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They say that young generation are catching up to THE KHANS, they say that THE KHANS are no longer in monopoly, but who are these They?? Do they know, what they, are talking about..??

Well this is about They..!!

You line THE KHANS in one place and line Boring face maker Ranbir, Clown Ranveer, Fraud Dhawan, So far I've not invented a name for Tiger in one place and see where more crowd will go. THAT'S MONOPOLY

That's monopoly, the movies which are Blockbuster for new generation shits are disappointment for THE KHANS. THAT'S MONOPOLY

THE KHANS have fans, mass hysteria, massive following, craze unequal to anything seen before, dominance, longevity, new generation shits have big production houses and big directors to give them some big movies to help their career. THAT'S MONOPOLY.

Nowdays young shits are flying high due to big movies being offered to them like Kalank, Brahmastra, Takth, Ranbhoomi, Shamsheera by YRF & Dharma, but the reason why YRF & Dharma are able to make such movies at first place are TGE KHANS. THAT'S MONOPOLY.  

THE KHANS have charisma, they are likeable, they can entertain like no other, they can increase the value of an event just by their presence, new generation shits have ability of ruining a great event into an obsolete event by their presence. THAT'S MONOPOLY.

And last but not the least, THE KHANS have a connection with audience, natural connection, people love them, they adore them, THE KHANS just didn't reached the summit, they took the summit and increased them to the limit unachievable for any of the shits Calling themselves actors today. THAT'S MONOPOLY.

So if you think that crappy shits can match up THE KHANS, you're not wrong only, you're ******* stupid too. The difference between THE KHANS & shits is the difference between REAL & FAKE, so all you fans who have developed a shitty taste of crap, just ask your so called youngish to get even 1% of talent, even 1% of charisma, even 1% of likeability factor, even 1% of natural connection with audience then come to talk about THE KHANS.

So all my forum fellows who got a taste of crap, just wanna say this, either change your know the rest..!!
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Cycle is just repeating itself.

I wouldn't say otherwise but believe in the repeating cycle. Coming few months / few years will clarify it all.


But there's just a little problem.

By the point of their career let's say 5-6 years, THE KHANS got the natural connection with Audience, their charisma & likeability was not in question, they were THE BIG THINGS.

now we have actors completing 6-10 years in industry and still can't get their film to open big without tons of external factors to help them and the perception is still of young & upcoming stars, besides also lacking natural connection with Audience.

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Just recently saw Karan Arjun, Judwaa & DDLJ
The Charm, Grace & Energy Srk had will be a difficult for today's stars be it Ranbir or Ranveer.
coming to Varun who did a remake of Salman's Judwaa i think you haven't seen Judwaa-2 & better don't ever try to see in future also bcoz your hate towards Varun will increase by manyfolds after watching Judwaa-2 where he imitates Srk's Raees dialogue 4/5 times ..
Judwaa was such an entertaining movie & i can't believe David Dhawan has made a mockery of his own old film ..
bete ke pyar mein andha hogaya lagta hai ..
Coming to Salman in Karan Arjun Varun in his lifetime can't match the Macho & Seriesness of Salman from Karan Arjun .. p
one more thing in Judwaa-2 he tried to act like all the 3 Khans ..
As he played Salman's role so tried to act like him but his performance was no where of old one ..
tried to mimick Srk with Raees dialogue ..
also tried Aamir's style of telling fake stories the one Aamir did in Andaz Apna Apna ..
just one word for Judwaa-2 .. Attrocious ! ..

by Editor (85.6k points)
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Varun tries to ape Salman a lot. He's the poor man's version of Salman khan. Aaj ke teenagers shayad like karein. 90s generation like us knows who is the real rockstar.


Yes Bro for me Hrithik will remain the last Superstar of Bollywood ...


F*** Varun, he's a shit actor maybe even worse than Ranbir. I've said this months ago on here that he's a Salman Khan wannabe. This fuddu shouldn't be compared to Salman or Govinda but these comparisons that people make are dumb. These so-called 10 successful films coming from his fans is laughable as if he going to scale the heights to reach Khans, Hrithik, Ajay and Akki's level in terms of stardom and mass appeal. One thing that he is good at is being fed by big banners help him stay on his feet so be surprised if his upcoming film with Sanju and Madhuri does emerge a BB or Superhit.


He's lucky. And a very ordinary actor. He has the right connections with the right people though. Same goes for a wannabe like ranbir. Mediocre talent backed by big surname.

+1 vote

All those people comparing Khans with Young generation are fools of highest order, at this age khans had achieved a lot more than these so called superstars. Record opening, blockbusters, following, craze.
Ranbir, the man has spent 11years in the industry, still considered as a young star and next big thing by this time Salman and SRK had emerged as huge stars.
He has no pull outside North that's not a superstar, probably he's the biggest after khans and hr in a right movie but that's due to lack of stars.
Ranveer alas let him give a hit outside slb and a face opening that a star is capable of.
9cr opening with one of the biggest director of industry.
Varun well his highest grosser is below than the biggest underperformer of SRK who's in his so called bad phase, 10-11cr opening that's his range don't ask for more, maybe he's the most successful young star but let him give a huge hit on his own before even thinking of comparing him with the mighty khans.
Let alone all 3 khans I am pretty sure any of the Khan is capable enough to pull audience than all these 3 combined in a right movie.
Despite 2 back to back failures on Eid Salman is easily getting solo edx every year, even 2 in a year.
SRK Still fetch more crowd for his worst looking movies and Aamir is capable enough to bring 30cr opening for a content movie like dangal which with someone like akki will open to 11-12 cr

by Unit Manager (32.2k points)
+1 vote

box office pull, blockbusters, mass hysteria all is secondary, what is primary is the movie itself. and what have the Khans done on that front recently?

