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Padmaavat Takes An Excellent Opening - BOI

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Padmaavat has taken an excellent opening of around 50-55% (paid previews perfomed at 60% occupancy yesterday) where it has been been to allowed. If this was a clean release then as per the multiplexes in areas like Mumbai West Bengal and Andhra where there are no problems the opening on real value is a 30 crore nett opening..

The core mass cant really be judged as the release is limited but on what there is its a bit less than the big city multiplexes but even allowing for that you take around 5% of the 30 crore nett which is simply extraordinary for a non holiday and this cast. But the problem the pace is at close to 30 crore nett where its an unaffected release and not how much will be discounted where the film is a no show.

The film is a no show in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh (there were negotiations held here between exhibitors and state government but the exhibitors did not get the confidence they needed to run the film in Madhya Pradesh).

Haryana, UP and Bihar have a limited release with the latter more or less hardly playing it anywhere. All this is going to take anywhere between 25-40% off the film. There is a bandh in Karnataka for local reasons but it could open before the day is out. Mumbai is the best circuit and even with Gujarat this could do 7-8 crore nett in the circuit. The opening in Mumbai city is on par with Tiger Zinda Hai.

Mumbai (45 Cinemas)
Padmaavat - 9,175 admits
Tiger Zinda Hai - 9,475 admits

Delhi (25 cinemas)
Padmaavat - 4,856 admits
Tiger Zinda Hai - 6,178 admits

Pune (12 cinemas)
Padmaavat - 2,093 admits
Tiger Zinda Hai -  2465 admits

Chandigarh (8 Cinemas)
Padmaavat - 1,428 admits
Tiger Zinda Hai - 2,101 admits

TOTAL (90 cnemas)
Padmaavat - 17,552 admits
Tiger Zinda Hai - 20,219 admits

Note - The above is a like to like opening it does not mean that the collections of Padmaavat will be 15% less than Tiger Zinda Hai due to the prevalent situation. If all was equal then there was a possibility of it being 15% lower but its all ifs and buts as its the controversy that has helped it be close to Tiger Zinda Hai in the above cities.
Source Link: http://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=3611
asked Jan 25 in Movie Discussions by suhas All Time best! (255,614 points)
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Thats good considering how badly the movie has been dented by controversies and karni sena.

answered Jan 25 by Intense Producer (117,563 points)
selected Jan 31 by suhas
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BOI failed to mention that the reason why it is not releasing in few places is the same reason why it opened well..!!

answered Jan 25 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (203,757 points)

its the controversy that has helped it be close to Tiger Zinda Hai in the above cities.

Last line in the note.

WTF is happening, I've read 2 articles of BOI wrong, should take it slowly lol

TB.. U should be fed to the hungry kid dinos of Godzilla who r stuck with u in the Madison Square.

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but its all ifs and buts as its the controversy that has helped it be close to Tiger Zinda Hai in the above cities.

Salman Ka Jalwaa.... u need such big controversy to match his films

answered Jan 25 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,494 points)
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Taking benefit of controversies.....

After weekend ...may be get big drop..

answered Jan 25 by power Assistant Director (46,038 points)