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There Has Been Bitter Rivalry Between Srk And Aamir Right From Early 1990s
Though It Ended In Late 2000s!

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Well this is what every newcomer thought at the time of making entry in Bollywood ya but srk is always arrogant like this since beginning & that's why there is huge gap between him & aamir now which he can't fill in rest of his career...
And those who say he is outsider etc etc etc seriously for me Akshay - BJP is a 50% sequel of what Srk-YRF in early days of srk career.

by Director (129k points)
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Yes, you're correct, SRK made YRF what they are right now, otherwise few stars were refusing to work with YRF because they didn't wanted to get punched in face.


Srk - YRF part 1
Akshay - BJP (deshbhakti) part 2


You're not making sense, but it makes sense, cause you never did that at first place.


Then why you are replying to such nonsense everytime, simple stay away from my answer or truth is not digestible for you.

+2 votes

Now he is struggling to destroy Aamir's 5 year old film Dhoom 3.
Dhoom 3 also happens to be Aamir's worst in this decade

by Second Unit Director (77.1k points)

maha purush putting secret dhobi and talaash in the same league as race 3 lol....


Tzh had sequel advantage and also gst. Dangal less commercial came during cash crunch. Compare dangal with Tubelight(Fair comparision) and for tzh wait for thugs.......
You will either leave this forum or post from a different account.


Thugs will be first Aamir's dot holiday release since 3 idiots and this time it's an out and out action entertainer..
Get ready to hide......


Also Aamir's first big release since the inception of gst..

+2 votes

This seems to be fake. If it isn't, it's ok becoz srk definitely elipsed aamir for most part of his career.

by Unit Manager (30.9k points)

It is him. It's his statement from the book "Shah Rukh Can: The life & times of Shah Rukh Khan".

It wasnt personal comment. He said that. And he did what he said. In this case he was yet to make his debut. Every newcomer comes with his attitude. Nothing wrong. And no Srk wasn't jealous.

It's pointless if anybody misunderstands the context & takes Srk wrong. I am pretty sure Salman would've wanted to achieve what Big B or Dharmendra did. Infact post Aamir's success with QSQT, Salman had pledged to achieve the success bigger than Aamir or else he wouldn't be able to show his face in Bandra. He did it with MPK. Now if Salman isn't taken wrongly for his ambition, why should Srk be?

But of course the about ATG arguments don't acknowledge what the Khans did initially to earn their place in the industry.

+2 votes

well he was right wasn't he? baja di sabki from 1992 to 2008.

by Assistant Director (48.1k points)

Bina stardom ko star ke fan seedhe lifetime ki baat karne lag jate hai jabki opening define stardom.


Chaatne Se Kuch Nahi Milne Wala Aag Lagi Hai Toh Burnol Laga Jaake Samjha
Yeh Tuhi Hai Jo Post Bana Banake Srk Ko Neecha Dikhata Hai Ki Srk Kajol Ke Bina Koi 3 Cr Footfall Nahi De Sakta
Din Bhar Anti Srk Comment Aur Answer Deta Hai Aur Yahan Shayana Ban Raha Hai.

Record Opening Aamir 5 Srk Salman 6
Record Grosser Aamir 5 Srk Salman 1

Iss Baar Yeh Record Opening Bhi Equal Ho Jayega

Jeeb Chil Jayega Kam Chaat


92 to 08, Aamir did out of the box risky character driven films and there he never got his due.
I mean to get ATBB he had to do a crap film like Raja hindustani. That was how it worked then.
If you talk only about quality, then Aamir was far ahead.
Finally, after 08 Aamir started getting his due and how!
Today he is arguable world's biggest star.... With 40% of population from China, India and Turkey.


In india aamir movie gave 4 cr opening on diwali. And srk dear zindagi gave 8 cr opening without holiday release. This is the difference.

+2 votes

I think he said it in a casual way and he just wanted to show his ambition and he was a great success too....if u ask me about this statement in direct context then I feel he was unsuccessful in this statement as he was unsuccessful in destroying Aamir who I think still has a shot at best ever tag.. but not srk..

by Director (123k points)
+1 vote

This is SRK'S extreme drive and ambition. I feel he did not mean it the way the media portrayed it. He stayed true to his words. Became a massive superstar

by Director (136k points)
+1 vote

It also proves that Aamir was bigger superstar at that time compared to Salman, competition top position wale se hi kiya jata hai.

by Camera Operator (9.5k points)

Thanks for your ( il) logic

0 votes

He did it and bonus points to him because unlike his main competiton aamir and salman he did not come from a filmy background

by Location Manager (5.5k points)
0 votes

they both are jaaani dushman of each other....
aamir khan also said... that srk is his dog .....the whole thing.... or another one where he said srk frustrated rehta hai because uski filmein nahe chalti.
aamir khan is also known as the insecure khan while srk is also known as arrogant khan ... while salman khan is known as dil ka saaf and big hearted khan..... srk and aamir khan should learn this from salman khan.

by Star (153k points)

Agar movie movie hoti hai to Tubelight and Dangal bhi compare karo
Race 3 and Dangal bhi compare kar lo.


Ha to kar rahe hai na
Ss - below average / Tubelight - good same genre
Dangal - excellent / race 3 - excellent you say compare so i compare


Aamir is always 3rd and 3rd.


Lol Tubelight & Dangal genre was same - Tubelight good dangal excellent.
Aamir is always top while salman will always remain masala action dependent.

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