie you may have some interest in the world of them before hand or you are neutral about the issue but you look down upon romance so how can you enjoy a romantic movie? You already go with a negative mindset btw which one romantic you like?

+1 vote

Last Atbb of Shahrukh......

by Second Unit Director (77.1k points)

Last ATBB of Shahrukh Khan ever is a right word.


2 atbs in 6 years of debut will never be done again that's better

0 votes

A classic that will always remain part of our memories... Now so called people call it utter nonsense..Call whatever u call.. It will always be a classic

by Second Unit Director (74.5k points)

Not utter nonsense, utter garbage is the correct word..!!

Although real garbage movie's anniversary is coming in 2-3 days, Srkians celebrate that one even more..!!


So what do u like about Srk then.. He is King of Romance... Actually that is my fav film

–2 votes

Skaaaaaaaaaaaaapppp...... not celebrating mediocrity ..... hate these star plus shows. overacting fest

by Star (153k points)
–2 votes

Can't believe this shit is inspired by Hum Aapke Hain Koun...!

by Executive Producer (62.8k points)

HAHK itself is remake of Nadiya Ke Paar


lol that's the difference between good acting and drug-infused rambling of the entire cast of MPK and HAHK.


For you or you want everyone to have your mentality.I love Bollywood for hahk


I know that Bollywood is crap, but that's a really low bar for Bollywood that you've set lol

–2 votes

this movie makes me CRINGE.

i think the only thing that has aged well is the music and the performances of SRK and Kajol as grown-ups, otherwise I cannot get through this movie.

by Assistant Director (48k points)
–2 votes

This movie had a chance to show that a girl and a boy can remain friends, but it didn't do that.

One of SRK movies which I skip when the come on TV.

by Mega Star (212k points)

U r talking about which friendship? That weak friendship where they don't meet and contact each other for a decade ? maybe Tina/Rani was exaggerating about their friendship.. maybe they were just canteen friends or extracurricular activity (basket ball) friends.


chaaarl .....kajol and rani being sorority sisters....and they have sleepovers..... pilllow fight..... then there is curiosity of that phase where they were exploring their sexuality with hormones all ablaze.... ending up making out every night .... and became BFFs.... damn.... im hot.