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here's the link as the image is not displaying properly: https://twitter.com/SRKanatic/status/1050635168199802880



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I think red chillies offer a job for this person. Great photoshop with nice thinking and ideas. I love it.

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No bro please post if possible.


here's the link (:large)


Nice one also. Looking great .


This one is good, although I still don't like the arms stuff & romantic image as I said in my answer but this one is a good one and much better than the other one.

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Will they stop portraying SRK in this wide arms romantic image?? Nothing ruined SRK more in recent years then this. Typical DDLJ Wankers stuff.

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sorry TB.....downvote for using derogatory words for DDLJ....huh


As if DDLJ itself isn't derogatory word lol.


hahaha......sudhar ja TB, sudhar ja.....20th October anay wala hai


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Shahrukh's last big hit came 5 years back. Last clean hit came 4 years back, last good film?? hmm nobody remembers.....

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I don't know what these guys think who make these fake posters of movies I don't know what do they get out of this may be some kind of short term free publicity but is it really worth it I would personally never ever do that and would rather waste my time with something else.
Anyways it's a stupid poster... And the guy who made this should Stop watching Disney movies

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