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a gift hamper to the correct ANSWER
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Welcome........n then UDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.........''welcome my boy welcome, RDX...Ranveer dhanraaj zaakar......darr aur mout ka 2sra naam...meray betay ko zinda jlanay ki saazish ki tum logon ny''.......too easy to guess

those were the days when one CD used to go in Desktop computer's was allowed to come out only after i memorize each n every dialogue especially comic ones.....Jab We Met, Heyy Babyy, Welcome, Bhool Bhulaiya (used to copy Akshay a lot 4m this film), Garam Masala, KHNH, KANK, Don, Fanaa etc.......films which i could hv narrated completely to anybody easily at that time with little help .....meray teacher ny kaha tha k ''jitna focus films par hai, itna parhai par kr lo to kya baat hai''

by Unit Manager (33.4k points)
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Congrats bhai u won.. And yes mid 2000s was the time when we got brand new desktop with 512kb internet connection.. and there was huge treasure of comedy films from the mid nineties to late 2000s and my family used to see them together ..but sadly mobiles and laptops took over the desktop and we stopped seeing films together.


yeah......thats a sad thing

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Welcome ? ...............................

by Director (140k points)

No " ? " allowed in this post....


u lost it to me Intense on technical grounds.....judge is too strict to interpret the law

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Is it the statement/dialogue from the upcoming film directed by RGV based on sexual harassment case?

by Unit Manager (30.4k points)

Haha Abbie.. The thought process behind this post is absolutely the metoo movement.. On twitter there was some discussion going on about the harassment cases.. I saw this meme of this dialogue " Sab kutte hai kutte " with the pic of the dude who played lucky.. Damn.. Was that u who created that meme aaaaaaabbbbieee

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