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Watch Bazaar too. It's something for people like me, rare persons who invest a bit on SENSEX or IRDWHELP or any brand. No loo moments on bazaar for those in bazar.

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Ayushman Khurana hits a jackpot that too twice in a month
Saw both movies in theatre.


Genre of comedy thriller has been introduced first time in bollywood or i ve come across with this stuff for very first time..This is the best from director he has raised the level from Badlapur.. You never get bored to the suspense of the premise.. First half is full of unexpected twists and second half is how to get away from them
1) Murder sequence.. Its brilliantly shot.. You laugh, you get intense.. You get thrilled.. You can witness all shades
2) Fantastic acting by Ayushman and Tabu
3) Music of the film is soft and melodius
4) The unexpected first half

1) second half was not that great as first.. Coz in first half they raised the bar so high that u might not like second half that much.. It was way better than many thrillers
Stars 4/5

Badhai Ho

Firstly hats off to Ayushman for doing diverse roles and proving his versatility.. Its lives up to the hype generated by trailer.. First half is hilarious as it deals with the taboo...Its situational comedy is something which will be remembered for long time by the audiences.. Like Silencer Balatkar scene of 3 Idiots..
Superb acting by Ayushman's parents and dadi..
Overall a ride of laughters and emotions which u love to take many times

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Now that's what is called an answer, you have to keep it spoiler-free though...

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Haven't watched a single film out of these all

by Assistant Director (42.2k points)

Watch addhadun bro.. It's very good 4/5


Hopefully will watch it on coming wednesday

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I recommend everyone to watch Andhadun. It's a surprise movie in Bollywood. Aayushman should be working on some movies with A- list superstars so that he gets some public exposure. This guy has good script sense, and provided he is known to general public, he can do wonders.

by Location Manager (7.8k points)

bhaisaab.. Agar dekhliye toh review yehaan likh daalo na..


Kuch movies reviews se upar hote hain. Hai na, bolo?


Everything is up for review and criticism in a democratic society and this is not North Korea , u fan of bloody Kim jong un ..


Wah Charlie bhai. North Korea pahuchadiya mujhe flight ticket bina...

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I saw badhaii ho in the theatre and the director succeeds in keeping the laughs going on constantly. The real stars of the show are gajraj rao and neena gupta. So damn natural that you forget they're acting. Surekha sikri as the senile grandma is an absolute riot on the screen. Ayushmaan does what he does best. He has aced such roles now.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

by Director (136k points)
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Badhai Ho:


second and third best movies of the year after Stree.

by Assistant Director (47.9k points)

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