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0 votes
I think it has started to happen ..

Salman Khan maybe 7 Aamir Khan maybe  2 Shahrukh Khan maybe 3 but thats that is just my opinion ...
in General by Star (154k points)
67% Accept Rate

Bollywood with Khans: Race 3, JHMS

Bollywood without Khans: Stree, Andhadhun

I think I like it better without!

9 Answers

0 votes

at most they will have another decade and then over, SRK already hinted he will never do any father oriented movie ... but It will be end of my Bollywood cinema as well, definitely i will never watch a movie in cinema after khan retires.

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)

Mujhe to aisa lagta hai ki srk sir to retired hinge unke son ke debut ke baad. To 3-4 saal maan ke chalo.

Rahi baat aamir ki 2021 tak unki agli movie aayegi shayad to shayad 3 movies aur aayegi unki total uske baad ya to father role karna hoga ya phir retirement to 2025 tak maan ke chalo.

Rahi baat salman ki to 2 saal main 3 film ke hisaab se agar movie karta hai to 9 film aur kar sakta hai jayada se jayada so after that same like aamir.


The thing is, SRK has huge brand value. Everyone already wants him to endorse their product or they want him to come to their events.

If he keeps making flop movies, it's just damaging his brand value, not worth the time. But if Zero works big, he'll get encouragement and then he'll continue as long as possible. He doesn't even have to step away after his son debuts. Besides, his son might not even become an actor. May be a director.

0 votes

I will retire watching movies at theatres if Salman Khan retires

by Executive Producer (69.1k points)
0 votes

To be honest it will take almost 7-10 years for Salman/Amir to stop main lead roles and on top of that Salman khan has strong lineup of movies like Insha Allah, kick 2, tiger 3 etc

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)
0 votes

Monopoly is over now !! . Bharat is last hope for Salman and after that there is Dabanng -3 which would eventually Flop . Salman if doesn't take his career seriously and seeing his age , fitness he ain't gonna survive beyond 3-4 yrs .may be he does movies but he won't last long on Top
SRK now I feel won't do much movies and would only do some big VFX oriented films or small budget non-commercial films
Aamir may do 2-3 films next decade so as a Superstar who can dominate ,he won't be counted .
it's High Time Stars like Ranbir Ranveer Varun Tiger capitalise on it and become Universal /All India Stars !!
Other Stars like Hrithik Akshay Ajay can also take one step ahead!!

by Producer (103k points)

That last line.....I never thought I'll see a normal answer from you.


Shukla bhai tu rehnay hi de pehlay yeah btao tum kisi k fan ho b k nahi?


Fan hone ka matlb yeh ni ki Race-3 jaisi bakwas product Ko justify Karun !!


Puneet is only a fan of kangana and ranbir. He's not even a genuine fan of Salman. Wait for 2019. He will dump Salman and make ranbir his top favourite star

0 votes

Wont Comment On Others But I Believe Aamir Has 2 More Decades Of Career Left After This Decade Including 1 Decade With Stardom.
He Has Excellent Acting Skills Which Is Best In This Era.
He Is Even Accepted As An Old Man And Is Not Restricted To Any Image.

I Expect Him To Do 15 Films More!

by Assistant Director (41.5k points)

Seeing the way he's working 6-7 movies is more realistic. Destiny also matters bro. What Aamir is today won't be so a few years from now.


But He Is Doing 1 Film In 2 Years Sometimes 2 In 3 Years I Dont Think His Volume Will Go Lower Than This. 15 Films In 20 Years Is Expected As His Volume Will Increase After His Stardom Phases Out As Doing Character Roles Wont Require Much Time.

But Anyways Lets See!

–2 votes

Its going to happen and we have to be ready for it
I think the khans will keep going atleast 3-4 years more

by Assistant Director (45.8k points)
–2 votes

All three will be done by 2021-22.

by Star (143k points)

That's too early man, they still fetch far bigger than anyone and one on one they can beat anyone in the country
PS-i haven't downvoted


I know you haven't. I meant their best will be over by then. They will still carry on but the dominance they enjoy today will be greatly diminished

–3 votes

Depends on future response.

If Zero does very well, then SRK will be encouraged to do more work, otherwise there's no need to work so much when the result is flop and damaging his brand value. He's already earned $750m, how much more does he want to earn?

Salman I think has lost interest and also the kind of movies he's associated with, big mass action movies, he is not able to do those for much longer as he's pretty old now. Still I think at least until he's 60 he will continue.

Aamir will continue to work at a snail's pace for the rest of his career, he will be a lead actor into his 70's. He of course will not be doing bug action stuff but then that's what stuff like Dangal and Forrest Gump remake is for.

by Assistant Director (50.6k points)

Someone has given a downvote to all answers.


Lol somebody is targeting me recently all my questions answers and even comments have been downvoted
Happy to see someone giving me so much importance

–3 votes

It will be much better without Khans ....bas Tatti movie he to chali hai jyada except Aamir khan movies

by Location Manager (7.6k points)

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