SRK: Last good movie was released a decade ago.

Sallu: Last good move was 2 years ago, and his most recent one is atrocious.

Aamir: makes very few movies but at least he usually has a good movie. he can be defended.

I did not become a fan of SRK because of box office. As a kid I did not know that Duplicate is a flop or that Baadshah isn't even a hit or that a movie like Kal Ho Na Ho was just a hit. I saw what I liked and thus became a fan.

I agree that these guys have a huge legacy, but ab uss legacy se aage niklo aur dekho ke woh apne fans ko hi chu-tiya bana rahe hain.

I will go where I see quality. Aray Race 3 ne 170cr kamaye to mujhe uss ka achar thori daalna hai. I would rather watch the 125cr grosser Stree a 20 times before I even hit play on Race 3 or JHMS.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)

But does that means that Raj Kumar Rao or Shraddha is coming close to Salman in terms of star power.

In this post I'm talking just solely about stardom or THE KHANS & people comparing them to young shits in terms of Star Power or Fan Following, so just stick to that.


Lol bro why are you acting like the youngsters have been doing masterpieces lol padmavaat was as bland as it gets it did 280cr
The problem with khans is they are at a level where they have to do pan-india films SRK or salman or aamir can't to do a andhadhun bro there fan base won't like it see what happened with JHMS
You are disowning your fav bcoz they are doing bad like seriously
The younger gen is doing more crap than the khans


I'm not disowning. I am saying that just brining up the legacy or huge fandom in every conversation is not right because ultimately they are making really bad movies, especially SRK. And for me it's all about the movies, don't know about others.


As I said, this post is about comparison of young shits with THE KHANS in terms of Box office.

And if we talk about Content of those big 3 movies of young gen then one was inaccurate Historic, a piece of propoganda and a shitty Rambo rip-off that worked, so where's the content you are talking about??

+1 vote

No one is comparing new generation of actors with Khans. Even if someone is Hella drunk they would never ever do that...
what everyone is doing is asking a question that has the time for inevitable end of Khans boxoffice monopoly arrived yet ... which I think is a valid question looking at all the three movies Baaghi 2 Sanju and Padmavati performed at box office ... these are really really big numbers and no one in their right mind could have predicted these movies to go as high as they did...
imagine Sanju doing almost 350 crore and Padmavati real value did almost 400 crore while Baaghi 2 from A 4 movies old young actor doing over 150 crore...
Ask yourself this if you would have predicted these numbers a year ago from these young actors.

these numbers used to come only from khans and now these young actors they are also joining the party so that main question of boxoffice exclusivity that was resting only with Khan's .... question arises that is the Monopoly of Khan over

by Star (153k points)

Padmaavat was the most hyped Indian movie of all time and it's wom was also extraordinary which clearly visible from its trending, let ranveer give a hit outside slb banner before declaring him the next big thing, Simba is again more of a director movie., Rohit is a brand.
Sanju's 1st day is more than his last 5 movies weekend collection, that's a director movie, all these 3 movies are director movies.
The same tiger's previous movie opened to 5cr, stardom means you have to ensure consistency in pulling crowds in huge numbers, let him deliver.
1 movie isn't enough, it can be a fluke

+1 vote

I wish i could give +1000 to this post
Agreed 100% bro

by Assistant Director (45.2k points)
+1 vote

I agree on all points. Our generation knows the value of the khans. We have grown up watching them. Except for hrithik no other actor has an iota of talent or charisma to be compared with these guys.

by Star (140k points)
+1 vote

None of this generation actors can make me watch a movie in full but Varun's no flop record is great

by Executive Producer (66.7k points)
+1 vote

The younger generation can't be compared to the Khans but its the media and some people that hype them esp Ranbir. Khan's were already stars and had gained a loyal fan base before social media even existed. They are still crowd pullers in India and overseas with the ability to get audiences to buy tickets to watch their films even if it's good or bad. You look back in the 90s they had gained good openings but even an ATBB (At least one in their respective films in the 90s) and BB. Not only that but they still have the talent in them to act in films.

For the younger generation, they will have enough in their tank at the moment but it's only the big films that are offered to them with these top banners. They need banners like YRF and Dharma Productions to keep them on their feet.

Ranveer has a long way to go in terms of Opening, HGOY, BB and ATBB. I highly doubt if he can archive those criteria without those big banners who are brands. Ranbir can only succeed with big banners that top production houses give him but BB like Sanju doesn't justify his stardom and can't be compared with Khan's. Varun's reliability is big banners but has yet to score a huge margin of his own at the BO with those criteria I said for Ranveer.

I don't like the younger generation but as for talent, I would say Ranveer is the better actor out those three because he is versatile. Ranbir is overrated and can't do a wide range of role so lack of mass appeal from him otherwise he would be offered a massy Action film by now or period drama movie. Varun is a garbage actor who comes across as a Salman Khan wannabe and has no credibility to even act in films.

by Casting Director (18.1k points)