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publishes a detailed account of Geetika Tyagi, who was molested by director Subhash Kapoor. We reached out to Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan co-producers of Kapoor's next film, Mogul. They just released the following statement, disassociating from the film.


Wow i thought they will remove the director but this is a big step from aamir
Respect for him

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Very sensible statement up until ''we have decided to step away from this film'' sounds good in countries where judicial system actually works and you can claim ''CLARIFY YOURSELF FIRST AND THEN WE WILL WORK'', not in a country where it may take a lifetime to know what is the result and hence it dents that guy's career which will be completely wrong if he is innocent......don't know exactly at what stage Subash's case is, but it appears wrong to not work with him unless you have strong corroborating evidence to reach to this conclusion

by Unit Manager (33.4k points)
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hmmm.....but being such big Superstars, it doesn't demand much to take a proper stand.....will not hurt boxoffice at all.......same i was hurt when SRK met Raj Thakray or some goon to get a good release of Raees, though in this case boxoffice was a concern but still........baray stars, aur darshan chotay


Sometimes you have to make adjustment to situation & I don't feel anything wrong in it.
bhaifans claim all the time that Bhai was cool star & negativity don't impact him at all but most of the times his father have to clarify thing on his behalf and the same is applicable for Aamir - srk too , they also have to do such thing to cover up controversy which have nothing to do with them


yeh bhi hai......baray stars k baray stakes


Akshay didn't face that when he did Jolly LLB2 with him. The thing is Me Too has taken proper momentum & everybody wants an A Lister to go down (media wise). Considering how media expected the movement to expose only Bollywood but it took an u-turn exposing the predators from media itself as well as comic community. Not to forget the judiciary.

Though Aamir didn't take any stand during Tanushree's case, he did well by distancing himself from Mogul. When you've Sushant Singh openly declaring to never work with Nana Patekar, Alok Nath etc then it's about time the seniors took that stand. It came from Kiran Rao & Aamir even though you can't expect that from Housefull 4 team.

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This is the Difference between Aamir and Big star like Amitabh.
Amitabh did movies like Pink but chose to stay quiet off-screen....

Aamir also backed out Moghul big respect....... So thugs will be his last big film this decade...
Another decade with 3 atgs and one has the potential next month......

Thank you Global Megastar Aamir Sir........ You are an inspiration on-screen and also off-screen.

by Second Unit Director (77.3k points)
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That's a good step, now waiting for Bhaifans to come & declare that Aamir did this because he was afraid of clashing with Dabangg 3

by Mega Star (213k points)
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That is a very good gesture. Respect.

by Director (140k points)
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lot of rumors but not even a single confirmation of Aamir next project after TOH , aamirians ke acche din kab aayenge.

by Director (129k points)

Now which year you expect next aamir movie and when aamir announce it? Any idea.

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MeToo compaign se kuch faida ho na ho but itna jaroor hoga ki bollywood main ab adult movies banana band ho jayega. Kyunki directors aur actors samaj jayenge ki aaj to actress ready hai khushi se kyunki paise aur kaam chahiye but after some days wo kah sakti hai ki hum sexually harrassed hui thi. So great step. Bahut gandagi macha rakhi thi.

by Production Accountant (28k points)

Kisko gandagi pasand hai jo downvote diya hai.

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The official statement done by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao was professional and straightforward but it had it be said considering the director Subhash was meant to do Mogul. I think every production company should now take notice because there should be a zero tolerance policy for sexual misconduct.

It's sad that Aamir won't be doing Mogul which is understandable due to do what happened. He already started getting into the look with his hairstyle and weight as part of the character preparation. Perhaps, he can buy the rights to this movie and hire another director like R. Balki who is intelligent enough to make this biopic film.

by Casting Director (18k points)
–2 votes

He just wanted out all along ... The only reason he wanted to do (produce) this movie is because its budget would probably be 20000 rupees including side expenses of cast and crew.... Now now that no one wanted to do this movie after Akshay Kumar backed out and no other a Lister agreed to do this title character ....
one thing is for sure... for the next 3 years at least there is not going to be a single movie of Aamir Khan...
I think Khans are retiring .... Salman Khan has stopped caring for anything and everything ( content reception fans ) he's posting how audience is loving loveratri.. writing bad lyrics singing bad songs signing bad movies hiring very bad supporting cast just to save up cost and make easy buck..and eventually more money For himself that got me thinking that maybe he is rushing towards retirement and wants to make as much money as quickly as possible...And he is trying to milk as much money as possible and take it all to his retirement.... as seen from last two years... His script sense at the moment is more pathetic than even the newcomers in Bollywood with tubelight race3 loveratri etc. and other Home Production movies family production movies coming after and including Bharat...Aamir Khan is not doing any movies and Shahrukh Khan as well he is not signing any movies.... and even if he signs and agrees to be part of movie salute he will take two three years to make and release that movie because he will be indulging himself into making world-class VFX as he has done in the past.

by Star (153k points)

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