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it just has blasted in bollywood...that how many females have been harrassed....  and all those involved are famous now.... or infamous..... either way..... they all got limelight..... even those about whom we didnn't even hear before.... and pretty soon you are going to witness big names also .... getting attached..... to this ... because at the moment even salman khan amitab bachan shahrukh khan aamir khan akshay kumar are not as big as this movement.....

and i can sense this.... women are going to attack these big names as well.  because they WILL GET AWAY with this
in Movies by Star (152k points)
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Lag to aisa raha hai ki ab koi actor script ko demand par actress ka haat bhi pakad lega to publicity paane ke liye wo kahegi ki mere saath rape hua hai. Publicity stunt.

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I agree. And the issue is bigger. Most women are more focussed on using this movement for their personal gains. A woman like kangana who claims to be a feminist is more interested in settling her personal scores with hrtihik than addressing a bigger issue

by Director (127k points)
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Right, brother. It would be no surprise if the biggest of the names would be involved. There should be a way to stop negative publicity, some are just taking names just for reviving their sinking career. I have never ever experienced Bollywood being so dramatic. One wrong name and one right legal decision could change this. Everybody is looking wrong now, specially male actors in the industry. I hope they will get things sorted out soon so that no one could blame anyone without doing wrong. Kangana still not a failure in her career is again starting her talks. Even PC now. I am also a bit concerned what if Khans, Akki or Sr. Bachchan gets involved in these sorts of controversy.

by Location Manager (6.8k points)